Presidential address: what did Putin offer Russians against the background of coronavirus

On March 25, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed his fellow citizens. The head of state announced a number of measures to support citizens of the country and enterprises.

Putin noted that in many countries of the world the number of patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19 continues to grow and the whole economy the planet. Thanks to the measures taken, Russia has so far been able to restrain the spread of the disease.

But you and I must understand that Russia, simply because of its geographical location, cannot fence itself off from the rest of the world. Near our borders are states that are already seriously affected by the epidemic. And completely block its penetration into our country, objectively impossible

- Putin said.

The President proposed to work “ahead of schedule”. At the same time, he called the life and health of Russians the main priority. He specified that all resources are connected to the deployment of a timely medical care and prevention system. The head of state thanked the doctors for their dedicated work. He asked fellow citizens to be very attentive to the recommendations of doctors.

Putin said voting on amendments to the Russian Constitution needs to be postponed to a later date. He announced that the week from March 30, 2020 to April 5, 2020 will be non-working with the preservation of wages, except for those enterprises that are necessary for life support. Families with the right to maternity capital will be paid an additional 5 thousand rubles a month until the child is three years old.

The President emphasized that previously announced payments, from the second half of 2020, for children from 3 to 7 years old should reach people already in this half-year. At the same time, payments to veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers (75 and 50 thousand rubles, respectively) should receive money already in April 2020.

The Russian leader added that social benefits and benefits will be automatically renewed over the next six months. And small and medium-sized businesses will receive a deferment in all taxes except VAT, insurance premiums will be halved. Withdrawal of funds to offshore companies will be taxed at 15%, and deposits in foreign banks and securities worth more than 1 million rubles - at 13%. At the same time, banks will have to meet customers who find themselves in a difficult situation due to coronavirus.

Moreover, enterprises affected by the consequences of the epidemic cannot be declared bankrupt in the next six months (moratorium). Payments on sick leave of citizens now can not be less than the minimum wage. Unemployment benefits will also increase to the minimum wage.

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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 25 March 2020 20: 38
    We must do everything to support the incomes of citizens.

    - Putin said and introduced a tax on bank deposits ...
    1. Igor Aviator Offline Igor Aviator
      Igor Aviator (Igor Aviator) 25 March 2020 20: 57
      Change your training manual, or learn to read! I quote LITERALLY:

      deposits in foreign banks and in securities worth more than 1 million rubles.

      Both presupposes SPECULATION! Say thank you, before they gave you a "tower" Well nothing. it's not over yet ... But in general. For example, a citizen of the "city on a hill" - USA, would try to put or transfer money to a foreign bank! Would be left with nothing at all for a tax crime! Even after notifying about the transfer to the federal tax system, he will have to pay tax on the lost profit by the US bank for several years! So “don’t crush a bun” against Putin, and pray. He will be replaced by either Beria or Stalin! Painfully, the demand for this among the people is great!
      1. Ivan Ivanov_18 Offline Ivan Ivanov_18
        Ivan Ivanov_18 (Troll trolls) 25 March 2020 21: 10
        He follows the principle of sacredly - Do not reflect, spread!
      2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 06: 46
        Manuals, say? You are not reading local illiterate fakes, which people like you invent and post, but in serious publications:

        "I propose for citizens, whose total amount of bank deposits or investments in debt securities exceeds 1 million rubles, establish a tax on interest income in the amount of 13 percent. That is, I repeat, not the deposit itself, but only the interest received from such investments, will be taxed on the income of individuals, "the Kremlin press service explains.

        I understand that if we have a middle class from 17000 a month (a similar "middle class" in the states lives in cardboard boxes on the street), then who has more than a million - financial tycoons of the international level !! You are funny uncle.
      3. Nikolaevich I Offline Nikolaevich I
        Nikolaevich I (Vladimir) 26 March 2020 10: 44
        What, nafik, "foreign banks", sir with a misunderstanding in his head !? All the media are "buzzing" just ... about banks! (Understand that the Russian Federation!) Pray for Putin? belay Hmmm ... make "do ... baka" pray to God, so he will break his forehead! Why is Stalin not to your liking? Under Stalin, there was no "unjustified" deficit! Worked, along with state enterprises, cooperatives, artels, "handicraft lonely" .... collective farmers could sell agricultural products at collective farm markets! The deficit, which ultimately ruined the "Soviet-socialist" formation, began under Khrushchev, who closed all these "cooperatives-artels", sharply limited the rights of those who remained and "single handicraftsmen" ... limited the rights of collective farmers in collective farm markets , destroyed the reviving agriculture, as a result of which this economy was never able to rise to the end! Aren't you ashamed to show your inner foulbrood?
    2. Kristallovich Offline Kristallovich
      Kristallovich (Ruslan) 25 March 2020 21: 06
      If the contribution is more than a million. This is already a category of more or less wealthy citizens who can pay interest tax.
      1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 06: 48
        Of course, from a series of "middle class with an income of 17000 rubles" .... Ie. do you approve?
    3. Ivan Ivanov_18 Offline Ivan Ivanov_18
      Ivan Ivanov_18 (Troll trolls) 25 March 2020 21: 11
      Congratulations, I managed to pollute the puddle. The cookie honestly earned.
  2. Alexzn Online Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 25 March 2020 21: 36
    Quite reasonable suggestions. including pumping demand for money. In principle, the States are planning something similar. The introduction of an income tax on interest on deposits is more than common world practice, it is surprising that it has not yet been.
  3. savage1976 Offline savage1976
    savage1976 26 March 2020 04: 48
    It's funny to read how those who shouted about the need to impose a tax on the rich now shout that they are being robbed.
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 06: 50
      Who specifically shouted here?
      1. savage1976 Offline savage1976
        savage1976 26 March 2020 08: 03
        Is it really impossible not to touch the middle class, there is nothing left of it anymore, for small businesses without these 3% kirdyk, especially from the age of 21. Add the really rich, but leave the workers alone and at least earn something with their labor. Can't you think of other ways to support the poor, not at the expense of surviving thanks to their cause?

        And these are not your words? And it's not about the middle class with an income of 17000, but about account holders with a million rubles.
        1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
          Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 08: 35
          And it's not about the middle class with an income of 17000, but about account holders with a million rubles.

          - and you do not live on Mars? And do you really believe that 17000 are middle class, even here? I am ready to subscribe to every word of mine even now. But I wrote about a really middle class, and not a fake one "for 17000". I, of course, do not quite understand with a person from which property, professional, etc. I'm trying to communicate on Wednesday, but do you really consider 1 million rubles to be some really huge means for a really middle class? !!! Is this "really rich" for you? By the way, now, by the way, you cannot understand who can be ranked as a mythical middle class in our country, well, probably, first of all, a significant part of officials, starting with not quite small ones, you probably won’t surprise them with a million? Perhaps, there is still a certain number of "not finished" small and medium entrepreneurs? Wouldn't I be surprised at the number of security officials? Well, who can be attributed to "Add the really rich", you can probably guess yourself, unless you really do not live on another planet?
          1. savage1976 Offline savage1976
            savage1976 26 March 2020 08: 43
            Yes, of course, it can be seen everywhere that all "patriots" are in favor of a progressive tax, but for every "patriot" the tax must start with an amount greater than the income of the "patriot."
            1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
              Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 08: 59
              A patriot, not a patriot, well, not from a contribution to the million rubles that a person probably saved all his life, or sold an inherited apartment? No, if you personally live in a box on the street, of course, I am discussing with you in vain, then write, how can I help you?
              1. savage1976 Offline savage1976
                savage1976 26 March 2020 09: 08
                Do not worry, my family and I do not need your help. And the point is absolutely not in income or savings, but in banal human dishonesty, even in front of oneself. Since we really wanted progressive taxation, we should be so happy, and not yelling "but I have something for that!"
                1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
                  Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 26 March 2020 10: 49
                  In general, all this was about VAT and not a word specifically about progressive personal income tax. By the way, in principle, I am against this. And they’ll do it, as with this million. There are many other ways to redistribute. Once again I am convinced that you are hanging somewhere in space.
              2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
                gorenina91 (Irina) 26 March 2020 09: 35
                - Here, personally, I have deposits over 1 rubles (I think that there are a lot of those on the site) ... - And personally I provide our banks (although today who owns these "our banks" in Russia) to use my money for prosperity of the fatherland ... - And it seemed to my state not only that I personally provide it with my deposits for a rather long period ... - and the state decided to take another 000% from the interest savings from my money ...
                - Well, what is the point for me, then, to carry my money to banks in general ... - if at any moment they can come up with some more regular "tricks" to withdraw 13% of the margin from my money; and from the very amount of the deposit (and this may well happen) ... - Anything can be expected ...
                - Our state will thus try to remove two "fur coats" from one sheep; and teaches its own depositors that do not be sheep ... - do not invest in banks ... - It is difficult to understand what the state is trying to achieve with such "surplus appropriation" ... - probably it wants to undermine its own banking system .. ...
                - And as for the "real rich" .., then all this "surplus appropriation" does not threaten them at all, tk. all capitals offshore, in import banks, in imported real estate, in imported securities, etc ...
                - In short ...- again and ... as always ...- beat your own, so that strangers are afraid ...
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 26 March 2020 11: 38
    - Thus, our guarantor twice violated the promise himself ..:
    1. The amount of 1 rubles, which must be guaranteed to be returned ... to the depositor ...
    - Suppose that citizens invested more than 1, given that by the end of the deposit term a little less than 000 rubles will come in and let's say that this amount has become - 000 rubles (taking into account the accrued interest) ... and ... and a person can get his money, but ... with a deduction of 1% of the profit ...
    - But ... because the whole amount does not exceed 1 rubles ...
    2. Our guarantor fits into the terms of the bank agreement ... - Suppose the interest rate specified in the agreement was one (and the agreement indicated that the bank itself did not have the right to already lower the depositor interest rate before the end of the deposit term.) .. .-This already new contribution will contain already new terms of the contract ... - And our guarantor simply cancels the terms of the concluded contract, i.e. he actually lowers the interest rate on profit ... by subtracting the amount of 13% from profit ... - Simply put, it violates and terminates the terms of a bank agreement ...
    - But what about the fact that he himself is the guarantor of the constitution, the law, the established social system ??? - After all, he himself must guarantee all this ... - And what is he doing ???
    - After all, then the guarantor had to notify the citizens of his state and let all the old banking agreements, which were concluded on the same terms, expire ... - These agreements only last for several months (today the population makes bank deposits - for a year or six months). .. - And "new agreements" must already be concluded on "new conditions" ... - Only in this way ... - otherwise it turns out that our state cannot be trusted at all ...
    - The guarantor promises that such and such sums will be paid to the poor and large families ... - Well ... - this should be done by withdrawing funds from some and transferring these funds to others .. . -Also among those whose deposits may exceed -1 rubles ... - there may also be poor and large families ... - And it turns out ...- that they also take away, and what they to transfer the amount from the withdrawn from them ...
    - It is unlikely that our guarantor will "succeed" with the next elections ... - At least 1% of the electorate (according to the guarantor, there are so many "rich depositors" in Russia today ... account more than 1 rubles) .... - our guarantor has lost ... - 000% of the population has lost the guarantor ... - And this 000% of the population belongs to the most stable and self-supporting category of citizens of the Russian Federation ...
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  6. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 26 March 2020 22: 44
    I understand that only dividend tax aroused interest? Everything else passed by my ears ....
    The fact that there are NEGATIVE rates in Europe does not surprise anyone. In 2019, the volume of government and corporate bonds with negative yield reached $ 17 trillion.
    What about other statements by the president?