Published footage of the movement of Russian technology in the epicenter of the virus in Italy

Currently, Russian specialists (doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, military forces of radiation, chemical and biological protection) are moving from the Italian capital of Rome to the epicenter of the coronavirus infection epidemic COVID-19 in this country, the city of Bergamo (Lombardy region). More than 600 units cover a 20-kilometer path equipment and about 100 Russians who have recently been quickly brought to Italy from Russia.

A video has already appeared on the Web of the beginning of the movement of the convoy from the Italian air force base "Practitioner de Mare" (30 km south-west of Rome), accompanied by Italian law enforcement officers.

It should be noted that according to the statement of the Italian Civil Defense Service, as of the evening of March 24, 2020, 3612 cases of infection were detected in the country per day, 743 people died. The total number of infected is 69176 people, 6820 people died.

Moreover, the dynamics of mortality in recent days was as follows. On March 21, 2020, 793 people died. March 22, 2020, 651 people died. On March 23, 2020, 602 people died. After that, many suggested that mortality would decline. However, this has not yet been confirmed. After that, Russian experts went to the epicenter.

It was recently reported which technique loaded to the military transporters of the Russian Aerospace Forces before being sent to Italy met Russians
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  1. Regis Offline Regis
    Regis (Sergey Kopan) 25 March 2020 16: 39
    Good luck guys!
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 March 2020 18: 53
    Did I miss something? Did Italy officially seek help? Or, as usual, Putin himself offered to help for FREE? Little thanks to us for the Second World War? Europe at the genetic level hates Russia. And the more we help them, the more they hate us !!!

    Do not correct the work of GOD, do not correct the fate!
    GOD marked the way for us, he gave fellow travelers, reason and a broom.
    Broom - consideration, wave lightly
    like a pendulum in motion, don't give a thought
    no rest, no sleep.
    Do not offend fellow travelers evil, fellow travelers
    for reason given.
    They’re like crutches in a fracture,
    support with the vicissitudes of fate.
    Know everything in comparison - children, health and actions.
    We are not in the woods among the trees, always around fellow travelers,
    each has its own comparison, compare yourself with everyone.
    1. Sergey Kovalkov Offline Sergey Kovalkov
      Sergey Kovalkov (Sergey Kovalkov) 26 March 2020 08: 05
      Yes, as always you missed something. The Italian Prime Minister addressed Putin personally. And where is "free"? Our specialists study the virus in vivo. This is needed to develop a vaccine. Here the goal is not money, but experience, no matter how it sounds, but it is better to study the virus in someone else's territory and not in your own people. You have to be completely wooden in order not to understand this.
  3. Stepan RUS Offline Stepan RUS
    Stepan RUS (Stepan Subbotin) 25 March 2020 18: 55
    Dear Russians, thanks for the help in the crown-viral, difficult test days! And we, as we recover with your help, thank you with all our European solidarity. We’ve been besieging your country for six years (sanctions since March 2014) so ​​that you eat worse, drink worse, live worse, and ultimately get bogged down in a civil war like Ukraine or worse, slip a new Gorbachev (like Navalny) ) or Khodorkovsky, and the wonderful 90s will come. How many millions of citizens over the years have you missed ... 30? Or more? Well, what has disappeared from you, then it has arrived to our European values. We finance Poland, where there were most concentration camps, and now we are building the most democratic missile systems against you. We finance Latvia, where the Latvian SS Legion is being revived, Estonia - there we are fostering Omakaitse self-defense units - Estonian SS formations, Lithuania with police "National Labor Protection Battalions" - parts of these cutthroats were used to protect the Maidanek concentration camp. In Ukraine, the nationalist Bandera legion is expanding and growing! All of them are waiting for an hour for their bloody work to destroy all Russian, but for the time being they are honing their skills on those who will turn out to be yours. We finance numerous “independent” media, media, cultural and educational centers - the activities of which are aimed at the destruction of Russia. Well, there’s nothing personal, fascism is our everything, it is our democracy and European values, and we need to multiply them.

    PS Your planes scared our fauna and flora, scratched the landing strip, and your hefty trucks washed our well-groomed roads and sidewalks - you were fined for a million ... Euros - pay urgently!
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 25 March 2020 19: 50
      - Well, the same ... - I completely share what you said, Stepan RUS (Stepan Subbotin) ...- My plus to you ...

      - Yes, but for now the euphoria in Russia ... - from pride ... - And on the site ...- also euphoria ...
      - Euphoria ...- this is the same pandemic ... - it spreads quickly and for no reason and is constantly changing into new forms ... - because it is not being treated ... - and it’s practically invincible ...
      - No, well, really ... - A whole column of Russian technology ... in a far from the most backward state of Europe ... - Then to me personally, one site ruffian began to prove that, they say, Russia drove this equipment from Africa, where it also fought with the "global evil" (yes no ... the latest technology ... - Russia will waste time on trifles) ... - Well, so in Africa to vaccinate and carry out vaccinations and prophylaxis ... - here Russia's help can still be understood. ..
      - And for Italy ... such Russian assistance looks ... even somewhat ridiculous ... - One Russian plane to Italy with medicines and "humanitarian aid" would be enough ...
      - Yes, and impulsive Italians can perceive everything as exotic ... - all this kind of "peculiar" help from a country about which they know little ... - and they are not very eager to find out ...
      - Today for Italy all this ... "sheer Bravissimo !!!" ... - And tomorrow this enthusiasm will not prevent them from supporting with might and main everything that will be directed against Russia ...
  4. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 25 March 2020 20: 00
    I propose to punish the use of building protective masks for epidemics! Because such stupid uncles like this correspondent accompany the spread of infection. Or let non-medical masks for the future be color-coded. In order not to mislead the people. The valve in the middle of the mask is the first sign that the mask is construction !!! It does not protect against viruses and does not protect others from your bacilli! It protects from dust, etc. But it does not protect against viruses and germs.
    1. bonifacius Offline bonifacius
      bonifacius (Alex) 26 March 2020 00: 38
      Well, what is a gauze mask better than a construction mask. Can a gauze layer work better than a mask that can trap fine dust (such as flour or cement). Or do you want to say that a two-three-layer gauze bandage retains fine dust well. The virus most likely does not stop either one or the other.
      1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
        Observer2014 26 March 2020 21: 24
        Yes, even by the fact that when you are a carrier, you do not infect surrounding people. By the way, that valve on building respirators very often fails. yes wink And not only that, at the most inopportune moment you will breathe. It's one thing, you will feel it very quickly when you paint in such a stray. It’s another matter when you cleverly make up your minds in a pandemic at first glance in tough stuff. laughing
  5. argo44 Offline argo44
    argo44 (mac) 25 March 2020 21: 37
    przecież w Bergamo jest lotnisko, po co latali do Rzymu ??
  6. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 25 March 2020 22: 04
    The authorities of all countries of Eurasia and other continents began to play in the liberal democracy of mattresses when they placed biolaboratory laboratories in all countries, with their experiments on indigenous peoples .... And our authorities, with their tolerance and transit corridors with the countries and republics of the former USSR, suffered in adjacent territories biolaboratory of mattresses ...
  7. Umsan Umsanov Offline Umsan Umsanov
    Umsan Umsanov (Umsan Umsanov) 26 March 2020 11: 23
    Why are soldiers without masks? Do they already have the vaccine ???
  8. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
    S.V.YU 27 March 2020 08: 18
    Ukrainians are true to themselves in their hatred of Russia! In all of their Svidomo media trumpeting the unnecessity of this help! What the convoy is NOT doctors, but only the military!
    1. Doc ment Offline Doc ment
      Doc ment (Doc Cop) 27 March 2020 14: 02
      Military doctors and virologists RHBZ. Imagine an old professor driving a heavy KAMAZ truck.