Coronavirus began to interfere with the American lunar program

The American lunar program Artemis has encountered an unforeseen obstacle. On March 19, NASA Director James Brydenstein announced the temporary suspension of all work on the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft in the Mishoud assembly center (Louisiana) and the Space Center. John Stennis (Mississippi) since March 20. The reason was the infection of one of the employees of the aforementioned space center with a new type of coronavirus.

In his message, the functionary emphasized that for the management of the agency, the priority is to ensure the safety of its employees. Therefore, from Friday March 20, both facilities involved in the creation of the SLS carrier and the Orion ship will be closed, and employees will be transferred to remote mode.

It is worth noting that according to the Artemis program, the first unmanned flight of our natural satellite with the Space Launch System rocket with the Orion ship should take place in the second half of this year. Whether the introduced quarantine will affect the timely completion of the mission is not yet known.

Recall that just this week, NASA Deputy Director Douglas Loverro announced that he was actively working to eliminate all the risks that could affect the timing of the Artemis program. In this regard, from the list of priority tasks was even remote launch near moon gateway station. However, as we say there: "I would know where you fall ..."
  • Photos Used: NASA
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 21 March 2020 10: 48
    the first unmanned flight around our natural satellite

    They want to test the theory of an American professor who proved that there is a radioactive belt between the Earth and the Moon, and that all living things, flying through it, perish. At least, a thin duralumin skin will not save the astronauts.
  2. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 21 March 2020 14: 03
    Probably, we’ve already read about everything, how the United States finally bends from the virus and lower oil prices, and the aircraft carriers almost sank, left without control in the power of the waves, like the military refused to help the civilians, or the National Guard took over and occupied the cities, and then As residents seriously suffer from a sharp drop in gas prices, then in general they will soon come full of sanctions against Russia. We have already reached the American lunar program, we will soon read how the virus paralyzed the work of American sewage trucks and cardboard boxes for middle class living on city streets ran out. And about our today's problems there is no desire to write? Almost no article !!!!!
  3. EXPrompt Offline EXPrompt
    EXPrompt (EXPrompt) 21 March 2020 15: 22
    Lack of money for crazy projects is what really hinders the United States. The virus is just an excuse.
    All now it will be covered with a copper basin.

    James, when are the MASK projects coming up. He certainly will not fly to Mars; the gatway was his point of refueling the servants. He will be gone, this is a medical fact.