What is behind Erdogan's proposal to Putin to divide Syrian oil

After the armistice was introduced in Idlib, President Erdogan made an unexpected proposal to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin. According to the Turkish leader, Russia should help restore Syria by regaining control of its oil fields.

What is it, the hand of friendship extended to Moscow by Ankara or another manifestation of the cunning eastern policy?

The President of Turkey stated the following verbatim:

Kamyshly is a place where there is oil. There are also deposits in Deir ez-Zor that are exploited by terrorists. I told Putin: "Let us join forces and with the help of this oil, if you financially support, we can put Syria on its feet."

As you know, Syria does have its own oil, but there is not much of it, its quality is not very high, and it always went mainly for domestic consumption. Nevertheless, this is a valuable resource that cannot be neglected in the conditions of the ATS destroyed by the war. It would seem that the proposal to restore the development of “black gold” together with Turkey can be welcomed.

However, it contains a considerable catch: Damascus has lost most of its deposits, and Moscow’s attempt to return them will lead to another aggravation of the situation in the republic.

At firstThe deposits in Deir ez-Zor have long been under the control of the Kurds and their American curators. Two years ago, the Wagnerites tried to recapture the oil fields and Conocophillips refineries, but were brutally defeated by the US Air Force. Today, the Americans are insolently exporting Syrian oil to neighboring Iraq for construction, and two military bases are being built to protect it. President Trump has deployed three hundred troops with heavy weapons and more to the east of the SAR technique.

Secondly, in the area of ​​El-Kamyshly there is a field on which, according to Erdogan, Russian companies laid eyes on. An important nuance is that the majority of the population of the city are ethnic Kurds, whom Ankara considers a threat to its national security. Even in his public address, President Erdogan called the Syrian Kurds exploiting the Deir ez-Zora oil field “terrorists.”

Further, some assumptions can be made. If the Kremlin begins direct cooperation with Ankara on the division of Syrian oil, then there will not be a long wait for a backlash of the local Kurdish population. If the Russian troops or their “proxies” try to recapture the deposits and refineries from the Americans, the United States will again respond by force, as well as support the Kurds in the fight against the “ripened” Russians and Turks.

By agreeing to Erdogan’s proposal, Russia could fall into the Turkish trap, having already faced the Kurds and the Americans directly, enrolling in the “club of invaders” robbing the Syrian people. The fact that this is done with good intentions, then you will not prove to anyone.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 March 2020 12: 59
    I already wrote here that without oil, Syria DOES NOT NEED us! But the respected author answered me that there is little oil there and they are fighting in Syria not for it (not verbatim), but for possible pipeline routes. And in the article, everything revolves around oil. Therefore, I repeat once again that without OIL Syria we do not need. And oil must be beaten off, by any means, and vile too !!
    1. maiman61 Offline maiman61
      maiman61 (Yuri) 11 March 2020 15: 26
      Oil, oil. Also very important, but the main strategic position! Indeed, in Cuba and Vietnam there is no oil, but some, by their own stupidity, constantly liquidated our military bases there!
      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 12 March 2020 10: 57
        Firstly, the maintenance of military bases abroad requires a lot of money and not the fact that the owners themselves will not offer us to leave them, as has already been done, in Egypt, for example ... Secondly, the Russian fleet today leaves much to be desired , the construction of new ships (namely, ships, not boats) is seriously behind the withdrawal of Soviet-built ships from the fleet .... And without a strong fleet, it will simply not be possible to maintain overseas military bases ... The conclusion is more than obvious - In the beginning, you need build a modern ocean fleet, and then argue about m, do Russia need military bases abroad.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 11 March 2020 13: 28
    I see, an interesting discussion started here. smile
    Sharing someone else’s property is at least immoral. negative Oil belongs to the Syrian people. yes
    If you are seriously discussing "technical" details, is it profitable or not profitable, and what problems can you face while implementing this plan, who are you after that? sad By the way, for metallurgists, nobody offers you Syria. request Do you need oil? Go and fight back. sad Moreover, there are no restrictions for you in choosing means. hi
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 12 March 2020 11: 00
      It is immoral to feed Syria at the expense of the Russian Federation for nothing, while in the Russian Federation it is full of its problems. To lend, this is another matter, but Syria must pay off its debts to the Russian Federation, and what they will do it with oil, or camel wool blankets, it makes no difference to me, but they must pay it, and oil here is one of the goods that can to be used ...
  3. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 11 March 2020 23: 55
    What is behind Erdogan's proposal to Putin to divide Syrian oil

  4. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 12 March 2020 08: 48
    Pragmatists mattresses know where and what to make money ..... But until the Idlib Barmaleinik is burned to the ground, it is difficult to make oil in other provinces.
    For Erdogan, brains work only with the benefit in Idlib. Put the territory in Kamyshly and Deir ez-Zor ... Oil to clean up, and Russia will financially support.
  5. 69 Offline 69
    69 13 March 2020 06: 53
    It looks like Wishlist hegemon to rake in the heat and steal with the wrong hands.