State Duma: the norm on limiting the presidential term "is temporarily withdrawn"

On March 10, 2020, the State Duma approved in the second reading a bill to amend the Constitution. Among the proposals, an amendment was adopted by Valentina Tereshkova (United Russia), allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to take part in the next presidential election. At the same time, the Russian leader, speaking in the State Duma, supported this initiative, but emphasized that the Constitutional Court should check such a rule.

It is necessary to measure that the head of the State Duma committee on state building and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov (on January 15, 2020, by the order of the President of Russia, was appointed co-chair of the working group to prepare proposals for amendments to the Constitution), commented RIA News what is happening. He specified that the restrictions on the term of the president in the Constitution will remain and will not go anywhere, since the rule on removing the restriction on the number of presidential terms is transitional, i.e. it is temporary and relates to a specific situation.

The amendment to the Constitution does not mean that the word “in a row” is being restored or that all this is being removed. All these restrictions remain. We are talking about the will of citizens and amendments that have a transitional provision that if citizens, when adopting the Constitution, express their will and say “yes” to the amendment, then in accordance with this amendment, the current president has the right to become a presidential candidate in due time

- explained Krasheninnikov.

At the same time, Krasheninnikov added that the Constitutional Court, before the all-Russian vote (referendum), will have to express its position according to the norm, which speaks of removing the limitation of presidential terms.

He must say to citizens whether constitutionally or not

- said Krasheninnikov.

It should be recalled that the third reading of the bill in the State Duma should take place on March 11, 2020. In turn, the referendum is scheduled for April 22, 2020.
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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 11 March 2020 11: 18
    .... "withdrawn temporarily"

    Mnogohovochki, zero ... It looks like if "thimblers" slipped transparent glasses. It seems that the swing at the pompous performance turned into rural amateur performance ...
  2. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 March 2020 11: 24
    Amendments to the Constitution published. And they begin with Art. 67 - territory. I already wrote here, but I repeat.
    St.15,17,18, XNUMX, XNUMX - the power in Russia goes OUTSIDE, and our president coordinates the implementation of all instructions OUTSIDE. Just read carefully. And these articles were not even discussed.
    Article 13 part 1-2 - national ideology is prohibited and the state cannot be supported. Therefore, in our country, filthy films about the Second World War are funded by the budget, and we collect for patriotic ones all over the world. We are offered the ideology of the "Golden Calf", the ideology of debauchery, the ideology of the inability of the inhabitants of Russia to solve the problems of their state. The educational situation is dire. The Americans have banned the publication of Russian textbooks. So all the history textbooks, and there are about 600 of them, which are registered with the Ministry of Education, they were all written with American grants and under their order. And history is the upbringing of our children. Without history, without a homeland, without a flag, how does such a person become?
    Article 15, part 4 - shortly, foreign consultants decide and think for us.
    Therefore, everything is clear to me for whom this Constitution is adopted. For me there is NOTHING !!
  3. valeriy7 Offline valeriy7
    valeriy7 (Valery) 11 March 2020 15: 52
    He specified that the restrictions on the term of the president in the Constitution will remain and will not go anywhere, since the rule on removing the restriction on the number of presidential terms is transitional, i.e. she carbonate and concerns a specific situation.

    - There is nothing more permanent than temporary.
  4. Evgeniy2020 Offline Evgeniy2020
    Evgeniy2020 (Eugene Boni) 21 June 2020 18: 58
    How tired I am of him! 20 years! Lord .. and all around the friends of the bureaucrat who became billionaires, and nobody really cares. Corruption. And this is his zeroing, this is a spit to all Russians right in the face.