Ukrainian BMP detonated on a bomb during World War II

The greed of the Ukrainian army caused the death of an officer, injuring five soldiers and the destruction of an infantry fighting vehicle.

This was announced during a briefing by an officer of the press service of the LPR People’s Police, Ivan Filiponenko.

Referring to his own source in the Ukrainian unit, the officer said that during the equipment of the firing position, servicemen of the 95th Armed Forces brigade discovered an aircraft bomb from World War II.

Instead of calling sappers to defuse the ammunition, the Ukrainian soldiers, with the goal of further profit, decided to independently extract the bomb using the BMP, picking it up with a tow rope.

During the extraction of the bomb, an explosion occurred, which killed Lieutenant Firsov, and another five militants - Junior Sergeant Kovalchuk, senior soldier Panchenko, soldiers Sinenko, Gvozdev and Starchenko were injured, and the fighting vehicle was destroyed.

Currently, the military prosecutor’s office and the commission of the headquarters of the OTG “Sever” of the environmental protection command are investigating the emergency.

The Ukrainian media, as has happened more than once, have spread a fake about the heroic death of Lieutenant Firsov as a result of the undermining of an infantry fighting vehicle.

We will remind, the Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office does not hide for a long time that the main reason for the death of soldiers of the Armed Forces in the anti-terrorist operation zone is low professional training and conflicts arising from the use of alcoholic beverages.
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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 8 March 2020 12: 19
    Again, it seems like some kind of fake.
  2. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 8 March 2020 14: 09
    I wonder what caliber was the bomb? And with what cable did they pull it? According to the picking sheet on the BMP-1,2, there are five cables: two towing, two for self-pulling and one for pulling tracks. Earring for splicing cables. Still not enough for security.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 8 March 2020 18: 58
      hi Given too small a depth of burial, but sufficient damage caused, as well as the fact that a 50 kg aerial bomb was possible to get by hand, the “exclusion method” is most likely “weaving”, “slipping” at an too acute angle, sideways to the ground , with cocked, but not fired fuse ?! winked

      She would have lain for another hundred years and had not killed anyone if the greedy banderlog-looters had not touched! fool
      A similar bomb fell directly into our “Shevchenko khatynka fart with a straw” (then a masked German tank was pushed against a wall under an apple tree and was located some kind of Hitler headquarters) and also did not explode - it went deep into the ground in the middle of the kitchen.

      After liberation, when the area was hastily cleared, so as not to completely destroy the established hut, front-line sappers advised my grandmother to carefully, without pebbles, fill up the hole in the “topping up (earthen floor)” and live on, because there were enough any worries and worries. .. the grandmother recalled that they, the few who survived the occupation of the woman, cleared the collective farm field "with a mortar (all together, since there were not enough physical forces from chronic malnutrition, only mental strength remained - unbending willpower, the desire to live and win!)" s to the plow, plowed literally on itself .... the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War," as in our Helena, "under Stalin" it is awarded for valiant selfless work!

      Then, in the 60s, already under Brezhnev, when the peasants began to live richer, our “hut” was decoratively laid “in half a brick”, the roof was tiled, double-glazed windows were inserted and the wooden floor was everywhere put on the “topping”. ... we never remembered about that bomb beneath us (like about the considerable number of broken bombs and all sorts of mines in our muddy large rural headquarters, which for this explosive reason has never been cleaned since the war request ), and all my life passed without any fear from such a “neighborhood” - only now, on occasion, I remembered ... smile
  3. The comment was deleted.