Russian authorities addicted to bitcoin

Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his active life position, he is developing the region entrusted to him, actively attracting federal budget funds, for example, for construction super modern terminal in the form of a gilded crescent. That does not stop him in his free time from leading an active online life on social networks, participating in sports flash mobs, and developing children's sports in the republic.

As it turned out, the newfangled topic of cryptocurrencies did not pass by the attention of the head of Chechnya. According to TASS, Ramzan Kadyrov decided to acquire a share of bitcoin in order to follow the development of this cryptocurrency once. Moreover, the head of the Chechen Republic himself admits that fraud is very developed in this segment. Quite rightly, Ramzan Akhmatovich notes that investing in bitcoins is a dubious thing and you can lose all the money, because there is no insurance.

Everyone who wants to play luck with bitcoins should listen to the opinion of the head of Chechnya. To buy for your real money a set of unsecured virtual numbers, hoping that they will continuously grow - this is a ticket to the club of victims of Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi.

The wise Ramzan Akhmatovich states that this industry should not be prohibited, but be regulated by law in order to avoid the creation of financial pyramids and other fraudulent topics. It is difficult to disagree with the opinion of the head of the Chechen Republic. It remains to hope that the issue of cryptocurrencies will be taken under control by the regulatory authorities in a timely manner.
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