Zelensky: Return of Crimea is a national idea of ​​Ukraine

The current government in Ukraine, represented by entrenched "Ukrainian patriots" named after the "philanthropist" George Soros, is well aware that the frantic banderization does not meet the needs of the overwhelming majority of the country's inhabitants. Therefore, in Kiev, they decided to slightly modify the ideological component in order to enable themselves to rule this territory for an indefinite number of years.

Therefore, do not think that the new “father of the nation” Vladimir Zelensky took and just admitted on February 26, 2020 that Kiev was not able to “return” Crimea to Ukraine in the near future. He emphasized that this was a “difficult task for the country”, after which he promised to do everything possible so that the Ukrainian flag would one day fly over Crimea.

We will do everything so that the Ukrainian flag flutters over the Crimea. This is a difficult task that cannot be solved tomorrow, but there are things that we must do today

- "patriotic" Zelensky said.

Zelensky said that the return of the Crimea is an integral part of the Ukrainian national idea.

I would like to start with simple and obvious things, axioms. A week consists of seven days, the planet Earth is round, and Crimea is Ukraine. The return of the Crimea is an integral part of our national idea

- said the former comedian.

So the theme of Crimea will become the foundation for Russophobia. It will allow them to parasitize and further separate Ukraine from Russia.

In addition, Zelensky added that today he intends to sign a decree on the celebration of "Day of resistance to the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol." After that, February 26th will be a “festive" day in the "Square".

At the same time, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov has already commented on Zelensky’s decree. According to the representative of the Kremlin, the celebration of the mentioned “Resistance Day” does not reflect the existing reality on the peninsula. Therefore, Moscow categorically disagrees with this wording.

The best reaction can be given by Crimeans themselves, who will tell you what was the reason for the decision of Crimea to reunite with Russia and recall the very recent background of all these events

- explained Peskov.

Peskov noted that policy Moscow in relation to Kiev has not changed after the departure of Petro Poroshenko from the presidency. Russia continues to insist on Ukraine's rigorous implementation of the Minsk agreements on the Donbass. By the way, the Kremlin has not yet sent Zelensky an invitation to celebrate in Moscow the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (WWII).
Photos used: Mykhaylo Markiv / The Presidential Administration of Ukraine / wikimedia.org
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  1. Afinogen Offline
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 26 February 2020 18: 26
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    The return of the Crimea is an integral part of our national idea

    Crimea has already been returned, now he needs to think about how to return the rest. laughing
  2. BMP-2 Offline
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 26 February 2020 18: 46
    • 4
    • 2
    Germany is a "people's car", the USA is an "American dream", Ukraine is a national idiocy ...
  3. bear040 Offline
    bear040 26 February 2020 19: 23
    • 5
    • 2
    The very idea of ​​Ukrainians has always been a separatist anti-state character, and Crimea is not Ukraine!
  4. Valentine Offline
    Valentine (Valentin) 26 February 2020 19: 59
    • 2
    • 2
    The idea of ​​fix, as always, as in everything, is still standing .....
  5. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 26 February 2020 21: 18
    • 3
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    And I have a dream - to return the Russian lands to Russia, and Ukraine to the borders of 1654!
  6. beeper Offline
    beeper 27 February 2020 00: 26
    • 3
    • 2
    At the beginning of VAZ’s performance (probably because of its bowing - “import greetings” to the gathered people and too accentuated facial expressions - a sort of artistic “face work”, and as if after the previous “appearance on the stage”, gatherings with strong drinks - it looked very much like today on his "fern", often performing "under the hop" ?! winked ) spontaneously arose the expectation of some ridiculous reprise from "Quarter 95". smile
    But no - playing the role of "Maidanopres", the artist was set to "speech (promo)", and even said “mov” figuratively, although its text was clearly translated, very clumsy (by an inept translator, what does a “cutting” Ukrainian ear, a funny “movable pearl” mean - “safety-free prychyna” instead of “non-repaired pidstav” —really a normal “pay-loss” among the "servants of the enemies of the people" was not found ??! smile And these Russian-speaking small-town townships “Banderozhidovites” forbid us, the Ukrainian multinational population, to speak our native Russian language ??!), From Russian, since in Ukrainian phrases are built differently, with different phrases, and this accent is in words supposedly the "master of the conversational genre" often poses incorrectly!

    “The First-Victims of Crimea”, Vova, were those killed and mutilated by Nazi “anti-child” militants, fighters of the Crimean “Golden Eagle” and Crimean draftees, young soldiers of the Ukrainian Internal Forces, unarmed, in the ranks of other courageous Ukrainian law enforcement officers, sent to Kiev defending the Constitution of Ukraine, the "non-alternative European integration" authorities and us, peaceful working people, from the aggressively "Euro-jumping" ragul Bandera, from their "pan-and-headed" accomplices-instigators!

    "The victims of the Crimea" are peaceful Crimeans killed and mutilated by Bandera-Nazi ghouls, and not the "maid" beast and terrorists with Crimean registration, seized in a hot Russian law enforcement and then released "for exchange"!

    For the elimination of bestial conditions at the Ukrainian border crossings to Crimea, of course, thank you (maybe, if by the summer, after Euromaidan, they completely lost their fear and conscience, employers will give me a monthly accumulation without any penalty and compensation - with the connivance of the "Maidan authorities" , arrears of wages, I can personally verify these “dovoochikuvani dyagyanny ukrayinstva” at “peratynanny cordon ?? ??) - this has long been necessary to do - for the holiday season 2014!

    Still it would be worth peresherstit at the Ukrainian border crossings, and all the "incomprehensible public" in camouflage, armed to the teeth with a "cold and firearms", with a Westernist accent menacingly muttering "ooh, separuga!" returning from a Crimean holiday to their involuntary fellow citizens, adults and children!
    Indeed, if adults are forced to rub off and endure unarmed and powerless in front of the “legalized” armed squadrons, then the children simply crave for these “activating” evil non-humans who are so emphatically embarrassed at “Russian Fatherland” after polite and smiling, wishing for good, Russian border guards! But what about "eating krajina" - like "in New Sanzhary" ??! negative

    About 500 apartments to stricken Majlis extremists (in the best lands of the Kherson region!) For the Turkish "silver coins", with the complete neglect of the needs of local residents oppressed and ruined by the Turkish gangs - this, of course, the "maydanopres" completely caved in - "Ku-two times!"
    Although the clown "recouped" - he shokhmal, promising the "indigenous Majlis" return under the "yellow-blakytny" flag in the Crimea, on the street Schmidt, 2, wassat after all, any Ukrainian (perhaps, except for the performer of the role of "Maidanoprez" ??!) knows that in the post-Maidan colony "Ukraine" such "communist names" are forbidden and all such streets are decommunized (and many of them are renamed in honor of Bandera-Nazi "heroes" of Hitler's minions!) "!

    By the way, Zelensky himself and his wife, with children and households, aren't the Russian authorities allowed to enter the “occupied Crimea” or the well-known personal homestead on the South Coast, a stone's throw from the Livadia protected area, this Russophobic individual was taken away ?! Not!
    They even invite you to come - to look at life yourself "patriotically (supposedly in concern for the "occupied Crimeans"?!) Crimean compatriots blocked and left without water by Ukraine, including Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars, about whom there are so many “experiences” in absentia of the Maydan authorities and extremists of the Mejlis.
    He’s not going, who is he afraid of ?! It’s not at all afraid of the “invaders”, but of the “native” Banderitepeks, “heroes”, so that they will not be indiscriminately accused of “unpatriotism” and not deprived of the “dearest” - “fed the authorities” and “everything accumulated”, because from these seasoned murderers and marauders will be, even with the "Euromaidan" they are accustomed to accustomed to murder with impunity, robbery and robbery ....

    Probably, if Zey didn’t fall into the "maydanoprezy", I would have wandered now with the "Quarter 95" on the Russian "corporate parties", including in Crimea, like most of his colleagues on the stage, because the money doesn’t smell in Russia and they earn money for orders of magnitude higher than in the impoverished post-maid "Ukraine" ?!

    On Crimean holidays, when you really should celebrate the "Day of Resistance of Occupation of the ARC and hero city Sevastopol, "one would have to ask Yuri Alexandrovich Meshkov - a true patriot of Russian Tauris, and not all temporary workers, but alas ....

    The earth is round, VAZ, .... a frantic bandera will receive its “answer” sooner or later, no matter how you turn it around, but everything happens to the “young Banderozhidites” Ze exactly as the unforgettable journalist Alexander Evgenievich Bovin used to say:

    Two worlds - two Shapiro

    - Walking around, kholuysky pleasing to the "universal people" and Bandera-Nazis, he gotten cursed - meanly betrayed the majority of his Ukrainian fellow citizens, his front-line grandfather, the conspiratorial Holocaust Memory, and did not blink! request

    In fact, without all this “lyricism and physics,” I just wanted to say that much more pressing and vital problems are faced by “pererestichnye Ukrainians” than they are “ramping up” themselves, parasitic in frenzy, all sorts of pseudo “national ideas of the“ present ” the bohemian "small-town" maydanopres "with frankly silky (in Odessa they would say" raklo ") accomplices is our elementary survival every single day of God!

    The Bandera-Nazi "Ukrainian life" under the "dominion" of the kleptoparasite dribblers and the deadly threats of their servants, the Banderite gangsters, brought the majority of the Ukrainian working population to poverty and a primitive struggle for existence ....., alas, a truly festive and unifying all-around became few, and this is certainly not the "newfangled" fiction "days" of headless banderlog!
  7. g1washntwn Offline
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 27 February 2020 06: 15
    • 3
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    The national idea of ​​Ukraine is for the dumplings themselves to jump into the mouth and the desire to own something that they never belonged to. Together with the Japanese, they will now "train your hand" on contour maps.
  8. The comment was deleted.