Militants with the support of the Turkish army recaptured Neyrab in Idlib

Under pressure from militants supported by artillery and tanks from the Turkish army, Syrian government units retreated from the city of Neyrab in the province of Idlib.

According to available information, the fighters of the Syrian Arab army managed to repel several attacks, destroying about 150 militants, but in view of the superior enemy forces, they were forced to leave the city.

The first to report this was the Turkish agency Anadolu, which indicated that opposition militants fully controlled Neyrab.
Later, information was confirmed by other agencies, including Syrian.

After government forces eliminated militant enclaves one after another in the country, Idlib became the place where fleeing terrorists flocked from all over the country.

On the territory of Idlib, supplied by Turkey with everything necessary from food to weapons, ammunition and armored vehicles, they felt quite comfortable.

After the Syrian army quickly broke through the defenses and liberated part of the province, Turkey intervened in the matter, which did not fulfill the obligations undertaken in Sochi and contributed to the withdrawal of militant forces and heavy weapons.

It is difficult to say how events will develop further, but it is obvious that the confrontation in Idlib is reaching a new level of bitterness.
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  1. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 25 February 2020 12: 07
    Fucking Turkey still can not calm down. But it was predictable and obvious that the Turks would do so. Now only one thing remains: to bring down all the terrorists and Turks (so accidentally) who support them.
  2. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 26 February 2020 11: 08
    Endless soap opera, only bloody. But it only seems so. In fact, Syria has already been divided among the beneficiaries. The publication is very well written. The Russian language is great and mighty! It turns out that the militants were utterly defeated, after which Assad's forces left (surrendered?) The city of Neyrab. And further in the text: "It's hard to say what will happen next." Everything is clear: Assad is Russia's interests. Therefore, the "wrong news" is carefully corrected. But in essence? Turkey came to the nodding analysis. And it is trying to strengthen its geo-position on the eve of the legal division of Syria. It seems that there will be no large-scale military action. But trench warfare - yes, it does take place. In the future, the leading players will stake out "their" territories. And everyone in the controlled area of ​​responsibility will deal with the militants. This will become the new reality. It is not clear only what will Iran be content with? It seems that he has no place in Syria. They will not listen to Assad, and for the rest of the players Iran is the third extra.
  3. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 26 February 2020 20: 41
    And there is nothing new under the sun and moon ...
    Once in the Caucasian 100-year war, in exactly the same way, Turkey pushed the different peoples of the Caucasus with Russia with their foreheads, supported them with arms, advisers and financed, only to expand their influence and seize territories.