US and Coronavirus: Three Uncomfortable Questions

Let's ask ourselves a question: what in reality could be behind the words of the US Undersecretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philippe Ricoeur, who explicitly announced our country was conducting a campaign to "spread disinformation" that the United States was involved in the emergence and spread of the 2019 infection in China -nCoV? Without a doubt, this demarche is, first of all, "anti-Russian stuffing", as it was quite rightly assessed by the Russian Foreign Ministry. But at the same time, in accordance with the well-known Russian proverb, what is happening is extremely reminiscent of the situation with the spontaneous combustion of a headdress on someone who has just from the bottom of his heart rummaged through other people's pockets. Something really got very nervous in Washington about this. Why's that?

I'm not going to make any charges. As well as claiming something, trying to convince you that the outbreak of the coronavirus threatening the planet today has a direct connection with the deliberate and deliberate actions of certain organizations, structures or persons from the United States of America. I just suggest that you look for answers to just the three blocks of questions outlined below. What conclusions will you come to in the end - your own business. However, we all definitely have something to think about.

1. Why are there so many “coincidences”?

I must say right away that in any story that affects the interests of more than a couple of private individuals and involves financial consequences worth more than a hundred or two rubles (or dollars), I consider categorically “coincidence” and “randomness” to be categorically unacceptable. This does not happen. And when the lives of millions and economic interests in the tens and hundreds of billions - even more so. In the situation with coronavirus, too many details are not what they are saying, but they are just shouting that they are not talking about any “coincidence of circumstances”. First of all, regarding the simplest parameters: place and time. The “for some reason” epidemic erupts precisely on the eve of the Chinese New Year, which more than 100% guarantees the maximum infection of people with the virus and its maximum spread due to the seasonal migration flows inherent in the Middle Kingdom. Usually, it is during this period (according to official Chinese data) that rail transport across the country slightly less than half a billion passengers, and about 100 thousand of its inhabitants travel by plane. Show Beijing a little less responsiveness, decisiveness and self-discipline in the introduction of quarantine and restriction of freedom of movement - and today all of China would be seized with a most severe epidemic. And this makes us move on to the question of the place where everything, in fact, began. If we assume that someone was choosing the ideal point of attack, then it was Wuhan that should have become her. At least due to the fact that the US diplomatic mission is located there, which allows American citizens with immunity and, let’s say, quite a certain official affiliation to be in the city. But it's not only that.

The largest transport junction of the Middle Kingdom, which has an equal distance from Shanghai and Hong Kong (about 800 km) - precisely those cities, the defeat of which by the disease would be extremely unprofitable just for the United States. The first of them contains too many representative offices of American corporations, in which US citizens work - people who are not the lowest level in management. In the second, the riots continue for a long time, in the incitement of which the Americans have already invested quite a lot of forces, funds and resources. But the production facilities of the Apple concern, a company that Donald Trump dreamed of “returning home” and which “resisted” on this issue longer and more persistently than others, are almost half closer to the epicenter of the disease. And today, as you might guess, stopped completely. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the world may soon be left without new iPhones at all ... Be that as it may, but the outbreak of the 2019-nCoV epidemic occurred precisely at the moment of the turning point of the "trade war" between Washington and Beijing, practically coinciding with the signing of the first phase a deal, which can become either a short-term truce, after which the struggle will continue with a poorly predictable result, or ... The beginning of the forced surrender of the Chinese comrades, who at all times preferred to give up little so as not to lose everything. To that, very similar, everything goes. "War on two fronts" - and with American duties, and with the coronavirus, the Celestial Empire, perhaps, will survive. The only question is - at what cost? The current situation gives the United States a clear advantage in all further disputes and conflicts with the PRC. In any case, for the near future.

2. Why is 2019-nCoV so similar to artificial ethnovirus?

Conspirology, you say? There are no diseases that can selectively affect representatives of only one nation, race, ethnic group, never existed and cannot exist in principle ?! Well, what about a lot of serious documentary evidence that work on this topic was started at least a few decades ago and continues to this day? At the end of the 70s of the last century in South Africa there was a top-secret project “Coast”, the purpose of which was to create a bio-weapon capable of hitting only people with black skin. And it was then (also a coincidence?) That the USSR sent proposals to the UN to conclude a new international agreement prohibiting the development and creation of new types of WMD, among which there was also "ethnic weapon." Soviet military intelligence worked in good faith ... Theoretically, there are genetic engineering techniques, the same RNA interference, the creators of which received very real "Nobel" for their development, allowing to develop viruses that will infect and kill very clearly and differentially. Yes, in the scientific world such an idea is considered extremely difficult to put into practice, but given the enormous sums invested in the Pentagon’s military development, there’s no way to talk about complete impossibility. I'd like to get an answer to the question: why have practically all of the deadliest infectious diseases on the planet recently been the epicenter, overwhelmingly, of Southeast Asia? “Atypical pneumonia”, “swine” and “bird” flu, now here is 2019-nCoV ... We write everything out of habit for a “coincidence” or think about it: is someone trying by trial and error to find an “absolute weapon” against specific ethnic group?

Today, scientists from all over the world vied with each other about many "oddities" regarding the ailment that has struck China. An increasing number of them are beginning to assume its completely artificial nature. For example, scientists from Delhi State University. Jawaharlal Nehru, who said that 2019-nCoV is a cunning "assembly" of two different types of coronavirus characteristic of animals, with the addition of some "inserts" that are most reminiscent of ... AIDS! The fact that this virus almost 80% repeats itself "atypical pneumonia" or SARS, being its "augmented" and "improved" version, has already been fully proven. So: the fact that SARS in no case could arise naturally (for example, as a result of mutation), God knows when such publications as The Lancet, Science and the New England Journal of Medicine wrote. This is not the "yellow press", gentlemen! It is, accordingly, one of the most authoritative medical journals in the United States, as well as the official publications of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Massachusetts Medical Society. To the credit of Russian scientists, it should be added that in 2003, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, geneticist Sergei Kolesnikov, also stated about the clearly artificial origin of "atypical pneumonia". By the way, he also pointed out that it mainly affects the inhabitants of Asia, representatives of the Mongoloid race. And by the way, what about the statistics regarding the deaths from 2019-nCoV? As of the time of this writing, out of more than 2400 deaths, only 20 outside China (and it’s not a fact that those who didn’t come from there died either). As far as is known, the so-called "entrance cell" of the coronavirus, called ACE2 by geneticists, has already been isolated. According to them, as a rule, only Asian men have it. Not an "ethnic virus"?

3. Why do the US act as if they knew and prepared?

We must pay tribute to the Americans - from the very beginning of the epidemic, they have acted extremely cynically, discarding even their usual hypocrisy. The Consulate General in Wuhan was evacuated by them super-operatively. At the same time, a couple of days later, the website of the Xinhua news agency published a statement by the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, who described the actions of the United States as "more than untimely, not generous and extremely unfavorable." It was, it seems, about a ban on travel to China and the hysteria about the coronavirus, which is being strongly fanned by the American media. But is it only about them? Exercises to carry out large-scale events in conditions of biological contamination are carried out by the Pentagon on a solid scale and very regularly. The last time such maneuvers, in which not only the military, but also representatives of many other state services and divisions were involved, took place there literally last year. One of the legends was to "ensure the transportation of biological material, which is of increased danger," and consisted of loading and unloading from planes ultra-protected containers with ... samples of the virus? Infected people? Such details were not shared with the media. By the way, what is interesting, with special punctuality, the training of "joint response to biological threats of natural or artificial origin" is carried out by the American military together with the South Korean army. Asia again ... This has been happening every year since 2011. Much has been written about the US biological laboratories, about which there are well-founded suspicions about their participation in the development of biological weapons. And still...

Hundreds of similar, completely classified objects exist practically all over the world. However, for some reason, a particularly large number of them are located along the borders of Russia and China. The development of "selective" bioweapons requires the utmost precision and consideration of all local parameters without exception. These are not ordinary bombs. Now - about one more interesting American organization, not remembering which in the context we are discussing would be simply an unforgivable mistake. It's about the Johns Hopkins Health Security Center. The employees of this Center regularly conduct very interesting simulations, which are, in fact, something like a command and staff exercise, only in case of a global epidemic, not a war. The first such simulation, codenamed "Dark Winter", took place in the summer of 2001. The last, "Event 201" (the fourth in a row) - in November 2019. In both cases, the "legend" was the largest pandemic. During Event 201, the coronavirus was clearly indicated as the cause. Both "headquarters games" directly preceded the outbreaks of epidemics in China - in the first case SARS, in the second - 2019-nCoV. What explanation do you have for this? Well, and for a "snack" - a few more not so large-scale, but more than eloquent details. Wuhan became the first location in China to launch a real 5G network. The United States is absolutely at any cost ready to prevent "penetration into the world" of this particular Technology in the Chinese version. As it became known, Washington refused to evacuate its citizens on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where 330 Americans are located, despite the willingness of the Japanese authorities to let them go. At the same time, 14 U.S. citizens - passengers of the liner, for whom the presence of 2019-nCoV was confirmed, were taken out of its board and supposedly returned to their homeland with placement in the strictest isolation. More than weird logic of actions, don't you find? By the way, the Pentagon from the very beginning has been showing increased activity in all matters related to coronavirus. Such calm and business activity - as if he knows perfectly well what he is dealing with.

In conclusion, I want, again, without insisting on anything and not asserting anything for sure, to remind: the United States of America has at least once carried out almost complete genocide of an entire huge ethnic group, using, in fact, “selective bioweapons”. Yes, yes - we are talking about the indigenous people of the United States, the North American Indians, whom the ancestors of those who occupy senior positions in the White House today, and the State Department, the CIA and the Pentagon, are sitting in Congress, quite calmly poisoned with the help of smallpox infected blankets. In Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence this is called a "precedent" ...

If someone is ready to object to me, but only with reason, without “discussions” in the style of “this cannot be, because it can never be” and the transition solely to the author’s personality is welcome. I would also like to get an answer to another question: how could it happen that one of the most acute outbreaks of coronavirus outside of China at the moment is not recorded anywhere, but in Iran ?! I ask you not to use the word "chance".
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 24 February 2020 09: 42
    The Chinese community in the United States, according to some estimates, is 3,5 million people. According to Wikipedia, this is approximately 1,2% of the total US population.

    Today, the total number of the Chinese diaspora abroad is 45,43 million people, and takes first place in terms of number.
    1. maidan.izrailovich (Maidan Izrailovich) 25 February 2020 09: 25
      The Chinese community in the United States, according to some estimates, is 3,5 million people.

      Given the tendency of the US authorities to smooth out uncomfortable statistics, and simply lie, then these data can and should be doubted. This is the first.
      The second one. The large diasporas of the Han nation in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and a number of countries. Everywhere the bill for millions. Even in Canada’s small population, more than a million. So the sounded 40 million with a tail runs up.
  2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
    A.Lex (Secret information) 24 February 2020 10: 38
    Why argue? I can only add - Georgia. Sudden deaths, undetectable diseases in the dead and the removal of the bodies of the dead by special services ... This is the same place - to the piggy bank.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 24 February 2020 14: 53
      And the laboratories in Ukraine? The measles epidemic came from somewhere ... And the mortality rate is much higher than from the coronavirus.
  3. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 24 February 2020 11: 27
    In the world, and especially in the economy, nothing happens by chance. America sleeps and sees itself as the sole leader in everything and everywhere.
    The question is how ready Russia is for a war at the genetic level with the Americans, if you will.
    Just do not say that we do not have a war with America, it goes, in fact, in all directions, only in different forms, and one of such forms is described in this article in the future!
    1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
      Observer2014 29 February 2020 20: 04
      Quote: Cheburashk
      In the world, and especially in the economy, nothing happens by chance. America sleeps and sees itself as the sole leader in everything and everywhere.
      The question is how ready Russia is for a war at the genetic level with the Americans, if you will.
      Just do not say that we do not have a war with America, it goes, in fact, in all directions, only in different forms, and one of such forms is described in this article in the future!

      yes Yeah. Is coming. And our officials, and even more so b / y officials, not sparing their belly and their relatives, dug in the United States. laughing
      1. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
        Cheburashk (Vladimir) 1 March 2020 07: 06
        Funny, is not it! am Then tell me, if you know everything about everything, your opinion!
    2. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 11 March 2020 10: 25
      In the white genome there is no clear selective division into the Germanic, British, or Slavic, for we have common roots for the white race. White Yankees, this is generally a genetic salad. They will not use these weapons against us; the risks of catching a viral boomerang are too great. Especially considering how quickly and unpredictably mutate viruses in general.
  4. Nezanuda Offline Nezanuda
    Nezanuda (Nikolai) 24 February 2020 11: 33
    In addition to this.
    There are centers in Russia (at least they were in 2017), one in Moscow and the other in St. Petersburg, which collect biomaterials from the most diverse peoples of Russia and send them to their fellow collaborators in the United States. The main goal of these studies, allegedly, is to study the genetic diversity of different ethnic groups in Russia.
    It has been suggested that Western intelligence agencies that are developing biological weapons are behind this.
    Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Mikhail Kovalchuk told NTV that now there is a technical opportunity to create viruses that treat or infect certain groups of people. Scientists from several countries, including the United States, are already engaged in such genetic engineering.
    1. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
      Alexander Ra (Alexander) 25 February 2020 10: 18
      It is strange that this collection of biomaterials was not forbidden in our country. It is strange that no questions to Georgia about laboratories are heard.
      1. vasa.nikolaeva Offline vasa.nikolaeva
        vasa.nikolaeva (Vasa Nikolaeva) 25 February 2020 12: 52
        How were there no questions for Georgia? Yes, a whole scandal flared up! After all, a whole package of documents from this laboratory was presented. You apparently missed this fact. Take an interest. On the network and on TV, there is enough material confirming it.

        The first to disclose information about the threats of the Lugar project in Georgia was adviser to former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, an American journalist Jeffrey Silverman. ... Russia accuses the Georgian bio-laboratory network of introducing African swine fever into Russian territory. And in Abkhazia, "suddenly" discovered deadly mosquitoes.
    2. vasa.nikolaeva Offline vasa.nikolaeva
      vasa.nikolaeva (Vasa Nikolaeva) 25 February 2020 12: 45
      Isn't it on this occasion that Vladimir Putin loudly, on the Central TV channels (and not only), addressed the Americans with the question: "Why are they collecting the biomaterial of Russians?" They heard? In any case, the answer to such an uncomfortable question was not followed. If I am not mistaken, these Centers of ours were pretty "shocked-cleaned".
    3. Conn Offline Conn
      Conn (Conn) 25 February 2020 15: 11
      It’s high time to launch the virus against the Saxophone!
  5. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 24 February 2020 14: 23
    The interesting thing is how quickly the reaction from the "epidemic" of the troops that were mothballed in medical schools passed. I, as close to the concept of an “epidemic,” as trained to act quickly and without dividing into “relatives and acquaintances,” is completely in favor of finding the source and neutralizing it. Any media should be identified. All contacts are installed. Humanism will kill this world.
  6. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 24 February 2020 15: 26
    There is little doubt that the coronavirus epidemic is artificial. The question is, who launched it? Not the fact that the United States. And I'm definitely not a fan of this country.
    Among the coincidences, the author did not mention that Wuhan is a stronghold of the opposition of the Komsomol members. Having introduced a state of emergency there, Uncle X greatly facilitated his life in anticipation of the removal of liberals from the leadership of the country and the economy. Now, in this direction, Putin is ahead of Xi and Trump. According to rumors, Xi was about to do the same as Putin, but decided to wait until their New Year ends. But he sensed something was amiss. And then the epidemic was just salvation for him.
    Another oddity is the strongest PR. There is already a point in favor of the author’s version. Last fall in the United States was an epidemic of some of its flu. The death toll is about 3000, schools were closing, but there was no hype, no one had heard about it ..
    But as for the ethnic effect of the coronavirus, it is not very good. Mortality and morbidity are, of course, greater in China. But she did start there. Moreover, the author himself mentioned the beginning of the epidemic in Iran. And the incidence in Italy is growing very quickly. Today the fifth Italian died, of all sick - 219.
    So the matter is, so far, dark.
  7. Chuvachok Offline Chuvachok
    Chuvachok (Dude) 24 February 2020 18: 38
    The USA in the field of creating biological weapons, genetics, and creating drugs “ahead of the rest” is a fact! We are up to them, as to China "...." on the wheels - this is also a fact! They could easily launch a virus, they are not afraid of it, everything is under control. They know very well that their "farm" is the best and antiviral drugs they have, they just are not at the hearing, well, the money costs as it should.

    I know firsthand that people have been cured of the "incurable in Russia" by Amerikosovskie drugs. So, they will bring these technologies to mind and the world under their control.
    1. vasa.nikolaeva Offline vasa.nikolaeva
      vasa.nikolaeva (Vasa Nikolaeva) 25 February 2020 13: 06
      Well, why is it so humiliating about Russia ("on all fours")? I remember how some "conscious well-wishers" spoke in the same way about the Russian Army. Or I'm wrong? And "completely plundered, and nothing from modern technologies, and decomposed-crucified-smeared ..." AND "SUDDENLY" ...
      1. Chuvachok Offline Chuvachok
        Chuvachok (Dude) 25 February 2020 15: 06
        Namely so, and nothing else. You have apparently never touched, so to speak, incurable diseases in Russia, and you probably live somewhere where there is still medicine. In our country, domestic pharma can only treat snot and diarrhea with a 50/50 chance of success. If suddenly someone had an operation in our hospital, "ACCIDENTALLY" was infected, for example, with hepatitis-C, and believe me, in our hospitals the chances are 50 to 50, without access to US pharmaceuticals, "someone" - a corpse, not a single chance to be cured with Russian drugs. Russian pharma is not just inferior to the United States, it is the last century, the level of the 50s, well, for some drugs, well, the late 80s. In the States, hepatitis-C - pf ... it's not a problem at all, the course of pills is 12 weeks, and that's it, it's free, 100% - a guarantee. They have been treating since 2008! Only this year, STAFF drugs began to be treated according to quotas. So, this is a super new generation drug and efficiency, and that was already in 2008! For 12 years, we could not even sleep "...." put the formula for such a necessary drug, and not pay the States $ 73 thousand per course. We have neither the technology, nor the specialists, nor the means to at least copy, well, but to create something like that in the near future, you can not even dream of, therefore "all fours" - it just is.
        1. nznz Offline nznz
          nznz (Igor) 27 February 2020 19: 14
          I see a drawback of our medicine only in weak vaccination against hepatitis. There are vaccines, only they need to be popularized and put before getting sick ..
          1. vasa.nikolaeva Offline vasa.nikolaeva
            vasa.nikolaeva (Vasa Nikolaeva) April 7 2020 09: 46
            And there were a lot of people who wanted to be vaccinated? It’s easier to blame your own guilt on someone or something, and then blame the doctors. Is not it?
  8. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 24 February 2020 20: 28
    The fact that the virus is of artificial origin agrees with the author. The Chinese have been eating wild animals for millennia, and not only they alone! During this time, serious epidemics were not mentioned anywhere in any chronicles! And then almost every year stamp by stamp !!!! ' This indicates the artificial origin of the virus! As for the Americans .... a little hard to believe. In Wuhan, a secret virus laboratory is located 250 meters from the market !!! Most likely, she is the peddler of these viruses! It’s hard for the Chinese to admit, this will lead to billions of dollars in claims from various companies! So they knock on mythical bats, which at that time were not traded on the market.
  9. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 February 2020 22: 31
    In general, earlier Navalny was to blame for everything, but now either the USA or China itself.
    It is strange, however, that they are not Ukrainians, well, they were not lucky. Now no luck.
    1. kot711 Offline kot711
      kot711 (vov) 26 February 2020 11: 38
      If you do not know, just look - how many Hegemon laboratories around the world? And why did it hit China's economy the most?
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 26 February 2020 11: 49
        What for?
        The stump is clear, a lot. And the Chinese have a lot - they have many diseases and arise ....

        Another thing that pros consider. I heard that pros determine the origin of the virus and substances quite easily.

        And the laboratories? Won in Armenia: the prime minister was overthrown - bang - laboratories, and a sniper, and agents of the State Department, and parliamentarians from Maidans appeared; they took our credit and weapons - and again there is no nifig of laboratories, snipers, Maidan workers - peace, friendship, restaurants ...
  10. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 25 February 2020 01: 11
    In this matter, you need to look for Who is beneficial ... The Chinese are least of all - rrah and the fall of the economy .... Russia is least of all - the fall of the economy .. But the traces lead to the owners of Biolaboratories around the world and those who Created Detachment 731 , these two countries are the most likely candidates - the developers of the coronavirus ....
    The most short-sighted are the countries where Mattress Biological Laboratories work, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, etc. viruses "run in" on their citizens.
  11. 89210393092 Offline 89210393092
    89210393092 (Igor) 25 February 2020 18: 45
    And here is the confirmation of what was said, the whole World was banging his head against the wall, the Americans produced a vaccine against coronavirus in 42 days.
  12. screw cutter Offline screw cutter
    screw cutter (Igor) 26 February 2020 09: 06
    China has recently been called Xerox, for copying everything and everyone. My question in this connection is: will Alaverds fly to the Americans (not everyone) when the Chinese in their laboratories find out which part of the virus is responsible for the "Chinese" and insert the "Anglo-Saxon" there? Well, they will trust Ali to deliver the package.
  13. Egor2020 Offline Egor2020
    Egor2020 (Egor) 28 February 2020 03: 21
    Do not doubt that the Chinese strain of the virus is laboratory! Moreover, I can with high probability say, according to observations, all viruses walking today are created in American virological centers. There are some indirect and direct facts pointing to this.
    The first is an increase in the incidence of SARS, ARI, and Influenza during the year. In the last 10 years, their stream has swept society. People get sick in winter, summer, autumn and spring. Remember the USSR, those who were born in 70-80, in order to get sick, you had to contrive. Now children get sick 15 times a year. This is a fact and it is taken from a conversation with a pediatrician.
    The second is virological centers along the border with Russia. Why are they? In 300 kilometers from my city is located the Kharkov branch of the American center. The city never ceases to hurt either in winter or in spring, etc. My daughter only got sick 3 times in February.
    The third fact, here I will make a small digression to explain what I want to say. The media, and sometimes doctors, tell us that we often get sick because of the rapid mutations of viral strains. But let me ask, since viruses are so active, then in nature there must be strains that mutate and affect animals. Cats, dogs, foxes, hares ..... must be sick no less than ours. Who saw a snotty cat or a coughing hare? Neither the hare, nor the cat, nor the dog will go to the pharmacy for an antiviral drug. But the person will go and bear the money. That is why the network of pharmacies in cities is expanding. In my city, in a microdistrict with 25 9-storey buildings, 9 large pharmacies are concentrated. Here is the third fact!
    It is also noted that the last strains of viruses hit directly through the respiratory system. If earlier, about 4-5 years ago, only after the flu the complication turned into a cough. Now a cough, and even such a difficult one, is immediately in the primary symptoms of the disease.
    So think about why various offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities collect gene material.
    There is still much that I would like to say, drawing the attention of the sleeping public to the facts leading us to destruction, but I want people to open their eyes themselves !!!!!
    1. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 11 March 2020 12: 05
      The point is that in our country (very mildly speaking) the general level of health care has fallen. My concrete example. In my city under the USSR, for 250000 people, there were 12 clinics and 6 hospitals, not counting production ones. Now for 340000 people, 4 clinics and 3 hospitals. Excluding production, they simply died. Adult working people, instead of going to the doctor (which in itself is now an epos), begin to self-medicate. Having seen enough ads about super drugs that do not treat, but only stop the symptoms. Such a person, a walking biological weapon, is a constant source of infection. And then down the chain. I, the flu / colds - I don’t get sick for more than three days. There are symptoms, we drink antiviral (not to be confused with antibiotics), and since modern viruses do not go alone, we take antibiotics after or at the same time. All course. You can get all the necessary information on the Internet, the main thing is to ask a question correctly. But there is a catch in this place, you need to know exactly what it is. In flu, pneumonia and anthrax, the primary symptoms are very similar.
  14. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 11 March 2020 11: 13
    I think that this time the Yankees have nothing to do with it. Yes, they are aware of what is happening, but the stuffing shows that these are "private traders". The military use of bioweapons involves a slightly different tactic, there would have been more foci of infection and higher mortality. The epidemic would not spread outside from some point of focus, which is characteristic of natural occurrence, but from several external rings into the territory of interest. Still, the military has its own stereotypes and views. By the way, the military is just in this case acting rather stereotyped. Cord the hearth, conduct quarantine measures, eliminate the consequences. In this case, I would focus on WHO and pharmaceutical concerns. There are signs of a conspiracy to get superprofits from a panic that the media and the Internet, dubious portals, are happy to inflate. Moreover, the idea itself is very old.
  15. Smirnoff Offline Smirnoff
    Smirnoff (Victor) 20 March 2020 07: 44
    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian believes the U.S. military could bring the COVID-19 coronavirus to China.
    He talked about the death of the US military from a coronavirus, although they were initially diagnosed with the flu.

    US must explain everything to us

    Mr. Lijian wrote on Twitter.

    The conclusion of Chinese scientists, based on the timing of the onset of patient infections and the expansion of the disease, confirmed the theory that the Huanan market was not the origin of the coronavirus itself.

    The virus was introduced into the Chinese market and spread there by unidentified persons.
    Traces of the global epidemic lead to the sinister bio labs of the US Pentagon scattered around the world.

    They surrounded Russia and China from all sides !!!
    The US Pentagon sent all of Europe to the viral KNOBDOWN and all deaths on their conscience!
    The Pentagon bio-death laboratory scattered around the world should be closed, and the United States should indemnify all countries.

    Here is what Professor Vladimir Nikiforov, MD, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Pirogov Medical University, UN expert on bioterrorism and one of the most experienced infectious disease specialists in our country said:

    The picture is twofold. On the one hand, yes, the problem is quite serious - yes, people get sick, yes, they die.
    On the other - a completely inexplicable panic, an absolutely counterproductive campaign of escalating fear, hysteria, and not without the participation of the media.
    She is not so terrifying, not the apocalypse that we are interpreted through the Internet.
    About 200 thousand sick in the world and more than 8 thousand [victims].
    That is, mortality is quite low. Mostly the elderly die, there is a reason.
    This is not the greatest mortality that medicine knows, not the biggest incidence. Under this hype a little forgotten about the flu.
    But now, according to the estimates of the Americans, from September 2019, 15-20 million people got the flu, and about 20 thousand died of it. Only in the United States.
    I have accumulated certain questions for Europe as a professional, to which I cannot answer and, in my opinion, no one can: why such a leap in Italy, with such a high mortality rate, all of a sudden?

    And there is the third Pentagon viral injection.
    At the request of Israel, Pentagon bio-messengers infected Iran !!!
    The first stuffing in China.
    The second viral stuffing in Italy.
    Europe overtook Asia in deaths from coronavirus.

    According to the latest data, in Asia, 2019 people have already died from COVID-3384 disease caused by coronavirus, while in Europe the number of deaths to date has exceeded 3400.

    The Americans launched bio-terrorism against the whole world, under the guise of Chinese Wuhan.
    The virus roams Europe - the ghost of the US Pentagon bio laboratories.
    Specialists of the bio laboratory of the Pentagon of the USA tried and created a viral monster.
    ALL! Sailed. The US Pentagon sent the whole of Europe to the viral KNOCKdown !!!
    American democracy is the most barbaric and brutal in the world.