Fatal day for Ukrainians: The invented "hundred" and the real killers of the Maidan

Six years ago, events took place in Kiev, which became a turning point, a fatal trait, not even for hundreds or thousands - for millions of people, and not only in Ukraine. On this day, riots inspired by local oligarchs and the most Russophobic forces of the West finally cast off the mask of "peaceful protests" and appeared in their true guise - an unconstitutional coup.

On this day, the criminal leaders of the "Maidan rebellion" rushed to their desired goal - power, in the literal sense of the word - over the corpses. Ahead was horror, darkness, schism and civil war ... Why remember all this today? At least so that nothing like this would happen again anywhere and never again.

How the executioners became “victims”

Talk about that terrible day is not ceasing today in Kiev, where at the official level they continue to sing the hosanna of the "heavenly hundred", which is pure fake, not even by its very nature, but by purely formal moments. However, a detailed discussion about this will be somewhat lower here, but for now - about another. In Ukraine, the most vile way was a substitution of concepts, as a result of which the villains that plunged the country into chaos and fratricide were exposed as “heroes,” and those who until the last stood guard over the Law and Order were declared monsters, executioners, and criminals. The exact number of law enforcement officers killed, mutilated, injured of varying severity during the confrontation with the "Maidan" madness remains today in the "uncovered" secret for seven seals. Everything that could be “cleaned up” and hidden was already hidden and forgotten, and the corresponding documents were destroyed. However, even according to fragmentary and far from complete data, we are talking about dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded. Only in the official list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which lists "persons who received bodily harm during the public guard service in Kiev from November 30, 2013 to February 20, 2014", there are about a thousand names. But you can safely multiply it by two, at least! Why? Yes, because, firstly, not everyone asked for help, and secondly, after February 20, it became simply dangerous for police to go to hospitals. But the main rampant "Maidan" terror against them came just on that day and they did not end there. About the dead - not a sound at all. The official version of the 17 law enforcement officers, "killed by unknown reasons" - a shameless lie. The figure is much larger.

However, even acquaintance with the list mentioned above does not leave stone on stone from the version of "peaceful protests". Until February 18, the vast majority of injuries were bruises (from paving stones, armatures and other things that threw the “beast” beast to the police), burns from “Molotov cocktails” and the various rubbish that militants sprayed on the Golden Eagle and the soldiers of the Internal Troops knife wounds. A civilized demonstration for the European choice ”, yeah ... But, starting from the 18th, almost through one column it reads:“ a gunshot wound ”. Note that there is no “hundred” and supposedly snipers who hit her at all, but they are already shooting at the police - precisely, to kill to kill! And they are killing ... At that time, the regional police departments, other law enforcement agencies and military units were already routed in Lviv. Weapons rooms were opened and looted everywhere - according to the official report of the local police chief, only 1200 “barrels” and 13 rounds of them were stolen from the arsenals of his department! And a huge part of this weapon is moving to Kiev. But the police on the "Maidan" still do not shoot. According to all the laws that were in force at that time (first of all, “On the Police”), they not only have the full right - they are obliged to start using service weapons. It’s time for the “eagles” to intervene in the business from the overbearing and incomprehensible than what they are doing at the critical moment for the country of the Security Service. What is it - it's time to take the army out to the streets! However, none of this is being done. Why? This is worth talking about separately.

Wines not only on "maydanschikov"

"We swung to turn back at the very last moment!" - this exact phrase (corrected for the true vocabulary of extremely angry officers) in those days I personally heard from the commanders of various units of the "Golden Eagle", pulled into the capital from all over the country, more than once. The poisonous reptile of the "Maidan" could be crushed repeatedly - and at first even without much effort and human sacrifice. From the moment when the first blood was shed in the ranks of the “protesters”, when the first of them, Zhizhevsky, Nigoyan, Senik, were killed by their accomplices, vilely in the back, any adequate person should have understood: further, the escalation of violence will increase . "Sacred sacrifices" were made from now on to the "revolutionaries," as they themselves believe, "hands are untied." This was understood by everyone - but not the first persons of the country (first of all, its president) and the leaders of the power structures. The police (first of all, “Golden Eagle”), the Internal Troops continued to play the role of a human shield, protecting “leaders” shaking with fear, but not taking any action to stop the chaos, because they did not receive the appropriate commands. The SBU, under whose nose at first both the training camps for the future Maidan fighters and the Western-funded structures for brainwashing other participants, quietly functioned, and then this whole nightmare erupted, continued to portray a “stormy but secret activity” whose effectiveness was equal to absolute zero. The army generally proudly withdrew from what was happening, saying that "it would not interfere in the civil conflict." After half a year, the same cleanbodies from the Armed Forces of Ukraine will regularly go to Donbass to kill compatriots ...

What can I say, if the Kiev police garrison, who found himself in the midst of a storm, who was sweeping away the country in front of our eyes, was led by General Koryak, who had been fighting successfully and professionally with his whole life economic crime! He was able to lead a unit of such a scale, and even in extreme conditions, in much the same way as the head of a military orchestra — to command a tank corps in wartime. It is impossible to keep silent about one more thing - in the same list of law enforcement officers who suffered on the "Maidan" there are quite a lot of those who received frostbite, mostly legs. For the most part, these were boy soldiers from the BB. Their "power", which they defended, did not bother to equip normally, sending them to stand for days in the cold in berets "on fish fur" and even without normal socks! Food, hot tea, warm linen and other necessary things were subsequently dragged by caring colleagues and residents of the capital - there were, imagine, such. The same "Golden Eagle" was forced to spend the night in the corridors of administrative buildings on the "feather-beds" from their own shields, putting helmets beaten with stones by the "demonstrators" under their heads. It was! Yanukovych and his “team” did not bother to provide decent conditions for recreation, or even normal nutrition. Stupidity? Greed? Carelessness? Perhaps all taken together. Viktor Fedorovich until the last was afraid to show political the will and take on the responsibility worthy of the head of state - everyone tried to "agree in a good way" with the Maydans and their owners from the West. It was expectedly “thrown”, as the last tramp. That's just for the cowardice and stupidity of the "guarantor" others paid with their lives. And they continue to pay to this day. The blame of the "power" at that time was in every militia death on the "Maidan".

The Invented “Hundred” and the Real Killers

The fact that no "Golden Eagle" or other representatives of law enforcement agencies on February 20 did not shoot "peaceful demonstrators" (at that time already armed and aimed at the police) was known a long time ago and not only in Ukraine. It is confirmed by examinations, eyewitness accounts, and, most importantly - sincere confessions of those who actually shot. Even in the United States literally this month, a documentary was shown in which the so-called “Georgian snipers” who were invited to Kiev by the leaders of the “Maidan” and shot at all in a row in fulfillment of their “order” were openly candid. Moreover, the Ukrainian investigation, the court, and the pitiful semblance of law enforcement agencies that are there today, are well aware of the names and surnames of the so-called “Parasyuk-Bubenchik group” who admitted to the murders of the “siloviks” committed by them in those days. Not so long ago, these data were once again publicized by such local politicians and public figures as Elena Lukash, Andriy Portnov, they were published in Ukrainian electronic media. So what? Yes, absolutely nothing! Yuskevich, Ivanov, Lipova ... Everyone knows the names of killers and provocateurs, but none of them will be held accountable and will not be. Exactly as long as the "Maidan workers" and their followers remain in power in the country. But the unwinding of hysteria over the "hundreds", which "fell on the Maidan for freedom and the honor of Ukraine", continues. At the same time, in the “canonical” lists of these “heroes and martyrs”, in fact, there are not only marginalized people, criminals, mentally ill people, but those who passed away do not understand where and under what circumstances, but certainly not in Kiev and not from bullets of criminal power! ”

Mikhail Korostyshin, who died in a hospital in Lviv, either from a belly injury in one of the villages of the region, or from inflammation of the pancreas on February 25, 2014 ... Bogdan Kalinyak, who died in a psychiatric hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk from a condition that strikingly resembles delirium tremens 28 January 2014 ... Sergey Sinenko, whose body was found on February 13, 2014 in a burnt car in the territory of Zaporizhzhya (!!!) region ... Viktor Khomyak, on January 27, 2017, hanged himself on a Christmas tree frame, which was not allowed to be installed on " Independence Square "protesters ... Pavel Mazurenko, Mersha in one of Kiev hospitals two months before the events described by us (December 21, 2013) from injuries sustained in a trivial fight at one of the malls on the outskirts of the city ... All of them were awarded the title “Hero of Ukraine” posthumously and were included in “one hundred "! And also - various homeless people, other marginalized people and dubious types who were lucky to die in those days somewhere not too far from the city center from hypothermia, alcohol overdose and even the most common heart attacks. All these people - in the amount of 116 people - are the holders of the highest state awards "for courage and heroism, selfless service to the people of Ukraine and upholding of freedom and democracy"! More than 250 million hryvnias of help and allowances were paid from the Ukrainian treasury to the families of these “sufferers” and the huge number of crooks who managed to prove their participation in the “Maidan”! The price list is simple: the relatives of the deceased - a million, the rest "victims of criminal power" - from 700 to 200 thousand. But there is still “charitable help” from foreign sources - and these are millions of dollars. Obviously, this is what (apart from purely political considerations) explains the vastness of the list. Someone made very good money on the "on time" and in the right place, the booby poor fellow. Law enforcement officers injured in the performance of their duties and relatives of those who were killed were not paid a dime ...

"Maidan" in Ukraine will end only when the street of multiple traitor, one of the "fathers" of Ukrainian nationalism Grushevsky, whose ideological fosterlings staged that coup, will be named after "Golden Eagle", whose fighters stood to her death. When all the colossal lies about those days will be debunked, the heroes will be called heroes, cowards - cowards, and criminals - criminals. When the whole truth about who and how killed and died on the streets of Kiev in late 2013 - early 2014, will become not only public, but also material for court sentences that will be carried out. This will not return anyone or anything ... But, perhaps, it will become a guarantee that no other country, including Russia, will be plunged into the hell of a new “Maidan”.
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  1. Rus Offline Rus
    Rus 20 February 2020 09: 21
    Get away from Ukraine! Sick of these articles!
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 20 February 2020 11: 17
      Yes, they won’t calm down.
      1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
        S.V.YU 20 February 2020 18: 49
        Calm down. What will you earn then if there is nothing to troll?
    2. mister-red Offline mister-red
      mister-red 20 February 2020 11: 57
      Quote: Rus
      Sick of these articles!

      True - she is, some of her sick.
      1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
        Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 20 February 2020 19: 29
        Where can the truth be from here?
        1. The comment was deleted.
    3. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 20 February 2020 18: 44
      NOT CUTE - DO NOT READ! There are plenty of other sites!
  2. 69 Offline 69
    69 20 February 2020 09: 35
    Quote: Rus
    Get away from Ukraine!

    It’s easy, but Ukraine in a good way will not lag behind.
  3. Andrey Goncharov (Andrey Goncharov) 20 February 2020 10: 36
    As they say - at least ... in the eyes, they are all God's dew
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 20 February 2020 11: 46
    Ukrainians (Slavs), in order to live, as in Europe, it is necessary to create means of production, as in Europe. Indeed, in Europe they not only consume, but also create a product. They create it a lot and you thought that they would just share with you? Have you forgotten how the capitalists sent food to the Pacific Ocean in a great depression in front of their hungry citizens, because they did not have money?
    Trying to prove that you are in your insole, trying to bite off your left hand, which, like, does (did) something crookedly, not so beautifully, slowly and hard, but believe me, your right hand for Europeans looks the same as your left and left without hands, who will feed you?
    The Europeans always needed other people's resources, they could not take away by force in the Second World War, but by deceit - it worked. Okay, you persuaded, you sell your flesh - for what? For the pieces of paper they stamp? Trinkets that will not be needed tomorrow or means of production? Although, why are they armless ... (and what would they not accidentally decide, the Europeans immediately "honestly" - impose sanctions on technology) the belly is full today - well, but will the children have tomorrow?
  5. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 20 February 2020 11: 47
    And on the same day, near Korsun-Shevchenkovsk, an attack on a convoy of eight buses, in which the Crimean anti-Maidan fighters were traveling home from Kiev, planned by the Bandera rabble, took place. The column was thrown with "Molotov cocktails", they were dragged out of the salons by force, beaten and put on their knees, and those who tried to escape were shot from pumps and machine guns, their heads and ribs were broken with fittings, bats and chains, they were forced to eat broken bus glass ... about 70 people were killed, crippled and missing, and those who reached Crimea immediately informed their authorities about what had happened, and at the All-Crimean meeting and congress of the Crimean Armed Forces, it was decided to secede from Ukraine, and hold a referendum on this issue, on joining the Russian Federation.
    The Ukrainian side thoroughly cleaned up "Wikipedia", and greatly downplayed the dead and injured, as in the murders of people in Odessa on May 2, 2014, when they announced 48 who died, in fact, there were more than 200 people, as they did when calculating of all his dead, when Poroshenko announced 1,5 thousand dead, if only near Debaltseve, from the report of the head of the SBU V. Nalivaychenko, there were 3695 officially "irrecoverable" losses
    people killed, and during the whole period of hostilities Ukraine lost from April 2014 to June 2018 more than 70 thousand people, and this is according to the report of the German NSA to its Chancellor A. Merkel ..... So what kind of world can we talk about them about what entry of LDNR into Ukraine can Ukrainian dreaming of the Ukrainian bonzes, who have blood on their shoulders and the same blood of innocent people, washed the new president Zelensky, who promised to stop the war very soon.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 23 February 2020 16: 30
      ... what kind of LDNR entry into Ukraine can Ukrainian bonuses dream of ...

      Yes, the Lord is with you! These "bonza" are still ready to accept a territory without people, but they do not need people of the LPNR, from the word "absolutely". After all, it is clear who they will choose as their leaders and for whom they will vote in the elections.
      Hence, in fact, the war. The position of the electorate was perfectly clear already 6 years ago. And now, after thousands of people killed, and with a generation that has grown (though not everywhere) in the basements ....
      Who should these people vote for? There are no such politicians in Ukraine.