USA: Russia has chosen a force scenario to resolve the "Syrian issue"

The US administration, having lost all influence on the course of events in Syria, accused Russia of focusing on a forceful solution to the "Syrian issue."

The American media quoted the words of an unnamed representative of the American administration of high rank, said at a briefing for journalists on Friday:

We are trying to take the military political and diplomatically, efforts are not to win this war, but to bring the situation back to a negotiated solution so that we can sit down at the negotiating table with Russia, as Pompeo did in Sochi in May with Putin, and try to reach a compromise.

The transcript of the briefing goes on to state that “at the moment, Russia is literally focused on a military solution,” with the clarification that this applies not only to the situation in Idlib.

Further, the moderator complained that there had been no progress with the constitutional committee, which was blocked by Assad and expressed suspicions that Russia did not want to move further in this direction.

According to the editorial staff, it’s rather strange to hear such complaints from a representative of a country that, over the course of its short history, has been the initiator of dozens of wars and crises in different parts of the world, but no one has ever heard of its desire to solve the problem peacefully.
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  1. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 15 February 2020 15: 31
    I do not presume to judge who was initially right and who is to blame for the Syrian confrontation. Moreover, it would be arrogant to issue recommendations on the mountain to stabilize the situation in this disturbed bumblebee hive. But here it is still possible to answer the question cui prodest in relation to Russia. For some, and in Moscow, a forceful solution to the question is obviously unprofitable - it does not exist. And any attempts to still rely on the military option are enormous financial, human and moral losses. With more than a vague ending. And objectively, Russia in Syria minimizes its participation, mainly through the actions of the air forces. What, by the way, is used by "partners" like Turkey, expanding the scale of participation in the conflict. I will say more, opponents are interested in expanding the participation of the Russian Federation in the events in Syria. Because, taking into account other challenges facing the Russian Federation today, this would be an ideal option for weakening it. Like the example of the USSR in Afghanistan.
    1. Alekcandr Sokolenko (Alekcandr Sokolenko) 16 February 2020 15: 59
      You don’t know who handed over the USSR for the ideals of “boxes from Xerox and destroyed the balance of power in the world? By the way, it should be included in the Constitution, as an Author.
  2. Port Offline Port
    Port 15 February 2020 16: 16
    Quote: Rogue1812
    I do not presume to judge who was initially right and who is to blame for the Syrian confrontation.

    And that’s right, how can one figure it out here, the Russians are fighting with bandits, and the mattress supplies the bandits and steals someone else’s oil, all this is difficult.
    1. Alekcandr Sokolenko (Alekcandr Sokolenko) 16 February 2020 16: 01
      Or maybe there's nowhere easier?
  3. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 15 February 2020 18: 23
    And then no matter how you look.
    The Afghan Option, with the only difference being that the supply of troops goes through
    Sea - Ports ... Mattress makers and Igilovites with oil - like Dushmans Heroin, Emeralds, Diamonds and Lazurite ... Pakistan helped them to dushmans, here they are helped by Turkey, Israel, Jordan.
    The printing press is fighting against the turning and milling machine ....
    1. Alekcandr Sokolenko (Alekcandr Sokolenko) 16 February 2020 16: 03
      It is believed that the "managers" - from Fashington, also destroyed the machine-tool industry, only sticks - diggers.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. So, they will bomb to show their peacefulness.