The death toll from coronavirus in China has exceeded 1500

In China, the number of people dying from pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus COVID-2019 continues to grow.

According to the State Health Committee of the country, 6 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection were recorded on mainland China, and the number of deaths increased to 492 people.

The greatest number of infected and dead is observed in Hubei Province, from the administrative center of which - the city of Wuhan, the spread of coronavirus began.

According to Chinese doctors, in the province over 54,4 thousand are infected. At the same time, 1 thousand 457 people died in the region.

However, it is noted that, despite the severe course of the disease and the difficulties with its treatment, more than eight thousand cases were cured.

As for the future forecast, the most gloomy assumption is the American scientist, co-director of the Center for Infectious Disease Statistics at the University of Florida and an expert at the World Health Organization (WHO), Ira Longini, who does not exclude that COVID-2019 can affect two-thirds of the world's population.

Meanwhile, the head of the department for scientific and technical development of the Ministry of Science and equipment China Wu Yuanbin said bats are the most likely source of coronavirus.
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  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 17 February 2020 09: 46
    I just can't understand why they raised all this noise and hysteria around some kind of "coronavirus", because last year a simple flu killed 70 thousand Chinese people, and nothing, no one even made a noise, but here they raised such a wave ... Apparently, someone needs it, because China loses billions of dollars on this, and if we consider that we have a city of 2-3 million people - this is already a megalopolis, then in China education with the same number of inhabitants is considered a village, then all this fuss is out of nowhere, and if it is simpler - nature does not tolerate the weak, no matter how blasphemous it sounds, and there is, simply, natural selection - the weak die, the strong are born, although they are strong, with such an ecology, but that is nature.