Russian Defense Ministry explains what a review of the history of World War II will turn out for Poland

The desire of the Polish authorities to revise the history of World War II may bring them not at all the result they are counting on.

On the air of the program "X-Files" on the TV channel "Star" Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, chief of the Main Military-Political Directorate of the Armed Forces, explained why this would happen.

According to him, Poland’s attempts to present the USSR as the culprit of the outbreak of World War II along with Hitler Germany mean that in this case the date of the outbreak of war can be considered the date of the partition of Czechoslovakia with Poland’s participation in 1938.

In particular, the colonel general said:

If we say now that we need to revise (the history of that war), then we can call earlier dates ”: you can name the date of the Anschluss of Austria, or you can name the date when the partition of Czechoslovakia occurred.

One can safely assume that the “Hyena of Europe”, as Churchill called Poland, who is diligently posing as a victim of the Second World War, will not want to appear before the international community in such an unattractive light.

Warsaw should understand that such an interpretation will put an end not only to Poland’s claims to Russia as the heir to the USSR, but also to its claims regarding the “partner” in the EU and the “ally” in the North Atlantic Alliance - Germany.
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  1. beeper Offline
    beeper 13 February 2020 16: 49
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    Completely overwhelmed by their own "honorary" Neopilsudchina, the current rollicking Polish authorities (along with regular exhumations, Russophobian roll-over in tombs, unfortunate victims of the "drunk plane crash" near Smolensk request) very short-sightedly dropped from the shaky "consensus" and raskocheted this very sensitive question "down the hill" - about the beginning of the Second World War, and even indiscriminately accusing our Soviet Union defended in supposedly "aggression!"
    Now, the Polish jackal demofascists, the offspring of the “European hyena” will not be able to get away from the unpleasant statement of facts about Poland - one of the most active arsonists of World War II in Europe (do not forget about Hitler’s ally of Japan, who attacked China!) And the most active accomplice of Hitler’s Judenfrey policy, which became the basis of the Holocaust!
    The fact that Hitler was the first to attack his Polish ally - an accomplice in aggression in Europe - is from the cycle of gang warfare because of uncoordinated robber appetites and Polish claims for the German "free city of Danzig", as they say

    The thief stole a club from the thief and gasped on the head of his accomplice!

    - But the Poles could well attack the Germans, ambition and intentions for this they had, as well as sufficient military power!
    Not without reason, at the very beginning of the German-Polish war, all the Polish media hastily announced that soon the Polish flag would fly over Berlin and the valiant Polish warriors would parade through its streets!
    That’s why, to the maze of victorious moods, infuriated by mercantile "patriotism", the Polish population in the first days of September 1939 so confidently and businessly (as later Jewish fellow citizens) began to rob and kill, polls, strangle, and beat to death with improvised objects of their own Neighboring fellow citizens of German nationality, not sparing in their bloody rage neither small nor old!
    The "Frenzied Reichsfuhrer" then ordered his fellow citizens on the Third Reich and the "world public" to show photos and filming streets of bordering Polish cities littered with the corpses of the civilian German population, as an example of the atrocities of the Poles against the Germans (although the same total atrocities of the Polish population and later , already in 1941, the Polish-Galician, in Lvov occupied by the Germans, in relation to fellow Jews, Hitler approved and did not consider atrocities!)!
  2. argo44 Offline
    argo44 (mac) 13 February 2020 18: 44
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    Warsaw should understand that such an interpretation will put an end not only to Poland’s claims to Russia as the heir to the USSR, but also to its claims regarding the “partner” in the EU and the “ally” in the North Atlantic Alliance - Germany.

    - it means that?
    Do you deny that Germany started the war?
    1. Vadim_4 Offline
      Vadim_4 (Vadim) 14 February 2020 18: 24
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      I think the bottom line is that Poland wants too much and asks for what it does not deserve. And at some points blames others for what she is also guilty of.
  3. Upmost Offline
    Upmost (Innocent) 13 February 2020 23: 22
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    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation explained what will turn out for Poland revision of the history of World War II

    Yes, nothing will turn out. Except for the sluggish response bleating from the Russian Foreign Ministry.
    1. GRF Offline
      GRF 14 February 2020 05: 44
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      To live with wolves, howl like a wolf
      on bleating - bleating and responding.
      But after the clank of weapons - there will be silence ...
      And with whom are we humanly speaking - do you notice?
  4. gore Offline
    gore (Alexander) 14 February 2020 07: 02
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    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation explained how the revision of the history of the Second World War would turn out for Poland.

    Yes, nothing will turn around. We’ll live again, swallow, we’ll exterminate and we will “live together” with the Poles ...
  5. kriten Offline
    kriten (Vladimir) 14 February 2020 11: 15
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    Poland alone cannot reconsider anything, it can only misinterpret, which is what it does. All the countries of the former Hitler bloc, i.e. today's EU, as a victim of the victory of the USSR over Nazi Germany.
  6. Roarv Offline
    Roarv (Robert) 15 February 2020 13: 34
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    Давайте сперва разберемся со своими Либералами. Если мы у себя на всех каналах ТВ и СМИ даем излагать всякую ахинею, основанную на западной пропаганде, если в фильмах про ВОВ и других фильмах, прививающих патриотизм к Родине, реклама жвачки, прокладок, шампуней, и это в преддверии государственных самых важных праздников (сегодня 15 февраля - День Вывода Советских войск из ДРА), посмотрите наш канал МО Звезда, который финансируется из денег налогоплательщиков - целый день реклама и прочая муть....
    But what about the participants in the war in the DRA, whose przdnik is this ??
    Когда Президент, которому Ельцин-центр поставили, молится на чужой трибуне "Боже, матрасников храни", когда Солженицына, Власова - предателей - в ранг мучеников возвели, как можно требовать от Польши и поляков требовать что-либо, касающееся итогов ВОВ.
    These actions need a certain period, until the moment when privatization was going on in order to divert attention ...
    But it's time to stop with this liberal ideology. In life, everything is simple, if you respect your veterans, parents and honored citizens, they will be respected by neighbors, countrymen and foreigners ...
    Патриотизм должен на чем-то основываться - базироваться, на либеральной толерантности которую прививают 30 лет учебники истории в школе, куда смотрела партия власти, когда печатали эти учебники с 90-ых годов....
    We must recognize and acknowledge.
    Никогда нельзя отказываться от принципов, завоеванных нашими дедами и отцами во всех Войнах. Прошлое - история ВОВ, за которое пролито столько крови, может вернуться возмездием (Упаси Создатель).
  7. kot711 Offline
    kot711 (vov) 17 February 2020 13: 19
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    Damn it, with this Poland. There would be to deal with their judges of the constitutional court.
    1. A.Lex Offline
      A.Lex (Secret information) 17 February 2020 21: 56
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      Yes, there is one abomination there - Aranovsky is his last name.