Why Turkey will fight for the north of Syria to the end

A desperate attempt by Damascus to free Idlib from the remnants of gangs of terrorists and Turkish invaders showed some interesting observations. Russians help the Syrians without fear of crossing the road to Ankara. Turkey rested in the north-west of Idlib province to death, crying out for help to NATO. And the United States refused to help the Turks, suddenly complaining that everyone considers them to be a “world gendarme” and is expecting something from them.

Operation Dawn in Idlib is developing quite successfully for the government of the SAR. Thanks to the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Iranian allies, Damascus was able to recapture almost half of its northern province from militants. The week began with serious losses for the Syrians: the Turkish army launched a series of attacks on the attacking and reported the killing of more than 100 government troops on Monday and another 51 on Tuesday.

There is a sharp aggravation of the situation. It got to the point that Turkey turned to NATO for military assistance. True, the result was discouraging. The White House replied that they had previously “bought them a year with one tweet” from Donald Trump. About "parachuting in Idlib" is out of the question, said Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Robert O'Brien:

The proposal that America should do something (in Idlib) ... I do not see any real arguments in this. What should we do to stop them? Should we be the world gendarme?

Quite unexpectedly, frankly, to hear this from the "world gendarme." All that Ankara can count on from Washington is a certain coordinated position of the USA and Turkey. Understanding this, President Erdogan began an active transfer of his troops to the war zone in northern Syria. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, since the beginning of the month, more than one and a half thousand trucks from Idlib have visited technique and tanks. According to the tanks, there is information that the Turks have already brought them over 70. In addition to them, other armored vehicles, artillery, missile launchers, as well as about 9 thousand military personnel, including special forces, have been deployed.

The strength is very serious locally. Ankara demonstrates that it is ready to fight with anyone. There are calls in the Turkish media to “push the Russians back to Damascus”. But why take the risk of a direct clash with Russia?

The anti-terrorist operation carried out by the Allies threatened the “territorial acquisitions” of Ankara in northern Syria, which it received during the Shield of the Euphrates and the Olive Branch. Former military adviser Metin Gurjan believes that after stripping Idlib, the Syrians and Russians can already go to Afrin, which was recaptured by the Turks from the Kurds. Ankara’s loss of control over the border regions devalues ​​all its previous achievements in the fight against the “Kurdish threat”.

In addition, Ankara faced the most serious problem of Syrian refugees. Turkey now cannot "digest" and arrange millions of disadvantaged people. The most rational solution for her would be to create an enclave in Syria, where she would be able to dump the flows of these unwanted migrants, as well as militants, to whom the Syrian law enforcement officers have questions.

Of course, the presence of such an enclave cannot suit Damascus, but Turkey’s objective interests lead to the fact that it will be ready to fight for it to the end.
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  1. Port Offline Port
    Port 12 February 2020 13: 39
    What should we do to stop them?

    Leave from a foreign land, I will pick up a little-hello, while there is a chance.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 12 February 2020 17: 53
    It got to the point that Turkey turned to NATO for military assistance. True, the result was discouraging.

    I doubt that Erdogan was counting on a different answer, this case does not fall under the scope of the collective security treaty, if the sultan already considers Idlib a Turkish province. Rather, it is an imitation of violent activity, they say, I did my best fellow to help our brothers, dying under Russian bombs, but not giving up and dying in an unequal battle with the punishers of the dictator of the ophthalmologist. crying But, sorry, I can not do anything. request

    In addition, Ankara faced the most serious problem of Syrian refugees. Turkey now cannot "digest" and arrange millions of disadvantaged people.

    Before the opening of the tourist season, destitute bearded orphans can be accommodated in empty hotels, and then you can live on the street, tea, not Siberia, and the weather allows it. Dear Russians, welcome to the best resorts of Antalya, good just don’t be sick, but there’s a chance to be in a pleasant company, in the next bunk with the unfinished bombs of our air forces, the implacable warriors of jihad. smile
  3. bobba94 Offline bobba94
    bobba94 (Vladimir) 12 February 2020 20: 10
    Here is an interesting situation. When the war broke out in Syria, more than 3 million Syrians fled to Turkey. Over the 7 years of their stay in Turkey, they gave birth to children, approximately 500 thousand. In total, there are now 4 million refugees in Turkey ... to feed, water, treat, employ everyone .... a full paragraph. This is about 7,5 million people suddenly rushing into Russia from abroad. Not gradually and in an organized manner, like our labor migrants, but immediately 7,5 million. They already got the Turks and they decided to create a kind of enclave in Idlib and take out the Syrians who are there. These are not hahanki, not some Erdoогan hops, this is a serious problem for Turkey and this should be taken into account.
    1. GRF Offline GRF
      GRF 13 February 2020 11: 34
      And what prevents Erdogan from discussing this problem with refugees with Assad and returning civilians to areas freed from terrorists?
      Why does he send peaceful people to where sooner or later, but they will shoot?
      This is Erdogan’s jump, but pride, in my opinion, and, as a result, clouding from it, is quick and easy - it cannot be cured ...
  4. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 14 February 2020 11: 22
    Do we need to be afraid of the end of Turkey? Or maybe to help the Kurds, since Turkey declared war on us? They stand each other, let them clash.