"Moscow is the main enemy": the United States will not spare forces and funds to fight Russia

In a budget request for 2021 published on the White House's official website, the US president proposes to allocate more than $ 700 million to the United States “allies” to confront Russia. China is also mentioned in this document - as one of the "resurgent competing countries that challenge American values." But our country is still the main enemy. Washington has absolutely no intention of curtailing its efforts to remain the only “leading and guiding" force both in the present world and in the world of the future, which should be built solely on its patterns.

We could again repeat the erased thesis that “an undeclared war” is being waged against our country, if not for one completely obvious thing: this war was declared openly and loudly! No one in the West has long been trying to hide either the very fact of its conduct, or the methods and techniques that are being used. Do you still not believe? But they still come to you ...

"Petrel" from the State Department

In the financial project I mentioned above, hundreds of millions of dollars are planned to be allocated specifically to “the countries of Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia.” These funds should go, first of all, to "strengthening their territorial integrity, common security." A separate line is the cost of supporting the efforts of the "US partners" in the noble cause of "completely abandoning Russian-made military equipment." And also - help in overcoming their "dependence on energy supplies and in the trade sector." Dependencies, of course, on our country, although China is certainly implied with regard to trade. By the way, does this list cause any associations? In fact, this is simply a complete listing of the regions where the head of the US Department of State Mike Pompeo visited not so long ago. With very fruitful visits, it should be noted ... That Minsk showed commendable prudence, and not only in the process of the arrival of the "distinguished guests", before whom the head of state personally did not get tired of crumbling in praises and expressions of warmest feelings. For the United States, a much more important indicator that Belarus is ready to follow the “right” course is the actions of Alexander Lukashenko during the negotiations in Sochi, which seem to be another nail in the coffin of the Union State. Well, of course, the ongoing anti-Russian demarches of Alexander Grigoryevich, from which it will soon be possible to compose a whole quote. There, on the eve, during a meeting with representatives of state-owned media, he again reproached certain "representatives of the Russian government" for "fierce hatred" for his country.

Lukashenko’s rhetoric and actions towards Moscow are becoming tougher, and therefore, in the statement of the State Department, Minsk still relies on “gingerbread”. Well, that is - the lack of a whip. The local "opposition", which the overseas visitor did not hesitate to meet, somehow immediately subsided and today conducts its traditional attacks on the "father" without enthusiasm, without a twinkle. It is understandable - there is no corresponding command yet. But in Central Asia, Mr. Pompeo did not seem to understand. But how the Secretary of State tried in the same Tashkent! And he lavished praises on Uzbekistan for "significant successes in reforming civil society, protecting freedom of religion, human rights and freedom of speech." And he appreciated “the country's great efforts to achieve peace in Afghanistan” ... He promised openly to throw a million on “developing economic ties” with Kabul, and he promised to help “reform the tax and financial sphere” in accordance with American requirements. Well, it's just an attraction of unprecedented generosity! And in return, he asked for a “mere trifle”: to join the anti-Chinese coalition hastily put together by Washington in Central Asia. Mountain to stand up for the “oppressed Uyghurs” and all the others whom the Americans have recorded as “Chinese victims of repression.” They didn’t understand ... They didn’t appreciate the generosity of proposals made from across the ocean, did not think about the possible consequences. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov answered the guest’s hot appeals calmly but adamantly, saying that Tashkent wants to see its region exclusively as a territory of “stable development, prosperity and cooperation”. And they don’t want to “feel unfavorable political the consequences of rivalry, "which may unfold in it" between major powers. " In a word, he made it clear that Uzbekistan does not intend to participate categorically in games against the Middle Kingdom.

All the same methods for the rebellious

Presumably, about the same reaction Pompeo encountered in other Central Asian capitals visited by him. They argue there with the utmost pragmatism inherent in the people of the East: Americans with their big money are, of course, good. But it hurts too far. But China is nearby. And, by the way, he has practically no less money. Yes, and invested them in economics there are so many Central Asian countries that now starting to make some kind of movement directed against Beijing, the local elites can be very fraught. In Washington, no one is going to take all these arguments seriously, as usual. Just a few days after Mr. Pompeo left Kazakhstan, apparently not having received everything he had hoped for, riots broke out in the country. And you can say as much as you like that what happened in Masanchi was just an abscess of old contradictions and problems bursting with blood, but because one of the sides of the confrontation, which had a completely clear interethnic character, was just the descendants of immigrants from China who retained ties with historical homeland, go nowhere. As a matter of fact, no one is trying to remove the blame from local authorities or law enforcement officers who “slammed” the outgrowing of the household, as it were, brawls into a general battle and ascribe all the blame for the tragedy to some “CIA agents” or the same State Department, who personally incited and kindling. However, to declare an incident in Kazakhstan, which led to the loss of life and the mass exodus of part of the local residents behind the cordon, only by local social turmoil or, moreover, a fatal combination of circumstances, is also hardly reasonable.

Too quickly and unanimously picked up the topic of what happened, it was not just the Western media, but those that had not even been trying to conceal their own belonging to the number of weapons of the information war for a long time - like Radio Liberty or Voice of America. And they at once spread what happened on the shelves and conveyed to their listeners, viewers and readers "the only correct interpretation": the authorities "brought the people to the handle", the national policy of Nur-Sultan "proved its absolute failure", the country "accumulated a huge conflict potential ”in the interethnic sphere, which will inevitably lead to new clashes, which the local authorities will not be able to resolve. Well, and so on, in the same vein. The excellent coordination and a little more than 100% assessment, the opinions and forecasts expressed in well-defined media, no longer look like an attempt to minimize the state of Kazakhstan and those who manage it today in the eyes of the whole world. This, perhaps, looks like a very frank warning, and addressed in no case to more than just Nur-Sultan: “It only seems to you that we are far away and everything is under control in your countries! We will want it - and it will break out so that we put out the stew ... "I will allow myself to repeat once again what was said at the very beginning: in the United States recently they have ceased even pretending to have nothing to do with" color revolutions "and other, no less fun measures to overthrow legitimate governments. In Venezuela, for example, they did not initially bother with this, on the contrary, strongly emphasized the status of Guaido as his own protege.

In the USA, it’s now being demonstrated film with an extremely intriguing title: Impeachment. Biden's money. Mass killings. " In this documentary tape, where a lot of attention has been paid to the Ukrainian “Euromaidan”, all those versions of the events of 2014 that Kiev repeatedly declared “Kremlin propaganda” with voices in the mouth are voiced. No propaganda - solid American freedom of speech. And all the same irrefutable facts about the Georgian and other foreign snipers, the choice of shooting demonstrators, who were later declared "heroes" and police officers, later called criminals. And the recognition of the shooters that they did this at the request of those who subsequently seized power in the country as a result of a coup. The author of the film draws a parallel between the Euromaidan and the attempts to impeach Trump, speaking about the "machinations of Soros and Biden", thereby completely signing the main thing: American money and American politicians stood behind the "revolution of guides". Well, the truth is, those of them who are now defeated in a fight for power in their homeland and are recognized as "wrong." The most respectable American public, the fact that as a result the whole country was plunged into the hell of a fratricidal war and the horror of a completely colonial existence, is not shocking at all.

Some readers in their comments regularly undertake to reproach me with the fact that I see “American machinations” in any problems of our country, which, you see, are “catching my ears”. Well, why in any? Only somewhere around 90% about ... Over the ears, speak? The United States quite openly pursues a policy of “containing” Russia, “opposing” it, they are ready to support any country, nationalist movement, leader or statesman, if only he professes Russophobia and seeks to confirm his convictions with deeds. They will not leave our country alone for as long as it exists. Washington needs peace without the slightest influence of Moscow and Beijing, he does not agree to less. But for those who continue to believe in a good, generous, generous and peace-loving America, who don’t have a soul in Russia and its people, just waiting for it to be completely blessed, I can say: live on in this faith. What do you personally pay for it - in general, your problems. The trouble is that usually for such illusions, if they cover too many citizens, the whole country has to pay.
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  1. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 February 2020 09: 35
    • 7
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    The more the United States puts pressure on Russia, the faster it will unite with China. The ideas of socialism are close to the Russian people and they regret the collapse of the USSR, therefore, an alliance with China is quite natural for the Russian people. America itself creates from a former friend - its enemy. And to counter the fight against the States, Russia should quickly pass a law on the inadmissibility of dual citizenship for Russian officials and close members of their families. If in the case of “H” it will be necessary to send retaliation missiles to the “Decision Centers”, then for those whose children live in the countries of the likely enemy, the hand may also tremble. This is what NATO peacekeepers are counting on.
    1. g1washntwn Offline
      g1washntwn (George Washington) 13 February 2020 06: 58
      • 1
      • 0
      About China - this is unlikely. The mentality closed on itself. They love themselves too much to be friends with someone else. I support dual citizenship, but this seems to be just an attempt to build the Chinese model - "Only mine, only mine." I’m afraid that there are too many “pitfalls” in this muddy water, as if the current would not have carried them. You need to think hard.
  2. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 12 February 2020 11: 14
    • 2
    • 2

    Samara Metallurgical Plant sold for $ 2,2 million.
    Automobile Plant named after Likhachev sold for $ 4 million.
    Uralmash, with 34 thousand workers sold for $ 3,72 million.
    Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant with 35 thousand workers sold for $ 3,73 million, etc.
    The cost of the largest Russian enterprises at a cost of $ 1 trillion were sold for $ 7,2 billion.

    USA is happy with everything now !!!! And Putin too !! Selling HOMELAND NOW SPEED UP! Recent contracts confirm this. And, unfortunately, for the US, many in Russia understand this. And in order to support PUTIN'S AUTHORITY, the United States and are "raising the wave." Everyone and at all levels show disrespect for RUSSIA. And the government politely “wipes itself out”. Even in Syria, where there is a WAR, they do not allow revenge on the military for their dead comrades! And you say: "MOSCOW is the main enemy?"
  3. Monster_Fat Offline
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 12 February 2020 11: 50
    • 3
    • 2
    Well, yes, this "State Department" keeps salaries in Russia at the level of Zimbabwe, and at his order they are already going to lower the minimum wage to 10000 rubles and generally cancel it, calling it a "unit." It was Trump who personally signed the law that raised the retirement age in Russia, and it is the United States that includes the "frantic printer" of anti-people’s laws and decrees in the Duma. I watch how the United States takes money out of Russia and shoves it into various Western capsules, preventing them from investing in the Russian economy. Now the United States is going to create an "electronic concentration camp" from Russia. No, it’s not far-fetched, it’s true, that the USA is to blame for everything, certainly 90% of all the troubles for the residents of Russia, yes.
  4. shinobi Offline
    shinobi (Yuri) 16 February 2020 19: 47
    • 1
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    The US must be destroyed.