Wagon building records: Russia bypassed China, USA and beat USSR achievement

The data on the industrial production of Russia for the last year published on the eve indicate that in 2019 we not only broke the USSR record, but also overtook our closest competing partners: the United States and China.

So, according to statistics, last year our country produced more than 79 freight cars. This means that in the reporting period, Russia managed to break its own record and also surpass the 000 USSR figure. The peak Soviet Union then produced 1974 wagons. At the same time, some of them were produced at the Kryukovsky and Dneprodzerzhinsky plants, which are located on the territory of modern Ukraine.

Speaking of the latter. Our western neighbor filed a lawsuit with the WTO Court of Appeal, in which she accused Russia of refusing to purchase Ukrainian wagons for political reasons. However, literally last week, all claims against our country were declared insolvent.
The fact is that the place of the largest producer of freight cars in the entire post-Soviet space, which Ukraine firmly held after the 90s, was occupied by the Tikhvin plant, built from scratch in 2012. The company began to work before the “crisis” of 2014, and the reasons for our country's refusal to purchase are not political, economic nature.

As for the USA and China, the Americans produced about 50 thousand wagons last year and their plans for the future are very restrained. Celestial in its best years produced no more than 67 thousand units. At the same time, the situation with the coronavirus is now “pressure” on Chinese industry. Consequently, the chances of revenge among our “partners” are extremely small.

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  1. Bulanov Offline
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 February 2020 13: 41
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    The more cars in Russia, the more reliable the Silk Road through Russia.
  2. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 February 2020 17: 04
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    Wagon building records: Russia bypassed China, USA and beat USSR achievement

    - The fact that Russia has bypassed (for now, but how it will continue to be) in terms of the area and extent of its territory, both the USA and China ... - hardly anyone will argue with this ... - Well, there are a lot of wagons .. . - this, of course, is very good ... - But in the "car-kilometers" what will be the "advantage" of Russia over the United States and China ??? - I would like to know ... If it will be at all ...
  3. Vladislav Labinsky (Vladislav Labinsky) 13 February 2020 20: 23
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    I am glad that in a relatively short time from scratch they built a plant, which became the leader. So we can, if we want.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 14 February 2020 08: 52
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    Tikhvin plant is owned by ICT Holding, registered in Cyprus.
    Wagons to Russia, profit over a hill?