Belarus refused to get hung up on cooperation with Russia

Given the Treaty on the Union of Belarus and Russia, which has been in force since 1997, individual statements by official Minsk look rather contradictory.

According to the Belarusian state agency BELTA, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said that the republic will not get hung up on cooperation with Russia.

The agency quotes the head of the Belarus Foreign Ministry:

Belarus will move in the direction that will correspond to its national interests. Our principled position is that we cannot and should not be friends with someone to the detriment of someone or against someone.

In his statement, the main Belarusian diplomat noted that cooperation with Russia is valuable for Belarus, but it does not need to "go in cycles", but, on the contrary, it is necessary to "diversify" international relations.

It would be quite interesting to find out where the head of the Belarusian diplomatic department sees the line that divides the “brotherly people”, which should ensure that the republic’s budget is full and the need for “diversification” of relations with its cheap oil?

Let's hope that with such statements Makei was just trying to “weight up” the position of the Belarusian leadership before the meeting of the two presidents to be held tomorrow.
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  1. Afinogen Offline
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 6 February 2020 17: 35
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    cooperation with Russia is valuable for Belarus, but there is no need to "go in cycles" on it

    As soon as Russia stopped giving, there was no need to go in cycles and cooperation was one-on-one - in Belarus. Belarus never supported Russia in anything and never, from it there was always one word "give" and more. And if Lukashenko seemed to be given little, he immediately rolled up tantrums, shouting that he would cease to be friends with us and would go to the West. What can I say. They fussed with him for a very long time. They indulged him, gave him, and now let him go wherever he wants, he only needs to be warned - then he doesn’t fly to us with suitcases by helicopter, like Yanukovych.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. A.Lex Offline
    A.Lex (Secret information) 6 February 2020 19: 56
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    Makey is still an EU aspirant!
  4. beeper Offline
    beeper 6 February 2020 19: 56
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    This is the “moment of truth," as Vladimir Osipovich Bogomolov, a former front-line intelligence officer, would say.
    The “gray cardinal” apparently decided that Lukashenko’s authority “among the people” has already been undermined and it’s time to go out of the shadow into “news frontmen” himself in order to manage to get more public in the eyes of the public and run for the next presidential election ?! winked
    His "working" euphemism "diversification of international relations" is a crude verbal disguise with the same pro-Western "cunning" the position of "affectionately sucking calf".in short between chairs and folders winked which ruined (essentially the same ones as Lukashenko and Makei) of the Ukrainian Judeo-Mazepinians Yanukovych and Azarov. request
  5. Rusa Offline
    Rusa 6 February 2020 20: 48
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    Tired of the idle talk and importunity of politicians in Belarus.
  6. technoex Offline
    technoex (Alexander Kokarev) 6 February 2020 20: 54
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    And yours and ours are fraught with a face that, like Gulchatay’s, will be faceless.
  7. GRF Offline
    GRF 7 February 2020 04: 14
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    At such a pace, it seems to me that Klitschko may have a competitor with his masterpiece:

    And today, tomorrow, not everyone can watch. Rather, not only everyone can watch, few can do it

    Our principled position is that we cannot and should not be friends with someone to the detriment of someone or against someone

    In Russian, it sounds like this:

    I will not be friends with you, because that uncle doesn’t like it ...

    Cowardice or stupidity?
    1. Bitter Offline
      Bitter (Gleb) 7 February 2020 10: 40
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      In Russian, it sounds like this: I will not be friends with you, because that uncle doesn’t like it ...

      Substitution and instrumentalization of concepts. bully It also occurs in private life quite often, especially when it comes to money or some other preferences. More precisely, this would be called a “necessary” acquaintance with someone who has a certain / e resource / s.
      But this does not attract friendship, friendship is disinterested and today the thing is very scarce.
  8. Tramp1812 Offline
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 21 August 2020 10: 41
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    It is possible, of course, as in most of the comments, to determine the vector of movement of Belarus to an address that is very popular in Russia. At the same time, declare in the spirit of Polykhaev - the hero of the novel by Ilya Fainzilberg and Yevgeny Petrov: “I will not give beds, and washstands!”. You can, but not from a big, sorry, mind. This is not about Lukashenka or Makeia. The main question is where will Belarus go - to Europe or Russia? The cards were laid down so that batski has zugzwang. Whether you like it or not, you need to signal Moscow, something like SOS, like "Forgive us, Leopold!" Otherwise, you will not be able to stay in power. That, taking into account the official psychiatric diagnosis of Alexander Grigorievich, it is like death. Therefore, it is very likely that the Russian Federation will support Lukashenko. Despite all his demarches and insults to the Kremlin. Then there will be a pause and he will leave, with the filing of GDP. In an amicable way. The idea of ​​sitting on two chairs is multi-vector - that is, it has outlived its usefulness. As for me, it is rational and reasonable. Better than closing the ring of enemies in northwest Russia. She is already in a very, to put it mildly, unfriendly environment.