With the dollar, but without God: what did the US attempt to “shut up” the believers

On all banknotes printed in the United States - from one dollar to a hundred, the pathos inscription flaunts: "In God We Trust." That is - "We trust in God." Is it possible on this basis to consider Americans exclusively religious people, and their state - built on high principles of Christian ethics and morality? A moot point. I remember that on the buckles of belts that came to our land in 1941, monsters were also knocked out: “God is with us” ... Nevertheless, at the official level, Christianity and, above all, its denomination like Catholicism, was always considered the main religion of citizens USA. That was until recently.

Atheists advance and win

For a long time, statements like: “The United States are a phenomenon in the form of both a religious and highly developed country” and “Americans, for the most part, are very religious people,” ceased to be true. According to the most relevant data, which, incidentally, have changed very rapidly in recent years, the number of US citizens who, at least, do not associate with any religion, or even completely deny the existence of God, as such, is growing at a fantastic rate . Judge for yourself: if in 2009 15% of Americans declared lack of faith in sociologists, then in 2012 it was already 20%. Now the number of unbelievers has exceeded 23% of the population, thereby exceeding the number of Catholics and Evangelical Christians, who have always been one of the most common denominations in the United States. There is nothing to be surprised at. I’ll give you a far from complete list of organizations whose members consider it their duty and the main goal of their own life to “rid the citizens of religious dope”: Freedom From Religion Foundation, “United States for Separation of the Church from the State” (Americans United for Separation of Church and State), the National Center for Science Education, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and so on. However, at the top of this impressive, godless “pyramid” is the most important stronghold of unbelief - the American Atheists NGO. Her activities should be discussed in more detail.

It was founded back in 1963, when unbelief in the United States was not very welcome. At the origins of the organization was more than a kind of lady named Madeline Murray O'Hara. Later, her son, John Garth Murray, joined the cause, with the school problems of which everything, in fact, began. The lawsuits of the Murray family, which reached the United States Supreme Court, led to the fact that prayers were forbidden in the public schools there, and Bible study was found to be contrary to the Constitution. However, this was not enough for them, and they vowed to "completely expel God from the public life of America", declaring the Holy Scripture "a book full of lies and hatred." What happened afterwards can serve as a perfect illustration for the proverb “God marks the assault”. In 1995, Madeline Murray, her son and granddaughter were abducted and brutally murdered. This was not done at all by the "militant clerics" whom the "American atheists" accused of all conceivable and unimaginable sins. The crime was committed by one of the former leaders of the organization, in the past - an inveterate felon, on which, as they say, there was no place to put the stigma. Generally speaking, to the Murray and their “office” the most selective scum was sticky ... Being caught stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the organization’s “charity” accounts, this scumbag escaped with a slight fright, but firmly decided to reckon with the former “chef’s”, who , as he knew for sure, she managed to stash millions drawn from gullible followers - in the form of gold and on the accounts of foreign banks. The funny thing is that it was not the members of the American Atheists who rushed to search for the missing, but another Madeline's son, whom she had publicly and cursed at one time renounced for converting to Christianity. Found already dead ...

It would seem more than an instructive story. Nevertheless, she taught nothing to anyone, as is usually the case. The movement of atheism in the United States is expanding and gaining in strength, and its adherents, like the followers of any such movement, are behaving to the extreme snappy and aggressive. Either they will establish somewhere a “monument to atheism”, on which the most shocking (from their point of view) quotes taken out of the Old Testament context will be knocked out, then they will fall upon the judges demanding that they refuse to take the oath on the Bible. In this case, to sue herself, “making claims” for millions of dollars, this audience really adores. The same Religious Freedom Foundation appealed the decision of the Pennsylvania authorities to proclaim 2012 the “Year of the Bible,” calling for it to be canceled on the grounds that it “infringes on the rights of believers of other faiths,” and also because the scripture allegedly “contains violent, sexist and racist patterns of behavior. ” It should be noted that in their indefatigable struggle the United States joins the "professional atheists" as the most diverse "human rights organizations", who are ready to tear their skin alive from anyone who seems to them "intolerant," as well as the followers of many bizarre and eerie sects that the country simply crowded. It will not be amiss to recall that the United States is almost the only country where the official and very large “Church of Satan” operates. These, of course, “are fighting the dominance of Christianity” in the very front ranks ... It’s not difficult to guess what all this leads to.

The bitter fruits of "enlightenment"

I won’t say anything for sure - as a believer, I have my own point of view on this issue, which I will not refuse under any circumstances, but which I do not intend to impose on anyone. I just want to give examples of the processes that are in full swing in American society, let’s say so ... in parallel with his rejection of religion, which is becoming increasingly widespread. From 150 to 200 people die every day from overdoses in the United States. This figure exceeds the mortality rate from road accidents and gunshot wounds, which are, truly, the scourge of this country. American drug addiction is twofold - from 100 to 200 thousand local residents per year die not from the "dose" bought and the "pusher" in the dark alley, but because of the pills that were completely legally prescribed by the doctors. Nevertheless, criminal anesthesia is also “on the rise” - only from 2002 to 2013, heroin use in the United States increased by more than 60%. Generally speaking, according to the UN, the United States is the country with the largest number of drug addicts in the world, reaching about 30 million people. A couple of details - this is only about registered drug addicts. The age of such is estimated from 12 years ... With the "green serpent" the situation is even worse. Here the statistics from different sources is very different - someone claims that 13-15 million adult residents of the country can safely be recorded in alcoholics, someone says generally about 15% of the US population who can’t live without a bottle, and about a third Americans "having a drink problem." Again, American alcoholism, like drug use, is getting younger every year.

The number of massacres in the United States (with the number of victims of 4 or more) last year set a terrible record, amounting to 41 cases. The death toll in them exceeded two hundred. Generally speaking, the murders of their fellow citizens, especially with the use of firearms, in recent years have acquired the character of an epidemic there. The number of “school executions” is growing at an alarming rate — cases where adolescents and children who have armed to the teeth are slaughtering their fellow practitioners and teachers. With suicide - about the same picture. According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, from 1999 to 2016, the average suicide rate in the country increased by more than 33%. There are states where the rate is even higher. A 30-year “record” in this area was set in the country back in 2014. By the way, which is typical, almost at the highest rate, the number of suicides among US Army personnel is growing. And here we can deny the relationship between the onset of militant atheism and the number of those who voluntarily take their own lives, either a blind man or a liar. In practice, any of the world's religions denies suicide and considers it a terrible sin. For atheists, of course, there are no bans ... There is no need to talk about such things as the total distribution of pornography, debauchery, the most diverse perversions in the USA. Last year, I remember, the local mass media vied with each other in praise of a “wonderful act” by a certain Cecil Elage, who was carrying out and giving birth to a child from ... her own son. Thus, she made happy the “family couple” of sodomites, one of which was just her offspring, who decided to acquire offspring. Further, in my opinion, there is nowhere to go.

With all this, the country is subjected to natural persecution of clergymen of traditional faiths. For this, as a rule, the mechanism of accusation of “harassment” or, speaking humanly, of harassment, is used to the utmost by American lawyers, who have earned hundreds of millions. Any more or less dubious case in which the priest appears immediately swells up to heaven, is picked up by the press and the "indignant public", turning into an occasion for extremely broad generalizations and accusations. In particular, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church are often subjected to such attacks, which the American "zealots of morality" pursue with the same manic perseverance. Last year, again, in Texas, they handcuffed Herold Langsh, a Catholic priest 75 (!) Years old. The lady, who herself called him for communion, preparing to leave this mortal world, charged the father with “sexual harassment” because he allegedly “touched her breast”, sprinkling with Holy water. By the way, the woman changed her mind after dying - now she intends to sue the church, which suggests that we are dealing with a pre-thought out and planned dirty farce, aimed at “tearing” money as compensation and discrediting another Catholic community. The most interesting thing is that when really disgusting things happen in organizations that are not connected with religion in any way, it is considered completely normal to suppress them in the United States. Pedophile scandals that took place in the midst of the scouts there (well, well - one of the American characters!) Have been covered for decades.

For all the above, Washington speculates in religious affairs in its actions on the international stage no less willingly and intensively than with the same “protection of sexual minorities”. This is especially true for representatives of the US Democratic Party, for whom militant secularism has long become a "brand name" as in the domestic policyboth in the external. Trying to turn the whole world against China for allegedly "illegal persecution of Muslims," ​​US authorities are rudely and intrusively trying to "shut up" the Vatican, which seeks to protect Catholics who are actually being persecuted in India. Everything is natural: the Celestial Empire is a geopolitical adversary, while India is a potential partner (and, by the way, a counterbalance in the region to Beijing), and the corresponding attitude. There is no need to talk about the constant attempts of the State Department and the White House to get into the affairs of Orthodoxy. The USA is ready to defend the “rights” of sectarians in Russia with foam at the mouth, but at the same time they do not “notice” the oppression of believers of the canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine on the sole ground that it belongs to the Moscow Patriarchate. There is no doubt that the church schism, carried out with a direct aim to start a religious war, first in Ukraine, and then in as many other countries of the Orthodox world as possible, is consistently implemented by a special project. This is not surprising - they treat with irreconcilable hostility and hatred any church that professes a true faith in God, whose name in the USA remains, in fact, only on dollar bills.
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  1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 6 February 2020 14: 04
    Everything, as always, with the author, is far-fetched.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 7 February 2020 08: 49
    In general, while the Orthodox hierarchies divide the loot, the vigilant Neukropny A. once again exposed America in unbelief and atheism. How is everything, everything is bad.

  3. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 7 February 2020 11: 12
    The commandments interfere with living for their own pleasure, that is, they do not meet their national interests. How not to rob? Why don't "love" and "don't steal"? On this they do not agree. Profits will fall if you live like a human, and not on animal reflexes.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 8 February 2020 06: 06
    Religion and Faith in the Creator of All That Is are not one and the same. From this follows a simple solution to the eternal dispute of science and religion. Science studies its laws and creations, religion tries to understand his intent! And both of them have nothing to do with Faith! Atheism from this perspective is just another religion. From this point of view, the state should be based on general laws, in a generalized sense, both for science and for the conductor of religion / religions, the church. At the same time, both of them should be separated from government, otherwise this will be reversed.
  6. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 15 February 2020 19: 49
    Nevertheless, at the official level, Christianity, and, above all, its denomination such as Catholicism, has always been considered the main religion of US citizens.
    Strange, there are twice as many Catholics as Protestants. Kennedy was the only Catholic president.
    Not religious in the USA and the Russian Federation about the same, the number of drug addicts, too, more murders in the Russian Federation. What the article is written for is incomprehensible.