Voice of America: Kurds Separate Russian and US Military in Syria

On February 4, 2020, a message came again from northern Syria that the US military blocked the movement of a patrol of the Russian military police in the area of ​​the city of Tel Tamr (Hasake province). So the Americans are trying to prevent the Russians from oil fields located in the north-east of the country. By the way, now the US military is illegally at 11 strong points in Syria.

It should be recalled that before this, on January 31, 2020, Voice of America radio station distributed information (from the words of “bold” Kurds) that it turned out that relations between the Russian and American military had been clarified the previous time the road was blocked (January 18, 2020 ) The Kurds then, even supposedly had to separate the armed Russians and Americans, after which this "sensation" overgrown with even greater "details". The verbal skirmish allegedly turned into a brawl, but then the Kurds acted as intermediaries.

The radio station enthusiastically described how courageous Kurds (who had previously escaped from the Turks behind the backs of Russians and Americans) participated in the "episode of the confrontation between the military of the two world powers." However, it is hard to say who this low-grade stuffing is designed for. After all, the video from the scene speaks for itself.

I must add that on the roads of Syria is really not calm. After all, American roadblocks are located along the M-4 highway in northern Syria. And this transport artery is precisely used by the Russian Air Force for patrolling. It’s just that the Russians do not touch the Americans, and those, from “partnering” considerations, make hype to the Western media every time the Russians are deployed.

It remains to wait for the appearance of the Syrian grenade launchers and this will immediately stop, just the SAA is now very busy with the “barmales” near Idlib and Aleppo. So for some time now, the Americans will really prevent the Russian air force from reaching the oil fields in northeast Syria.
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  1. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 4 February 2020 22: 18
    It’s just that the Russians do not touch the Americans, and those, from “partnering” considerations, make hype to the Western media every time the Russians are deployed.

    A small clarification - simply the Russians do not attack (do not dare to attack) the Americans who are not allowed to go to the right place.
    But Americans do not like similar checkpoints either. Again - they are not solved.
    So it’s not a matter of hype, but the one who is cooler in fact acts more boldly. Without pouting cheeks ..
    1. GRF Offline GRF
      GRF 5 February 2020 04: 54
      Well, the aggressor always acts bolder at first, this is not a matter of hype, it is a historical fact.
      And the cheeks are deflated, so this is because the last time they used everything for acceleration, when they scrambled from "their own" ... and how cool it was, the United States is bombing its property so that others would not get it! Now they write that they dig in better ... heh heh heh, how can you save a smell if it is dumb, but I apologize, here in his speech MN Zadornov suggests that they are saving the most precious thing they have.
  2. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 5 February 2020 08: 04
    Americans are just parasitic on the Kurdish issue. And the presence of parasites in the body never added health, the sooner this is explained to the Kurds, the faster the withdrawal of Americans from the ATS will begin.
  3. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 5 February 2020 08: 38
    It’s not in the traditions of Russia of all times to spoil someone and arrange provocations, which the Anglo-Saxons are very happy about. Evidence of this in the story above the roof. It is enough to recall the readiness of the allies - the United States and England - to deliver a nuclear strike on the USSR in 1945. That is why we differ from democracies with their eternal interests.
  4. Port Offline Port
    Port 5 February 2020 11: 09
    Quote: UpperMost
    boldly acts one who is cooler in fact.

    In fact mattress, in Syria, the invaders.