Americans showed a cool hoverboard for the military

Who does not know the famous hoverboard Marty McFly from the movie "Back to the Future". Of course until of technologies antigravity is still far away, but humanity is attempting to create devices of a similar concept.

Not so long ago, the automotive giant Lexus introduced its "flying board", but to use it, under you should be a metal floor with powerful magnets under it. Magnets are also mounted in the board itself. In Barcelona, ​​specially for such "hoverboards" even created a special skate park. However, the device was never received in mass sales.

The other day in the United States showed a new version of such devices. The prototype is called "EZ Fly Turbojet Hoverboard". The mover is a jet stream, which in turn assumes the presence of a jet engine.

Judging by the frames, the concept is quite easy to manage and is able to move at a decent speed.

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