The loss of two sides in a week: who made the "air fall" of the US Air Force?

The US Air Force continues to pursue failure. On January 27, a specialized communications aircraft Bombardier E-11A crashed in Afghanistan. According to representatives of the Taliban, he was shot down by them, but the Pentagon refuses to recognize this fact. Two days later, the US military transport plane C-27J Spartan crashed in Iraq, all US troops on board were killed. Coincidence?

In fact, a coincidence cannot be ruled out. Washington has a lot of military equipment and participates simultaneously in several conflicts in different countries. Two such events could well overlap one another in time. However, there is something that connects both of these incidents.

Of course, we are talking about the deceased Iranian general Kassem Suleimani and the regional head of the CIA, Michael D'Andrea, who apparently was directly involved in his murder.

Michael D'Andrea is a professional American intelligence officer who entered the CIA in 1979. His activities took place in Africa, Egypt and Iraq. He has a lot of deaths on his conscience: he led a program of drone strikes against living targets in Yemen and Pakistan. Since 2017, D'Andrea has been in charge of the Iranian direction, so the organization of the assassination of Suleimani was in his competence.

The United States responded for the death of its legendary general on January 8 with missile strikes at the Ain al-Assad military base located in the Iraqi province of Anbar. It is noteworthy that the US military were warned in advance of impending retaliation and took refuge in a bunker. It was reported that no one was hurt, and President Trump spoke out in the spirit that the US Armed Forces were stronger. A couple of weeks later, it turned out that in fact more than fifty soldiers were shell-shocked and received traumatic brain injuries.

It turns out that the Americans are lying, well, it’s necessary. Further even more interesting. According to available information, Michael D'Andrea himself could be on board the fallen Bombardier E-11A. The Taliban was the first to report that the plane was shot down, but in the United States they first tried to pass off the crash of a military communications plane as a crash of an ordinary passenger airliner. In the future, Washington acknowledged the deaths of pilots, but D'Andrea stubbornly remains silent about the fate of the head of the regional branch of the CIA.

And two days later, a military transport aircraft C-27J Spartan crashes in Iraq, some modifications of which can be used by the Central Intelligence Agency. What is even more remarkable, this happened near the very base of Ain al-Assad, which had previously been subjected to an Iranian missile attack. Coincidence?

Note that Tehran does not take on these losses. Which is quite reasonable if it is really his "long arm." If everything is as it seems, then we can draw the following conclusions.

Firstly, Iran has well-established intelligence if its intelligence services were able to "catch" not the least important "bump" in the CIA. Information could either leak from informants or be obtained through its own satellite constellation, which Tehran has, albeit not entirely “high-tech”. This allows you to deliver targeted strikes, which indicates serious progress in the missile program, as well as arrange a hunt for their offenders.

Secondly, Iran has a developed proxy network in neighboring countries through which it can create huge problems for its opponents. Ironically, it was General Suleymani who developed this network, who from the next world could indirectly get even with his killer.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 31 January 2020 13: 27
    If so, the American "airplane fall" will continue there ... "accidents are not accidental" ??! winked
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 31 January 2020 13: 52
    By the way, Russia has the right to rely on the gratitude of its Iranian colleagues - the first Sina-1 satellite was launched into orbit from the Russian Plesetsk cosmodrome in October 2005.

    Over the past decade, several more launches of research probes and communication satellites have been carried out, but Iran has failed to create its own constellation of spacecraft for telecommunications and monitoring the surface of the planet.

    I didn't even bother to look for a well-established intelligence service. Israel in Syria, Iranians are bombed as they want, and the generals were also killed there. But the "proxy network" - I agree with that. Any self-respecting state should have such a network, as well as intelligence.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 31 January 2020 15: 40
    The most appropriate expression in this case is "trouble does not come alone", I mean that it often happens that with a short time interval one catastrophe is followed by another. I did not specifically track this pattern, but when a plane crash occurs, it is always annoying, I wait for the next one, and often this happens, and then everything calms down for a long time. I think it is premature to look for a pattern in these two cases, there is no exact data on the reasons for the fall. Although the role of Iran (possible involvement) cannot be ruled out. The motive and the possibilities are there.
    1. Fedot yes not That 1 February 2020 21: 16
      I support ..... one accident or one accident in aviation, as a rule, the matter is not limited to, almost always one more, or even two or three.
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 2 February 2020 20: 06
        I support ..... one accident or one accident in aviation, as a rule, the matter is not limited to, almost always one more, or even two or three.

        You are absolutely right, something like this happens, first one catastrophe, then within about 1-2 weeks, the tragedy repeats. There is some kind of mysticism in it. It is probably no coincidence that the pilots and astronauts are superstitious.
  4. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 1 February 2020 07: 33
    Quote: steel maker
    About a well-established intelligence, I did not even look. Israel in Syria bombed the Iranians as they want, and the generals were also killed there.

    It only says that Israel’s intelligence is even better and they’re not shy to give up because of direct US support.
  5. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) 1 February 2020 14: 39
    Here you go! And then some squeak that the S-300 has never been tested in a real battle. I did a good job, and the Iranians do not cry with a "mirror" answer, as some do, but right in the face. Comes well!