Huawei's 5G technology could embroil London and Washington

Britain’s desire to keep up with technological progress could be the cause of the diplomatic war of London and Washington.

According to the British edition of The Sunday Times, the desire of the British government to sign a contract with the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to develop a 5G network may become an apple of contention in relations between the allies.

The report notes that US President Donald Trump has already expressed his “fi” to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to the head of the White House, the deal "will become a serious threat to national security, will create a risk of a split in transatlantic relations and may overshadow the celebration on the occasion of Brexit, scheduled for next Friday."

At the same time, the American leader turned out to be quite prudent and suggested that the British Prime Minister “together create an alternative” to the proposal of Huawei.

However, the authorities of Misty Albion will not refuse logic: why spend time and money on the invention of a bicycle that the Chinese already have?

The decision regarding a deal with a Chinese company that has fallen under US sanctions will be considered by the British government next Thursday.

Given that there is no consensus on this issue in the UK government itself, the British publication predicts that Huawei will become the "Chinese virus next week."
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  1. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 26 January 2020 17: 28
    Anglo-Saxons have reached the Chinese 5G, here you have a technologically advanced power. And after all, the States are dissatisfied, but they cannot offer an analogue ... I remember that Ukrainian sea wolves were dissatisfied, overseas allies gave them boats, and there were Russian-made navigation. Now, probably, sextant and compass are pleased to swim.
    And in the British Parliament and the palace of their Majesty there is a security system from a gas station country.

    But everyone knows that only oil and gas can be sold in our country, and the Chinese are forging everything, not like fair-faced demigods who are at the peak of technological progress.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 27 January 2020 09: 17
    They can, they can’t - it's all indefatigable fantasies .... How many of these fantasies have already been, and zilch ....