Doomsday of humanity has become closer

The hands of the Doomsday symbolic clock, created in 1947 by experts from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and reflecting the level of danger to humanity, moved another 20 seconds ahead.

Now the clock hands show the time 23:58:20, which, according to activists, is a record approximation of humanity to the beginning of the Day of Judgment, the beginning of which is midnight.

A statement by Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says that the situation with international security has become catastrophic, including because the leaders of the leading countries of the world have allowed to destroy political the infrastructure.

A statement by atomic scientists from Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists says:

Humanity continues to face two simultaneously existing dangers - nuclear war and climate change, the information war in cyberspace, which undermines the ability of society to respond. The international security situation is terrible, not only because these threats exist, but also because world leaders have allowed the destruction of international political infrastructure.

Former California Governor Jerry Brown, the organization’s executive chairman, said:

Dangerous rivalry and hostility among superpowers increase the likelihood of a nuclear error. Climate change only exacerbates the crisis. If you have time to wake up, now.
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    Port 24 January 2020 12: 40
    Maybe it is for the better, there is no place for the "exceptional" among humanity, all the more so before God all are equal.
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