Putin Defined Russia's Food Security Doctrine

A decree has been published on the official portal of legal information, by which the head of state approved the new Doctrine on Food Security of Russia.

As follows from the document, Russia's food security is a priority, and it should not depend on changes in external and internal factors.

One of the main tasks, the implementation of which will achieve the country's food security, is the excess of food exports over imports.

According to the data of the Federal Customs Service, food imports now exceed exports, but the situation is quite fixable: by the end of 2018, exports of food products and agricultural raw materials from Russia amounted to $ 24,921 billion, imports - 29,736 billion.

The document states that the priority should be to increase production, which will increase the volume of food exports from Russia.

Another important task in this area is to reduce the dependence of the country's agriculture and fisheries on imports. of technologies, machinery, equipment, as well as seeds of main crops and breeding products.

Recall that in May 2018, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on national goals and strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024, which includes an increase in the export of non-primary non-energy goods in 2024 to $ 250 billion per year, including agricultural products - up to 45 billion dollars.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 22 January 2020 13: 20
    It is necessary to expand the network of pedigree and seed stations throughout the country. And always remember that 7 fat years can be replaced by 7 - skinny. By the way, in the Crimea a dry summer is expected with a shortage of water. What to do about it? How will agriculture and tourism feel? So far, Ukraine does not want to open water to the North Crimean Canal, despite all the concessions for gas, pumping oil for 10 years and exporting electricity from Russia.
  2. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 22 January 2020 14: 50
    It can be seen that things are very bad in the "Danish kingdom" if the president has to determine the food security doctrine ... At this rate, he will soon start distributing food ration cards ...
    1. General Black Online General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 23 January 2020 20: 18
      No, "American", quite the opposite. This is not so-so in your "City on the Hill". Your Department of Defense is buying chicken legs from a country with a torn apart economy. It seems impossible to eat your own. African Americans are extremely unhappy. Here, your grace, you link:

  3. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 23 January 2020 09: 05
    That is, the population eats "E" and chicken scraps is not the main thing ...
    The main thing is everything for export.

    The priority should be to increase production, which will increase food exports from Russia.
  4. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 23 January 2020 11: 49
    And on industrial safety (not by night - IMPORT SUBSTITUTION) is silence ???
    But all this is very connected. In rural areas, fewer people. Basically, relatives come to the homes of their deceased parents and CUSTOMERS! Hope for farmers ... is illusory. Previously, according to the order of the district committee from any factories ... and now ???