The growth of gold reserves in Russia is more and more like preparing for war

On the eve it became known that Russia increased the gap in the amount of its gold reserve from its main rival in the person of China. Over the past year, an additional 159 tons of yellow metal were purchased, and now 2270,56 tons of gold are in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Our country is still in fifth place in the world in this indicator, having squeezed China on it two years ago. It is estimated that Beijing's gold reserve is 1948 tons. Ahead of us are France, Italy, Germany and the USA, respectively. Washington is still very far from Washington with its 8 tons. However, a long time ago rumor has itthat the real gold in Fort Knox may be much less than is commonly believed. There have not been revisions there for many decades, and manipulations in the precious metal market may well be explained by its secret sale.

Nevertheless, today Russia objectively appeared in the top five (four?) Rating of the largest gold holders and may soon rise even higher. Why exactly it?

The popularity of yellow metal contributes to a number of factors. Firstly, unlike “green paper”, which can be easily printed, or even just “draw numbers” on the US Federal Reserve's computer, there is a limited amount of gold in nature. Secondly, it in itself has value, because it can be used both in industry and in jewelry, where it is very popular. Thirdly, it can be safely stored for an unlimited time, due to the fact that it is not oxidized. Finally, it is traditionally associated with wealth in the public mind, and is simply beautiful in itself.

Today, gold is one of the best defensive assets in which the most conservative investors prefer to "ride the storm". Its significance for Russia, which came under Western sanctions, has increased even more. Unlike foreign bank accounts and investments in other people's bonds, which can be seized or lost in value, gold is physically stored in our country, where the hand of "Western justice" does not reach it. Moreover, its value against economic и political instability in the world is only growing, threatening to surpass the previous record in the foreseeable future.

The Central Bank of Russia switched to active buying of gold after the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia, when relations with the United States and Europe began to deteriorate sharply. At the same time, a decrease in investment in US government bonds began. The Kremlin is clearly trying to prepare for the most negative scenarios.

It should be noted that earlier our country set records in terms of gold reserves before the most terrible wars. The largest reserves in the world were in the Russian Empire on the eve of World War I, amounting to 1311 tons. Hundreds of tons of gold were given to the British as guarantees for loans for the purchase of weapons from Britain. After the Revolution, the remnants of the gold reserve fell into the hands of the “whites,” who dragged a significant part of it along with the Czechs, as well as a fair share, were taken to Japan, where it is still stored, which Tokyo is not very fond of remembering, not forgetting with foam at the mouth demand back the Kuril Islands.

The country went to the Bolsheviks with a gold reserve of 323 tons, that is, almost a thousand tons were “mastered” and “appropriated”. However, under the leadership of the party, the USSR was able to once again increase gold volumes to the level of 2800 tons by 1940, and this record has not yet been broken by modern Russia. And already on June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic War began ...

Certain historical patterns inevitably make one wary.
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  1. antibi0tikk Offline antibi0tikk
    antibi0tikk (Sergei) 22 January 2020 19: 17
    Gold ... gold ...
    Stopudovo knows that all evil can be killed with silver .... tons of silver will be needed to war with mattresses! Well, or uranium and plutonium .....
    And you're all about gold ....
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 January 2020 20: 04
    Question to the author. In which banks is gold stored in RUSSIA?
  3. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 23 January 2020 06: 32
    Quote: steel maker
    Question to the author. In which banks is gold stored in RUSSIA?

    In the vaults of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
    1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 23 January 2020 14: 23
      The functions and powers stipulated by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law “On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)” are performed by the Bank of Russia independently of the federal government bodies, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments. The independence of the status of the Bank of Russia is reflected in Article 75 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, as well as in Articles 1 and 2 of the Federal Law “On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)”.
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 26 January 2020 23: 51
      This is official. But there are vaults where gold is also stored, although its quantity has never been announced. Only the Supreme Commander of the RF Armed Forces knows him. And, given the relationship between Putin and Nabiullina, there can suddenly be a lot of gold in these vaults. I don’t even dare say how much.
      These storages are the State Reserve. Everything that may be needed for the life of the state in a "special period" is stored there. For citizens, this is primarily stew, flour / grain, sugar, etc. But there is also stored what is needed for production. Gold is one of the most important raw materials for the defense industry. Besides gold, there is also silver, platinum and other exotic metals. All have applications in the defense (and not only) industry. Placing gold in the State Reserve is completely legal. How much of it should lie there - defines Putin as the supreme commander in chief. And he won't tell anyone about it. Let it be a pleasant surprise for the USA and others ...
      What we have in the near future is not a war (I hope), but the creation of currency zones and a serious change in commodity and money relations will ensure success for those who have a lot of gold in this difficult transition period. All countries (except, perhaps, Ukraine) have long understood everything and are trying to accumulate their additional reserves or return the existing ones, which inadvertently deposited in the USA / Great Britain. Getting them back will be the farther the more difficult.
      But in the United States itself, the situation is most likely very sad. There is apparently no gold there. Even what is stated.
  4. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 23 January 2020 14: 16
    The big war will be in Europe and it is not far off. But this will not be the war that scared us foretellers, prophets and NATO generals. This will be a series of civil conflicts of the white population against ethnic groups of emigrants from Africa and the Middle East. This directly affects us, as the strongest neighbor on the continent.
  5. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 January 2020 11: 32
    Most likely, Russia fears not a world war, but a financial crisis and the collapse of the dollar. After that, the most reliable means of payment will be gold, as with all past civilizations. The dollar is not backed up by anything, and if the States replace the money or default, then what currency can be trusted after that? Only secured with gold, when, having come to the bank, it is possible to purchase an equivalent amount of gold on a treasury ticket.
    1. Alexzn Online Alexzn
      Alexzn (Alexander) 24 January 2020 21: 46
      Quote: Bulanov
      what currency can be trusted after that? Only secured with gold, when, having come to the bank, it is possible to purchase an equivalent amount of gold on a treasury ticket.

      And what will be provided with gold? I will surprise you, but treasury bills were never provided with gold (as opposed to banknotes). Today, everything in general does not work according to the classical scheme. Gold is nothing more than a commodity for exchange in a crisis. This reserve product is not suitable for the economy.
  6. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 January 2020 12: 06
    According to the Central Bank, as of April 1, 2018, the volume of monetary gold in international reserves amounted to 60,8 million net troy ounces, which is equivalent to $ 80,482 billion, which is 17,6% of the total reserves ($ 458 billion). The bulk of government savings is held in securities ($ 277,344 billion), cash and deposits ($ 93,474 billion).

    It is reported by Rambler. Further:

    Two-thirds of Russia's gold reserves are located in the Central Bank's main storage facility in Moscow with a powerful and multi-level innovative security system; its total area is 17 thousand square meters. m; of which 1,5 thousand sq. m is set aside specifically for the placement of gold reserves. More than 600 divisions of the Central Bank are engaged in the storage of the rest.

    It is reported by Rambler.