Blocking Russian fighters: what could be the response to the US military in Syria

On the eve of a rather unpleasant incident in Syria. The Russian military police, located in the SAR by agreement with Damascus, were not allowed to enter the oil field by the American military, de jure and de facto interventionists and occupiers on Syrian soil. So how should you relate to this event, and what conclusions can be drawn from it?

In certain circles, it’s fashionable to mock about it, saying, “Americans have slowed down and deployed ours.” Yes, it’s unpleasant, but the question is, what was the alternative supposed to be? "Get the trunks and all go down"?

The United States today is objectively the militarily strongest world power. It should be recalled that last February they did not hesitate to bomb the “Wagnerites” who were trying to recapture the Kurdish oil field and refinery in the province of Deir Ez-Zor. The data on the losses vary widely, but President Donald Trump later personally claimed "hundreds of dead Russians."

Mercenaries from Russia then became a bargaining chip in this hybrid war with the United States. If our military and police officers on the line of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation “put” the Americans yesterday, then this would be regarded as direct aggression with all the ensuing consequences, right up to the war with Russia. Is our country ready for such a test, and is it worth arranging something like this because of the “road showdowns” in faraway Syria?

The confrontation between the USA and the USSR, and now the Russian Federation, the two nuclear powers with the largest arsenals, has always proceeded indirectly, on foreign territory. It is possible and even necessary to give change, but it is desirable with the wrong hands, through proxy structures.

For example, in Syria, the Americans are absolutely illegal, engaging in the same illegal, so to speak, “oil business”. They trite the Syrian people, pumping out the oil belonging to them, transporting it to neighboring Iraq and selling it there. No mining licenses, no taxes: crime in its purest form. In neighboring Iraq, after the massacre of Iranian General Suleimani, the local authorities adopted a resolution demanding the withdrawal of US troops from its territory.

It turns out that in both countries the US military is illegally, being commonplace invaders and robbers. It will not be surprising if, within the framework of the national liberation movement, the Syrian and Iraqi militias and partisans start to “tune the tail” to the interventionists until the withdrawal of troops becomes more expedient than further stay in Syria and Iraq. When the columns of fuel trucks begin to burn and undergo regular shelling of local partisans of the US base, the Pentagon will have to reconsider its strategy, and the American military will have to behave less defiantly on a foreign land.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 21 January 2020 14: 56
    Such "butting" at checkpoints has been going on for a long time. Ours were not allowed here, the Americans were not allowed there. This is a common routine and is not particularly interesting to anyone. Actually, nothing happened. And it's not worth everything that Trump has announced to be the ultimate truth.
  2. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 21 January 2020 18: 11
    Cheeks swell wider than usual, nothing more !!!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 21 January 2020 20: 51
    In war, honestly DO NOT WAR! And our generals are all playing decent. The plane was shot down, the pilot was killed. To strike at the airfield, but this is war - it is IMPOSSIBLE! Our cars are bombarded with Molotov cocktails, you can’t shoot - civilians are in the same place! We shot down our IL with a substitute, but we are honest, we WILL NOT be like that! Or maybe it’s right that the youth in the army do not want to serve? Generals of their children do not send to Syria!
    1. AICO Offline AICO
      AICO (Vyacheslav) 21 January 2020 21: 46
      Generals send their children only ON ... - when they come for the next "cutlet" from the bucks !!!
    2. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 22 January 2020 12: 49
      I understand you a lot. But you still need to fight directly with an opponent of your weight category. Here Turkey could and should have answered right away, having shot down her plane or having hit the airfield.
  4. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 22 January 2020 15: 52
    Quote: Marzhetsky
    But you still need to fight directly with an opponent of your weight category

    Well, finally, it was finally quite consciously recognized as a patriot of Russia, who the caliber of the United States and the Russian Federation are disproportionate.

    And how many were my comments negative here with the statement of the same fact?
  5. Port Offline Port
    Port 22 January 2020 16: 36
    Quote: UpperMost
    US and Russian calibres - INCORRECT

    Vietnam and the United States were also disproportionate, but they jammed the hegemon in the tail and mane.
  6. T. Henks Offline T. Henks
    T. Henks (Igor) 22 January 2020 17: 32
    When someone repeats the Beirut option for the Marines, then they will fall to their place. Or Iowa, if they can.
  7. Dear sofa expert. 22 January 2020 23: 08
    This is the author of the article:

    If a country, choosing between war and shame, chooses shame, it receives both war and shame.

    Winston Churchill

    But there are no complaints against the soldiers. They acted absolutely professionally. No one gave them the order to kill the Americans.
  8. krasstar Offline krasstar
    krasstar (Igor) 23 January 2020 12: 04
    Nothing prevents the Syrian Air Force from pointing to the meeting point