Latvia stated that it is glad to come to the aid of Belarus in the issue of oil supplies

Recently from Minsk informedthat Belarus makes no sense to buy oil from Russia on the terms proposed by Moscow. Then they named alternative suppliers of “black gold” in the form of Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. As a result, netizens began to joke that Ukraine has a “gas reverse” and Belarus would have a similar but oil one.

It should be noted that on January 16, 2020, the Prime Minister of Latvia, Krishyanis Karins, after meeting with Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, said that his country was interested in transporting oil through its territory and ports to Belarus. After that, the head of the Ministry of Transport (Communications) of Latvia Talis Linkaits assured that his country has the technical capabilities and the necessary infrastructure in order to pump oil through its ports to Belarus.

We have all the necessary infrastructure in order to pump oil through Latvia to Belarus and vice versa, in both directions. There is such technical opportunity, you just need to discuss the possibilities

Said the Minister.

Latvia stated that it is glad to come to the aid of Belarus in the issue of oil supplies

According to the minister, if Minsk has such a need, then the Latvian side "is always happy to offer its services." He specified that the Latvian enterprises had received relevant proposals and were already working on “how to do it in the best way”.

It should be recalled that Belarus is not the first time trying to blackmail Russia in this way, taking advantage of the lack of a competitor. Minsk simply uses its monopoly position, which appeared after the Maidan in Kiev.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 January 2020 14: 03
    Only someone has to deliver oil to this Latvia? And if it is true that Russia sells oil to Belarus for $ 349, and on the exchange $ 70-80, then maybe Lukashenko is right that he is looking for other suppliers? With such prices, why then do we need this Customs Union?
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 19 January 2020 15: 06
      Creep. Belarus received oil at about $ 10 cheaper than the international price. With delivery. Now I have to pay the full price, from the point of offer - with a transport surcharge.
      So in any case, the Old Man will charge 100 - 65 for oil, 35 for delivery.
    2. RFR Offline RFR
      RFR (RFR) 21 January 2020 18: 41
      This is where you saw prices at 349, listen less to Luke on the radio.
  2. Let them buy where they want - now the will, guys!
  3. Port Offline Port
    Port 19 January 2020 17: 09
    Luka is also sheltered for overexposure