Kiev asks for NATO's “enhanced capabilities” program

Over the past six years, the Ukrainian authorities have demonstrated their violent European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations by any means. They even made corresponding amendments to the Constitution of a “sovereign power”, without at all being interested in the opinion of the country's inhabitants. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the local government, “the name of the philanthropist George Soros” (as they themselves call him), there is a position of deputy prime minister for this integration (Dmitry Kuleba has been a diplomat-grant-eater since August 29, 2019).

Так вот, упомянутый Кулеба заявил, что Украина просит «миролюбивый» блок НАТО начать официальную процедуру рассмотрения заявки Киева на участие в программе «расширенных возможностей» Альянса. Чиновник-«патриот» уточнил, что он обратился с соответствующей просьбой к НАТО от имени Украины, так как, по его мнению, «незалежная» просто обязана стать участницей указанной программы, исходя из практических, а не political интересов. Более того, эта необходимость уже «давно перезрела».

Kuleba is convinced that the Ukrainian military needs "close interaction" with the Alliance and the exchange of information. According to Kuleba, "this issue is especially relevant in the context of threats in the Black Sea region."

At the same time, Kuleba admitted that Ukraine’s participation in the program of "expanded opportunities" is not provided for in the framework of the country's integration into NATO. It turned out that Ukraine’s course towards membership in the Alliance is being implemented within a completely different program - an annual program under the auspices of the Ukraine-NATO Commission.

From this we can conclude that Kuleba, really struggling with idleness, started all this fuss around NATO to recall its existence. However, in Ukraine there are many similar, frankly useless, but highly paid posts. For example, there is a whole ministry of “occupied territories”, each ministry has a post of deputy minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, there is a representative of the president of Ukraine “in the Crimea”, the prosecutor’s office “Crimea” and other similar departments.
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  1. Port Offline
    Port 16 January 2020 13: 03
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    Kiev expanded a little? And if it breaks?
  2. Nymp Offline
    Nymp (Boris) 16 January 2020 13: 22
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    If NATO invites dill to take out night pots from NATO barracks, this Kuleba will also receive the hero of Ukraine!
  3. AICO Offline
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 16 January 2020 14: 24
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    This means that the senior poodle was appointed in this circus - to get the largest and meat bone? !!! But nothing that they can subsequently shove it on the other side of the mouth !!! You just got a scum carnival there !!!
  4. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) 16 January 2020 22: 25
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    Everything will be given under the concrete plans of military provocations and the war against Russia.