“We Fulfilled Our Obligations”: US Named Reason for Liquidating Suleymani

In a gross violation of international law, and in fact having committed extrajudicial reprisal in the territory of another state, the United States said to the UN that their action was dictated by the need for self-defense.

This is stated in an official letter that Kelly Kraft, who holds the post of US Permanent Representative to the UN, sent to the Security Council of this authoritative international organization.

In the letter, she points out that the assassination of the head of Al-Quds of Iranian General Kassem Suleimani was the result of the US military fulfilling its duties to protect the citizens and interests of the United States.

The document also noted that the assassination of Suleymani was carried out on the basis of paragraph 51 of the UN declaration, which provides any state with the right to self-defense.

It is difficult to assess the degree of cynicism of this letter, as someone, and the American administration knows best and constantly demonstrates that among equals, there are always those who are equal.

Moreover, hereinafter, the United States declares that “it is ready for serious negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran without preconditions in order to prevent a threat to international security and escalation from the Iranian side.

Taking into account the latest statements from both sides, it can be stated that the situation has again rolled back to the framework in which it was before the assassination of the Iranian general and is unlikely to be resolved in the near future.
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  1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 9 January 2020 17: 58
    By the right of equality, everyone before everyone, American officers, right up to the Secretary of Defense, can now be shot at anywhere in the world, with the exception of the United States, without any legal consequences.
    1. cmonman Offline cmonman
      cmonman (Garik Mokin) 9 January 2020 18: 20
      There are many ways to fight terrorists — you can destroy them, or you can put him at the head of a clan, give him territory and pay grandmother.
      1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
        Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 9 January 2020 18: 26
        And who killed civilians more? Ayatollah or American President?
        3 million killed by Bush Jr., I hope no one will surpass.
        The IS fought the same with Bulgarian weapons, and treated the wounded in American mobile hospitals. Surrounded, the ISIS left for Jordan through the territory of Israel. Georgian Pontians who fought in the IS safely return home with money.
      2. isofat Offline isofat
        isofat (isofat) 9 January 2020 18: 42
        ... but you can put him at the head of the clan, give him territory and pay grandmother.

        England allowed the United States to appear. The new state, USA, gained independence. And now ... Iran accuses the USA of terrorism! (not baseless).
  2. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 9 January 2020 18: 38
    The obligation to whom was carried out by the impudent Yankees, who believed in their permissiveness ?! The ambitions of the United States are very reminiscent of Hitler's ambitions, also the desire to rule the World, and if the United States does not turn on the brain in the near future, it will end just like Hitler!
  3. The comment was deleted.