Iran announces completion of revenge operation for Suleymani

Yesterday's aggravation of the situation in the Middle East caused by a missile attack by Iran on US military facilities and the international coalition in Iraq can be considered safely resolved.

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, said that revenge for the assassination of General Suleimani has been completed and the republic will not take up new military actions if the US does not act aggressively. It is reported TASS.

The agency quotes the words of an Iranian diplomat:

All our actions were proportional to the assassination of Kassem Suleimani. They are completed. If the United States will no longer take military action against Iran, on our part, we will also not take such actions.

Takht-Ravanchi also said that the basis for a missile strike was Article 51 of the UN Charter, which provides for the right to self-defense, and noted that if the US continues military operations, then Iran "will have no choice but to answer."

Apparently, such a way out of the situation that developed after the assassination of the head of Al-Quds was arranged by Washington.

According to an American publication by the Washington Post, referring to a senior White House official, through mediators in Iraq, Tehran notified the United States of what facilities could be hit and this allowed the Americans to avoid casualties, and the Iranian authorities to save face, and thus avoid full-scale combat action.
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  1. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 9 January 2020 09: 32
    The first round is over! As a result of the event, Trump definitely won. But the sediment remained. Yes, the Americans did not seem to be hurt, but the fact that the US military facilities are poorly protected makes us think. Belief in overwhelming advantage dampens.
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 9 January 2020 09: 50
      It is clear that Trump won. It seems that it also affected that he is still more a businessman, not a politician. And Iran was very, very lucky that no one was killed as a result of his adventure. The only bad thing is that in some circles humanity and practical calculation are often mistaken for weakness. And as for the air defense, there, it seems, there were simply no serious systems, why, they probably knew better.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 9 January 2020 09: 39
    All the same - the Iranians are GOOD! The last blow was behind them, and it turns out that if the Americans do not respond, then they "wore off". Trump has elections, and if there are no specific agreements between Iran and the United States, it will continue in a year. Trump is unlikely to forgive such a "spit". Iran urgently needs to strengthen its air defense and missile defense!
    1. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
      Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 9 January 2020 09: 43
      How is this not answered? Some sanctions can be significantly cooler than similar empty fireworks.
    2. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
      Alexzn (Alexander) 9 January 2020 09: 46
      You are far from understanding the rules of ping-pong in BV. They are much more complicated than it seems at first glance.
      Egypt celebrates its victory in the 1973 war every year. Iran will long celebrate the victory over the Americans, killing Iraqis. Bw ...
  3. Afinogen Online Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 9 January 2020 09: 44
    Iran announces completion of revenge operation for Suleymani

    laughing This is not revenge, this is clownery. The whole world laughs at such revenge. They shouted for a long time that they would take cruel revenge. Then they warned the Americans about the blow (so that, God forbid, someone would be hooked). In the end, no one was hurt, as announced by the laughing Trump "It's okay" (after revenge).
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 11 January 2020 00: 04
    Quote: Vital
    Which is to be expected. For the elderly, the Mule to go to hell is the worst of the options, especially since they can’t overpower the 22 virgins, and they don’t shine at all (they also promise the people paradise, and the enemies die)! In short, Ponte Ponte, but I want to live more than those whom they send in batches to death (in Russia the same oil painting) to different countries and for bullshit ideas! As the saying goes - the mountain gave birth to a mouse!

    Guri have 70-72, and not 22 - they do not exchange small things :)