To summarize: what Russia achieved in 2019

The end of the year, according to the good old tradition, is the time to take stock. What good has brought our country the outgoing 2019: in space, in air, on water and on earth? Let's figure it out.

This year, Russia made 25 space launches, which is 5 missions more than last year. In total, we launched 73 spacecraft. At the same time, for the first time in many years, during the launches of domestic launch vehicles, not a single accident was recorded.

In June, our astronaut Oleg Kononenko set a world record by staying on the ISS for 737 days. Another achievement belongs to the Progress MS-12 cargo ship, which arrived at the International Space Station in just 3 hours 19 minutes after launch.

It is also worth noting the transition of Roscosmos from the obsolete Soyuz-FG LV with analog control of Ukrainian production to the modernized Soyuz 2.1A with the Russian digital system. Do not forget about the flight to the ISS of our anthropomorphic robot FEDOR and the launch of the Spectr-RG. Observatory, unique in its class.

The current year was no less successful for Russian aviation. Last week, the 4th airliner MS-21 300 made its first flight. A little earlier, our aircraft was presented at the international exhibition in Istanbul.

In addition, in the spring of 2019, the newest Il-112V military transport aircraft first flew into the sky. Later, he underwent a number of improvements that allowed him to reduce its weight by 1 ton. In total, 143 aircraft, including 5 modernized missile carriers, the latest Mi-38T and Mi-28MN helicopters, as well as the Orion low-altitude UAV, were received by the Russian Air Force.

In 2019, more than 119 million people used civil aviation services, which is 10% higher than in 2018. At the same time, the Gagarin airport, built from scratch and opened this year in Saratov, contributed to the increase in passenger traffic.

At the end of December, the second Volkhov diesel-electric submarine was launched. The head submarine of this series was transferred to the Russian Navy in November. The third and fourth submarines have already been laid, and metal cutting began on the fifth ship in October. In total over the past year, our Navy received 19 warships and support vessels. 15 were launched and 17 more watercraft of various classes were laid. 13 new ships will be handed over to civilian customers. In addition, 73 ships are currently under construction, and the USC order portfolio has exceeded 1 trillion rubles.

The transportation plan for the Northern Sea Route was exceeded, the volume of which in 2019 amounted to as much as 30 million tons. Also, a landmark event was the launch of the railway on the Crimean bridge.

As for the manufacturing sector, this year 306 new enterprises were launched in Russia, compared to 236 that were opened last year. According to preliminary data, the indicator of economic growth in 2019 will be 1-1,5%, and the growth of industrial production is about 3%.
The manufacturing sector continues to develop: the production of buses (up to 5 tons) increased 1,7 times, medical equipment - 1,5 times, diesel locomotives - 26%, and freight cars - 17%.

Significantly increased this year and the rate of electricity generation. In particular, the record for production at nuclear power plants was broken, which in turn was facilitated by the modernization of existing plants and the commissioning of new capacities.

More than 120 million tons of grain will be collected by the agricultural sector of Russia in 2019. A record in history will be the harvest of Pancake week crops and beet sugar. In addition, milk and meat production increased this year. As a result, our food exports will exceed $ 24 billion. At the same time, Russia will continue to hold the title of the main supplier of grain on the planet.

Pleased and the housing sector. This year, over 80 million m² of housing will be commissioned in Russia. It is worth noting that a similar increase in the rate of completion of new buildings has not been recorded since 2015.

And finally, the volume of the National Welfare Fund "exceeded" for the mark of 8 trillion rubles. From 2020, his funds will begin to "flow" into the real the economy RF And this means that our country will continue to develop, and next year we will find many more interesting things.

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  1. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 31 December 2019 13: 32
    Glory to Great Russia and the Russian people!
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 31 December 2019 19: 31
    When they tell me this "bullshit" about the prosperity of Russia, I always ask: Why can I, a working pensioner, go to rest only in Turkey, and then once in 1 years? Or do we have the well-being of Russia and the well-being of the people, these are two different incompatible "things"? And if tomorrow is a war? What am I supposed to defend and die for? And for WHAT? I have never received an answer to this question! Maybe Putin's lovers will answer this question now, even here? Only Motherland and power are different. I will defend my homeland, but first, someone has to answer for the 5s. We need a law on weapons, like in the USA!
    1. plabu Offline plabu
      plabu 31 December 2019 19: 51
      Although I do not belong to lovers of at least someone, but after reading your post I had a question - should someone answer or tell you what you will fight for or what you will defend?
      If you cannot answer this question, who will answer for you ???
    2. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 31 December 2019 20: 03
      steelmaker. Happy New Year! Bon Appetit! Health and happiness!
      PS Strongly do not lean, take care of yourself. yes
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 1 January 2020 10: 23
    A couple of years ago, a man came to our district administration. And he offers for his money in his yard to build a parking lot for cars. He was offered to pay 90 thousand rubles. and he will receive a building permit! I even wrote about the violation of the laws of the Russian Federation by the prosecutor's office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the administration by e-mail to the Kremlin, with copies of the answer-hi. My complaint was sent to those whom I complained about, and they answered me that they would figure it out. And if here someone considers himself smarter than me, then do not answer my question with a question. And so smart people - for what? And most importantly - SAVE YOURSELF!
    1. plabu Offline plabu
      plabu 1 January 2020 11: 29
      You, it seems, didn’t understand anything - if someone needs to tell you why you were going to fight with someone, by the way - with whom to fight? What's next to talk to you about? I'm not interested anymore, tell you everything, laughing and you didn’t try to answer yourself, if war, then you ... well and so on.
  4. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 1 January 2020 13: 59
    Well, in almost all respects we are again "ahead of the rest of the world" - it seems that all spheres are affected here, except for one only national - about the life of our people, which includes beggarly pensions, and salaries, and the same medicine. And how we are again being poured into our ears about another notorious "thousand" for our pensioners, which was eaten up a long time ago last year, and that inflation, through the mouth of the Oreshkins, in the country is the lowest in the last 30 years, and the standard of living of the population is falling and falls, which even our "guarantor" was surprised, and in the end it turns out that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, however, as always.
  5. yuriy55 Offline yuriy55
    yuriy55 (Yuri Vasilievich) 1 January 2020 18: 50
    And let’s let you down ... Just to be honest. A year has passed since the adoption of the pension law and the promised increase in pension (a thousand annually ... wassat it’s a pity that it’s not for the whole year) and who won?

    The number of adult dollar billionaires in Russia for the year increased from 74 to 110 people in mid-2019, and the number of dollar millionaires - from 172 thousand to 246 thousand people, follows from a review of the Credit Suisse Research Institute ...
    Credit Suisse analysts estimate that the richest 10% of Russians control 83% of all personal wealth in the country. "This is a high figure - higher than in the United States (76%), which has one of the highest levels of wealth concentration among developed countries. It is interesting to note that in this indicator Russia is ahead of China, where the richest 10% of citizens account for 60% of personal welfare of the whole country, "they said.

    Indeed, what successes ... fellow fellow