"Reporter" wishes a Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

The team of the Reporter publication wishes you a Happy New Year 2020!

Throughout the year we introduced you to the most resonant the news, as well as with the author’s opinion on various politi-economic and socio-historical topics. First of all, he will be remembered by us for the sharp decline in tension in relations between two fraternal states - Russia and Ukraine. Friendship is still a long way off, but on the foundation laid in the outgoing year, it may be possible to build, if not a common house, but at least a peaceful hostel.

The attitude of Western, primarily European countries towards our state has also changed. There, more and more loudly, calls were made not to quarrel, but to cooperate with Russia, not to impose sanctions, but, on the contrary, it was profitable to trade with each other. In the first rows of the line of friendship with Moscow, Paris escaped, overtaking "the old friend" - Berlin. Emmanuel Macron, claiming French leadership in Europe, decided to play the "Russian card", and, apparently, did not lose. Two states for the year concluded a number of mutually beneficial agreements in various fields. Moreover, the General Staffs of the armies of the two countries for the first time since 2014 established contact. Even the traditionally unfriendly-minded Poland even publicly declared that it did not consider Russia an enemy and intended to live in peace with its eastern neighbor.

All this gives hope that in European capitals they begin to understand not only the futility of hostility with Russia, but also the likely danger of a force scenario for themselves. Therefore, in the coming years, the era of tense relations with Europe will be a thing of the past, and it will be replaced by a time of good-neighborly, mutually beneficial and peaceful cooperation.

Dear readers, we wish you good health and good spirits, professional success and material well-being, as well as great personal happiness in the coming year!

Stay with us, and we, in turn, will try to make our site even more informative and interesting.

Happy New Year 2020 to you!

collective of the Reporter edition.
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  1. SERGEY SERGEEVICS 31 December 2019 13: 43
    Dear forum users, as well as the administration of this site, moderators.

    From the heart

    Happy New Year
    And with all my heart I wish
    Have fun and laugh
    Don't be offended by anything
    Living easy and without worries
    All coming new year.

    Enjoy every moment
    And give your warmth
    Always be positive
    So that everything is always lucky!

    Happy New Year! With new happiness!
    Laughter, peace and goodness!
    Let them go around all the bad weather
    Life will bestow on you!

    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 1 January 2020 21: 08
      Well, I will add a little pessimism from myself to your congratulations - why, and why do we celebrate this day with such pomp, with such expectations that for most of our people do not come true, and the whole country celebrates the New Year, without exception, like not even all weddings are celebrated, but as a result, at the exit, we get only an increase of one year to the current chronology, and nothing more, and is it worth it when people, in order to celebrate this so-called "date" all sorts of super-duper markets have their hard-earned money either for gifts, or for some kind of food deficit that they haven't eaten or drunk for a year, but here they were honored with you, so it turns out that our New Year is just an all-Russian legalized booze, with rare exceptions, and almost ten days long, and for someone even more - and this is only for the sake of changing the current year to the next, and one asks - why is all this so that after this ten-day crazy action almost the whole country suffers from a hangover, and in tabulegrams, people will not be counted tr children of their salary, but, as they say, there will be something to remember, although many will not be able to do it .... And I believe that our authorities should not have removed our holiday such as November 7, the day of the October Socialist Revolution, or the October Revolution , as you like, but this day became the day of the formation of our country, our Motherland, and our entire SOCIALIST life, which was taken from us back in 1985 - we trampled it, but the change of the year was made the highest event of the country, and in fact even 9 May, Victory Day, we celebrate only 2-3 days ..