Lukashenko invited Russia to join Belarus

We recently informed how the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko saidthat Moscow is obliged to help Minsk after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986 by demanding a discount on energy resources. However, the “father” did not dwell on this and proposed the option of uniting states, in which Russia joins Belarus.

It should be noted that the head of Belarus made these statements on the air of the Ekho Moskvy radio station on December 24, 2019. In this regard, it must be recalled that before a trip to Sochi, in early December this year, he рассказалthat Belarus was never going to, is not going to and will not be part of any state, even fraternal Russia.

A very simple option, which will be accepted in Russia in Belarus as well, in terms of a single state - you join Belarus. And what, the Russians will be against? Not. Belarusians who are so outraged, too. Listen: Russia is a part of Belarus

- Lukashenko said in an interview with Echo of Moscow.

Then he turned to the Russians, urging Belarus to join Russia, to think about the prospects of a slightly different association.

And why do you, some, invite us to Russia, why do not you consider this option?

- asked a question to Lukashenko.

Perhaps the Belarusian leader was joking, because he is known for his love of high-profile statements.
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  1. Igor Gul Offline Igor Gul
    Igor Gul (Igor Gul) 24 December 2019 19: 59
    Well, I don’t even want to comment.
    1. lev1759 Offline lev1759
      lev1759 (Eugene) 24 December 2019 21: 06
      I don’t even want to comment.

      And why do not you want something? All in a bundle ... Russia is part of Belarus, in a referendum we vote for Moscow as the capital, we select Putin as the president, the name of the country is Russia. In my opinion, very good ....
      1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 25 December 2019 02: 15
        And the state will be the successor in this case? Belarus? Are you crazy! So close to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. But if you look at it historically, then it is she who will become the assignee.
        If the states are united, then on the basis of the Russian Empire. This updated Russian empire will include: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine in the future!
        1. lev1759 Offline lev1759
          lev1759 (Eugene) 25 December 2019 22: 27
          And the state will be the successor in this case?

          Hmm .. Really ... I did not think about that.
      2. Victor N Offline Victor N
        Victor N (Victor n) 25 December 2019 11: 16
        Take an interest in DIGNITY.
        For disrespectful communication should stop communication, even chatting with the Benedict.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 24 December 2019 20: 03
    If Belarus becomes part of Russia, then its enterprises will be privatized and optimized, as in Russia. In Russia, Putin has closed-optimized 25 thousand hospitals and clinics over 20 years, Belarus will also be affected! Athletes will compete without a coat of arms and a flag! Does Lukashenko need this? It is easier for Putin to annex Ukraine; the economy is already privatized there, but he only finances the Russophobic regime.

    Now we’ll live separately,
    beautiful in its own way.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 24 December 2019 20: 17
      Now we’ll live separately,
      beautiful in its own way.

      So live separately, you want beautiful, you want beautiful. And then they hang and hang out, like a well-known substance in an ice hole. Decide already, come or go, there is nothing to stand in the aisle.

      If Belarus becomes part of Russia

      Why stupid? There is a union state, we are talking about it. And not the entry of Belarus into Russia or vice versa.
    2. Don36 Offline Don36
      Don36 (Don36) 24 December 2019 23: 09
      What would happen to Belarus without subsidies from the Russian Federation-did not think ?! But the Russian Federation is not obliged to always finance another foreign country that does not want to be part of the Russian Federation ... The Russian Federation has its own problems and they need to be addressed first of all, and not the problems of the always hungry, always dissatisfied and ungrateful foreigners ...
  3. Yuri Mikhailovsky (Yuri Mikhailovsky) 24 December 2019 20: 06
    We will see ...
  4. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 24 December 2019 21: 18
    Well, you all pounced on Lukashenko, a man dreamed of being a clown in the circus arena, like Yuri Nikulin, he is not guilty, that fate has prepared for him the role of the eternal president of Belarus, so he is bored, has fun and can amuse us. lol
  5. Don36 Offline Don36
    Don36 (Don36) 24 December 2019 23: 06
    Russia does not owe anything to the Republic of Belarus, but to the Republican fascists with the flags of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, whom Lukashenko nurses like Yanukovych and Bandera, and even more so ... As for the Russian Federation joining the Republic of Belarus, this is not relevant, since the Republic of Belarus is a subsidized region, which regularly begs money and discounts from the Russian Federation ... Look at the union of commercial companies, there are united around the strong and rich, and not the rich go to the bankrupt ... Lukashenko could not offer more absurdity ... Still, how tall is he about himself opinions ... if he's as smart as he thinks Then why Belarus has not yet been richer Switzerland ?!
    1. molotkov60mkpu Offline molotkov60mkpu
      molotkov60mkpu (Yuri) 25 December 2019 18: 15
      This is not a high opinion of himself, but a low opinion of us. Well, we give a reason.
      1. Don36 Offline Don36
        Don36 (Don36) 20 May 2020 18: 03
        We are not giving a pretext, but our government, which is high time to start thinking about the Russian Federation and its indigenous population, and not about any foreign crooks, whose oaths and promises are not expensive, and part of the Russian population, which it is time to make a choice between the Russian Federation and Belarus, since the Russian Federation does not have to, and should not, feed their foreign relatives !!!
  6. Senile dementia, not otherwise!
  7. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 24 December 2019 23: 55
    Not a bad idea. We are a part of the Republic of Belarus, we take their Constitution as a basis. There, after all, there is no private ownership of natural resources, an independent Central Bank, the supremacy of international legislation over national legislation, the absence of ideology in the state and other garbage ...
    Then we change the name of the state to, for example, Great Russia. What is bad? And everything will be fine with us.
    1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 25 December 2019 02: 05
      It is because of such ideas that states collapse.
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 25 December 2019 02: 47
        The current constitution will destroy our state faster.
        1. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 25 December 2019 03: 26
          The entry of the Russian Federation into Belarus means the loss of veto power in the UN.
          1. boriz Offline boriz
            boriz (boriz) 26 December 2019 02: 45
            I agree here.
  8. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 25 December 2019 04: 48
    If the Russian Federation enters Belarus, then who will help it?
  9. Port Offline Port
    Port 25 December 2019 07: 17

    The case when the photo says more ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 25 December 2019 09: 52
    Without a doubt, he will squeeze the occupiers ...
  11. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 26 December 2019 19: 42
    Quote: Port
    The case when the photo says more ...

    Well yes, here too:

  12. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 26 December 2019 19: 43
    Lukashenko invited Russia to join Belarus

    To demonstrate the absurdity of the reverse proposals of the Russian Federation. But only.