Poland is exploring the possibility of a reaction to Putin’s words about the beginning of World War II

On December 19, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Red Army entered Poland after its government lost control and "was somewhere in the vicinity of the Polish-Romanian border." And on December 20, 2019, Putin recalled that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was the last in a series of similar ones signed earlier by other countries. After that, they said from Poland that Warsaw needed time to “digest” what was said and decide on the answer.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Shimon Shinkowski Val Senk said that a pause is needed "to analyze this statement, study it and decide whether it requires a diplomatic reaction."

I deeply feel that we are starting to win the fight for historical truth

- stressed the deputy foreign minister of Poland.

We remind you that over the past three decades, Warsaw has categorically affirmed that in September 1939 the USSR attacked Poland together with the Third Reich.

It should be noted that Putin’s first statement was Russia's response to the recent outrageous decision of the European Parliament, which put an equal sign between the Third Reich and the USSR. The Russian leader called him absolutely unacceptable and incorrect. The second is at the beginning of an informal meeting of the heads of CIS member states. And this is logical, because all the CIS countries were once part of the USSR. Therefore, this applies to them.

Necessary addthat after the Nazis came to power in Germany, they wanted to evict all Jews to Africa. Then from Poland they stated that they fully approve of this. In 1938, after the Munich agreement, Poland participated in the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. And after Poland itself was occupied by the Third Reich and the largest number of concentration camps appeared on its territory, the Poles began to actively participate in the genocide of Jews. Moreover, the Poles showed outright anti-Semitism even in Soviet times.
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  1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 21 December 2019 14: 34
    Poland was Hitler's first and most loyal ally until September 1939.
    By the way, after the battles with the Nazis, and the surrender of the Polish army, the prisoners were released after 3 weeks, and by May 1945 there were 68 thousand Poles in the German army (so many surrendered to the Americans).
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 21 December 2019 15: 12
    For a long time Poland, with the status of a "victim of Hitler's aggression", as a socialist country - a member of the VD and CMEA, was under the protection of the Soviet Union! This contributed to opportunistic silence and hindered the objective investigation of Polish war crimes against its own population, and the countries adjacent to Poland!
    And also - this allied "non-reminder" contributed to the belief of the Polish authorities and their ideological servants in their own "infallibility"! That with the growth of anti-Soviet-anti-Russian orientation, openly amerodependent, revanchist foreign policy of Warsaw led to the complete inadequacy of Polish "claims" to neighboring countries and the absurdity of "statements" about the alleged "offended by the peacefulness" of this "European hyena" ....

    Despite the general ethnogenocide of Polish residents of non-Polish nationality, Polish Jews were the most totally exterminated as a result of the actions of the Nazi occupiers (in their ranks there are more than a million Polish citizens serving in the Wehrmacht - this is not counting the thousands of those Poles who served in the auxiliary police, protection and service death camps on the territory of Poland!), the actions of the Polish authorities and the population - with great enthusiasm (for rewarding those who distinguished themselves, in identifying "Yude" and searching for escaped prisoners of concentration camps, local Poles with gifts and Deutschmarks!) the Nazi concept of "Judenfrei (" completely free " from the Jews space) "!

    In addition, "not without" the active help of the Poles, in numerous "death camps" on the territory of Poland, Soviet prisoners of war and Jews brought from other European countries were massacred, and their ashes fertilized the fields, vegetable gardens and orchards of Polish villagers .... Polish I don’t buy apples and other products in principle, although they are in Ukrainian stores!
    It seems to me that in the light of the documents voiced by V.V. Putin and the emerging tendencies to curb the boundless Warsaw "rewriters of history", it is advisable for Russia to support the righteous cause of the Israeli authorities and help Israel in its respective claims to Poland (in the difficult moments of the documented substantiation of the facts of the Polish genocide and European Jews by Poles during the Second World War) ?!
  3. Everyone knows that World War 2 began with an attack by the Poles on a German radio station! Dr. Goebbels himself said this!
    1. S.V.YU Offline S.V.YU
      S.V.YU 21 December 2019 22: 45
      And the Germans themselves say that the "attack" was carried out by German soldiers, dressed in Polish uniforms and killed by the SS!
      1. This is all a consequence of the propaganda of the Yankee imperialists!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 22 December 2019 21: 08
    Again slander the Poles? laughing