Haftar's enemies entered into a military alliance with Turkey: Ankara special forces have arrived

A statement by the head of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, about the start of a decisive battle for Tripoli, forced the Government of National Accord, Libyan Prime Minister Faiz Saraj to expeditiously approve the entry into force of a military cooperation agreement with Turkey.

The complexity of the situation faced by Saraj and the PNS is evidenced by the fact that sending special forces units to Libya to protect members of the PNS and the military equipment occurred simultaneously with the approval of the Turkish parliament of the agreement on military cooperation between the countries.

The Arab media noted that Turkish military advisers have already begun consultations with the PNS units.

It is difficult to say how Turkish intervention can prevent the collapse of the PNS, whose armed forces consist of uncontrolled Islamist gangs, but it is obvious that the possibility of an end to the war is becoming increasingly illusory.

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is well aware that it will not be possible to resolve the Libyan issue without agreement with Russia and said that a delegation will be sent to Moscow in the near future to discuss the current situation.

According to some experts, Russia may go for a reduction in military assistance to Haftar in exchange for the concessions Turkey must make in Syria.
Photos Used: Timm Duckworth / wikipedia.org
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  1. camo ridges Offline
    camo ridges (Michael) 20 December 2019 11: 52
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    Russia should not reduce, but increase aid to Haftar, and, significantly.
    This is if we want to unconditionally strengthen our influence in the Middle East. And in Syria, and without Turkish concessions, we will achieve the goal - it is a matter of time. And here we have nowhere to hurry - there are still a lot of technical innovations waiting for their tests in combat conditions. So, it is unlikely that our leadership will be tempted by the Turkish promises - if you also take into account the negligent attitude of the Turks to their agreements ...
  2. Now Haftar will agree with Russia and we will beat the Turks, and beat hard!
  3. 123 Offline
    123 (123) 20 December 2019 12: 27
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    The complexity of the situation in which Saraj and the PNS found itself is evidenced by the fact that the sending of special forces units to Libya to protect members of the PNS and military equipment occurred at the same time as the Turkish parliament approved the agreement on military cooperation between the countries.

    Difficulties - it is very delicately said, to understand the situation, we can by analogy recall the situation in which our troops appeared in Syria. As I understand it, Saraj and all kinds of PNS are sitting on their suitcases.

    It is difficult to say how Turkish intervention can prevent the collapse of the PNS

    To the point. good We will "see".

    According to some experts, Russia may go for a reduction in military assistance to Haftar in exchange for the concessions Turkey must make in Syria.

    It would be great to present to the public these very “individual experts” to understand their qualifications, otherwise other “experts” are broadcasting about flat land. And so with a pitchfork on the water ..... it can reduce, it can help Egypt, and that, in turn, Haftaru, a lot of options. What other concessions can Turkey offer? Reducing support for Idlib? They started to beat them there, so they might soon start kicking them, and probably in the face. Let the valiant Turkish special forces first prove themselves in action, it is worth seeing what they stand for, how the situation will develop. How to get really involved in the conflict, then it will be possible to discuss the level of support for "loyal armed groups". I’m afraid that military consultations alone will not change the situation. The troops in Syria, now in Libya, the conflict with Greece, Cyprus, Israel, now even the aggravation of relations with Egypt (supporting Haftar) and the Saudis behind it, we can recall the warm friendly relations with NATO and the United States. Let’s see which node Erdogan’s navel is tied to.
  4. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 20 December 2019 19: 18
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    - Well, if Russia had to establish relations with anyone ... -so this is with Libya, which has fairly decent oil and gas reserves .. and not with the impoverished Syria .., in the "relations" with which Russia has no prospects, except for the endless expensive and never-ending tyagomotina ...
    - And with Libya, Russia would have excellent prospects ... -Russia would simply kill two birds with one stone ... -It would open for itself a new gate to Africa and at the same time strengthen its position in the Middle East. East ...
    - Yes, and that’s what it all predisposed ...- Russia forgave Libya $ 4,5 billion of debt, given that Russia will establish supplies of Russian weapons to Libya ... -And that would be just the beginning .., and the endless ones opened ahead opportunities for Russia ... -And Russia would not have to build ridiculous aircraft carriers just to get to Africa ... -But, alas ..., Russia got in touch with the impoverished "unpromising" Syria ...
    - Okay ... we drove through, maybe somehow "succeed" ... with Libya ... though ...
    - As for Turkey, then ... then ... then ... where is Turkey, and where is Libya ... -If Turkey sends its special forces to Libya, then this will obviously not be enough ... -And Turkey will have to to transfer the land army by sea ...- and this is quite far ... and expensive ... -And what next ???
    - Most likely, Turkey is trying to fulfill the US mission with this special forces ... - to stake out territory in Libya for the future American "presence" ... -Turkey itself will not extend the content of its troops in Libya ... -that is also very beneficial for Russia ... -Russia could become the mistress of the situation there ...
    - Yes, if Russia spent as much resources on Libya as on useless Syria .. then ... then ... then ... then Russia would already have a rather significant material benefit ...
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Arkharov Offline
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 21 December 2019 10: 32
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    Looks like they’ll break the “Marshal” now?