Merkel will not tolerate American pressure on Nord Stream 2

Recently we Reportedwhat vigorous activity the "partners" of Russia from Washington began to show about the "Nord Stream-2". And now, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has already responded to attempts by US lawmakers to sanction this gas pipeline. After that, the largest German daily tabloid newspaper Bild (“Bild” - “picture, image”) called Merkel’s statement “a declaration of war” to US President Donald Trump.

The publication reports that Merkel “in clear words” made it clear to Trump that he would not tolerate further US attempts to interfere with the implementation of the gas transmission project, which enjoys its support.

We are against extraterritorial sanctions, and not since yesterday, we faced a similar problem in the context of Iran. I do not see any other options than to conduct decisive negotiations (with the USA - ed.) That we do not accept this practice of extraterritorial sanctions

- said Merkel,

The publication believes that, despite the actions of the Americans, it will not be possible to stop the project worth about 10 billion euros at the finish line, and it will be successfully completed soon. It is specified that more than 2100 km of pipes have already been laid at the bottom of the Baltic Sea (each “string” of 1200 km). It remains to lay, in total, about 300 km of pipes.

At the same time, the publication does not exclude that due to US sanctions, the completion of work and the commissioning of the gas pipeline may be slightly delayed. It is also possible that Russia may have to look for new special pipe-laying vessels to complete the work.

It should be added that at the same time Germany was openly talking about the introduction of duties on American reduced natural gas (LNG). In addition, Merkel does not exclude that the restrictions that the United States may impose on Nord Stream-2 may adversely affect negotiations on gas transit between Moscow and Kiev. Merkel clarified that the talks "are pretty encouraging."

<...> And in this regard, it would be unfavorable if Ukraine did not receive transit fees, because the negotiations would be complicated, because, on the other hand, we have this position on Nord Stream 2

- said the Chancellor of Germany.

By the way, in Berlin they expect a “New Year present” from Washington in the form of sanctions by the end of this year.
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  1. Sake Offline Sake
    Sake (Sake) 19 December 2019 18: 06
    Merkel, like Schroeder, it's time to transfer to the Kremlin to his breadwinner!
    1. plabu Offline plabu
      plabu 21 December 2019 09: 30
      Yes, let’s run right away. laughing tongue bully
      Any more valuable directions from you to follow? hi
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 19 December 2019 18: 44
    - Everything turns out exactly the way .. as I personally expected ...
    - To my very bitter regret ... -Now, Gazprom (Russia) itself will be forced to build pipelines ... and keep them in good condition ...
    - Here it is ...- an ugly trap (one of the traps) ... And what else is this .... -

    It is also possible that Russia may have to look for new special vessels - pipe layers to complete the work.

    - How easy and simple everything is ... - Gazprom will pay ... And who today generally "really" controls Gazprom ...
    - It seems that Gazprom today is becoming more and more ... a slave to the lamp ... - oh ... - well, of course ... - "slave to the pipe" ... - It remains only to fulfill the conditions and requirements (they are and penalties, and all kinds of legal costs) ...
    - And what Merkel says today ...

    Merkel in “clear words" made it clear to Trump that he would not tolerate further US attempts to interfere with the implementation of the gas transportation project, which enjoys its support.

    - But this is nothing more than an ordinary ostentatious trick ... -Well, Germany must justify the money invested in the pipe ... -And Germany must begin to receive Russian gas from this pipe ...
    - But then it will be possible and again to return to good relations with the United States (yes, they will remain good today) ...
    - And then ... - with whom was Merkel going to ally in the "confrontation" with Trump ???
    - Where are her "allies" in this matter .. ??? -They simply do not ... -Is not going to Zap. Europe (represented by Germany) to submit to arbitration ... on ... on ... on ... USA ??? - Yes, all of America will laugh for a week ... - It's easy to sue Russia ... and America is just Zap. Europe is too tough ...
    - And ... as I personally said many times ... -Today, gas transit through the territory of Ukraine is simply necessary for Russia ... -It is a pity that Russia has not found a way to reach the Ukrainian leadership with a counter proposal to conclude new gas transportation agreement through Ukraine ...
    - In vain Russia dragged it on ... - time works against Gazprom and Russia ...
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 19 December 2019 21: 59
      Transit through Ukraine - no-nonsense! For now Azerbaijan’s TANAP has been added, which is minus 10 billion cubic meters from transit. TP - minus 30 billion from transit. In these conditions, even SP-2 is not needed. More precisely, it is needed as a backup in case of accidents.
      And Gazprom was forbidden to lay pipes. For - they still confiscate.
    2. Sake Offline Sake
      Sake (Sake) 21 December 2019 08: 53
      I agree with you completely! Russia in the person of its president is rushing with these gas pipelines, like that brick seller in Odessa:

      Seller: - Uncle, buy a brick.
      Passer-by: - ​​Why do I need a brick?
      Seller: - Buy it or get it on the head.
      1. plabu Offline plabu
        plabu 21 December 2019 09: 26
        Were you in the place of that seller? Well, you write in detail, apparently, you are well acquainted with such realities and have repeatedly applied them in your activities, so the Soviet trade has lost such a "specialist" in your face. bully
        But in essence - what does it matter to those living in Kazakhstan or Ukraine - it doesn’t matter to me - the main thing is NOT in Russia, to what and how OUR state does ??? To whom you DO NOT have any relationship for a long time, and thank God that you do not - I don’t even wish such an neighbor to the enemy. hi
        1. Sake Offline Sake
          Sake (Sake) 21 December 2019 21: 59
          Why in Kazakhstan and why in Ukraine, literate, however, imprisoned on propaganda. (I will not name it correctly - this is the now spiteful word Ukraine). Like Putin, for example, he is afraid to give the name of Navalny. If only there were two of them for open and free (from sycophants) televised debates ... where, in the first round (3 minutes), the irreplaceable would have to be picked out from behind the plinth. This is with his sycophants in the giveaway, he is a master (and according to the first, he did not have a vocabulary for more than 5 minutes, after which he immediately blushed, got angry and switched to blatnyak). Then the press still had the rest of the free "floating", which he later successfully corrected.
          Correctly speaking, I have no relation to you. That's when you become normal, then everyone will be in a good relationship with you!
          1. plabu Offline plabu
            plabu 22 December 2019 04: 29
            It's good that you personally have nothing to do with us, but about "will" - why do you and people like you? Once again trying to tell how you once upon a time did you live badly? And to whom is it so interesting? bully It’s NOT even remembering that you often write bullshit here ...
            And we’ll completely manage without you, and then we’ll do it, if you (all) would not have climbed the forums here, in general beauty would have been. hi
  3. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 19 December 2019 20: 08
    My grandmother forgot that just recently, licking from the USA, she herself announced the sanctions of Russia .... Let now now eat in full from the same pot ... yes
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. Sake Offline Sake
    Sake (Sake) 21 December 2019 08: 45
    Merkel is a venal skin (I would not be surprised if it turns out that she was recruited into the KGB and has now reached the finish line of her mission to collapse the EU and the FRG), like Schroeder and others fed on oil and gas money from the USSR / Russia! There is enough oil and gas on the markets, it is the Germans who are financing the Russian aggression with enviable persistence! It turns out, as in 18, when the Brest Peace Treaty was signed, Lenin said that "we will buy from them a rope on which we will hang them." What then happened, in 19, the "flushed" Germans overthrew their Kaiser and established Soviet power. But there the "white" officers went to the machine guns and shot the "red infection"!