Yumashev on Putin's appointment: Kudrin and Chubais choose Yeltsin's successor

Recently, Valentin Yumashev, who headed the administration of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin in the late 1990s рассказалhow Vladimir Putin was ready to leave the FSB in protest against the surveillance of Grigory Yavlinsky. Now Yumashev admitted that he did not find Putin as a candidate for Yeltsin’s successors — Anatoly Chubais and Alexei Kudrin did this.

I didn’t find Putin, Anatoly Chubais found Putin (he headed the presidential administration in front of Yumashev - ed.) And at that moment the head of the Main Control Directorate of the presidential administration Alexei Kudrin

- Yumashev said in an interview with the TV channel "Rain".

Yumashev specified that at that moment he personally only became the head of the presidential administration, and Chubais and Kudrin left the administration to work in the government. He added that a few months later it became obvious to him that Putin was a "very strong figure." According to Yumashev, Putin “absolutely precisely formulated everything” at the meetings in the administration. Moreover, according to Yumashev, Putin “had an excellent analysis and sound ideas.” It was after this that Yumashev made his choice in favor of Putin, as the future president of Russia, and went to Yeltsin.

And with this proposal I went to Boris Nikolaevich

- emphasized Yumashev.

It should be recalled that Yumashev led the Yeltsin administration from March 11, 1997 to December 7, 1998. He is married (second marriage) to the daughter of Yeltsin Tatyana Dyachenko. At the same time, Yeltsin announced his resignation from the post of president on December 31, 1999 and assigned the duties of the head of state to Putin, who since August 1999 served as chairman of the government.
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  1. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 19 December 2019 18: 40
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    And what is Yumashev talking? Money is over or conscience tortured? The fact that Putin promised the “family” not to be touched was talked about right away, as he replaced the EBN. Putin’s rating didn’t even shake the pension reform, but here’s some Yumashev! Putin will live forever! He learned the lessons of 1917 and will not stand up for the price?
  2. Monster_Fat Offline
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 19 December 2019 20: 01
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    Article without authorship. Curious why? wink
  3. Vladycat Offline
    Vladycat (Konstantin) 19 December 2019 22: 59
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    Somehow this version does not fit. Weller has a little book, The Great Last Chance, which version is somehow more logical.
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. KAMIKADZE_2 Offline
    KAMIKADZE_2 (KAMIKADZE divine) 20 December 2019 00: 04
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    God forbid these idiots who can sell Mother RUSSIA for 30 pieces of silver, it’s better to get them a hundred kilometers away in sunny Magadan.
  6. Sake Offline
    Sake (Sake) 20 December 2019 12: 24
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    The main “appointee” was BAB, but even he could not discern such a dweller in the “moth”, and when he already realized that he had thrown octopus on the country, it was too late, now he needed to take care of his “longevity”. He actually saw how people in London “mowed” in rows who didn’t want to pay and knew that his turn was just around the corner, which we later watched in a production with a mohair scarf around his neck. But in general, this appointment can be attributed to the "Jewish curse" for Russia! To hang such insatiable rabble on the country ... well, thanks to Abramych!
  7. He wants to say that Chubais and Kudrin set up a robot for Yeltsin Vovk, to whom all of their artwork could be attributed to the period of the initial looting of social property! And the year 98, and the Chechen war, and other paintings!
    What can I say, Borek Yeltsin, like every thief-innovator, sensed with his gut that now they would beat him, perhaps with his feet.