“They made themselves look like idiots”: Poland recognized that they are used against Russia

Not everyone in Poland shares a pro-American official course aimed at exacerbating relations with Russia, which its leadership is leading the country.

The Polish newspaper Gazeta Prawna announces a new book by a member of the National Development Council under the President of Poland, Professor Witold Modzelewski, in which he, not too shy in expressions, reflects on Russian-Polish relations and US influence on the ruling circles of Poland.

The publication quotes the scientist’s words that most fully reflect his attitude to the problems of relations between Warsaw and Moscow:

Being humiliated and insulted by our “strategic partners”, who actively take advantage of the fact that we find ourselves in political isolated and made hatred of Russia part of the official policy, Poland refuses to participate in international politics. In a few days, the Americans managed to squander the sympathy capital accumulated in our country over the previous century. But we know perfectly well that they are morons.

In his book, Modzelevsky notes that frightening the Poles with the “Russian threat”, the Americans force them to buy their weapons and points out that a number of Polish politicians receive rewards from the United States for demonstrating fear of Moscow.

According to a member of the National Council, the protests of Poland against the annexation of Crimea, which Warsaw "will never recognize," look ridiculous and similar to the complaints of a deceived child.
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  1. Sergey39 Offline Sergey39
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 18 December 2019 14: 52
    It is time for the Poles to restrain their grandeur of swagger towards their neighbors. This has never brought to good. The history of the lords does not teach anything.
  2. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 18 December 2019 21: 09
    Has it really come to the fact that Britain and the USA constantly use them as their conscious.
    1. gore Offline gore
      gore (Alexander) 20 December 2019 09: 58
      And use in a certain place ...
  3. meandr51 Offline meandr51
    meandr51 (Andrei) 19 December 2019 13: 20
    What the Poles and Czechs cannot take away is the sense of humor. I hope it saves them from our anger.
    1. gore Offline gore
      gore (Alexander) 20 December 2019 09: 57
      But they have some kind of humor ...
      1. General Black Online General Black
        General Black (Gennady) 20 December 2019 10: 44
        They can’t get anywhere. All according to the genre.
  4. Port Offline Port
    Port 20 December 2019 11: 00
    They go twice, because the Iskanders do not do discounts for idiocy.