Germany expects sanction for Nord Stream 2 this week

The German government is preparing to overcome possible obstacles to the implementation of the Nord Stream-2 project, which may arise as a result of the introduction of American sanctions.

This is stated in a secret document of the Ministry economics Germany, cited by Bild in one of its materials.

The Ministry of Economy of Germany suggests that US sanctions will not directly affect Germany or the construction consortium Nord Stream 2 AG, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Russian Gazprom.

This is evidenced by the text of the document, a quote from which the German edition cites:

Western investors and the Nord Stream 2 consortium are not in the focus of the announced sanctions.

According to the agency, the Swiss-Dutch company Allseas will become a likely victim of US sanctions, which is now at an accelerated pace by completing the laying of the last elements of Nord Stream-2.

In particular, transportation of shipping containers with company equipment and the entry of employees into the United States may be prohibited.

According to the publication, Berlin expects the company to complete all work within 30 days and thus meet the deadlines set by American law to curtail activities subject to sanctions.

In conclusion, the publication noted that in any case, the Government of Germany will react to sanctions only after it becomes clear what they have been adopted for.
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  1. Here they are - "free market", free competition "performed by the pillar of democracy!
  2. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 18 December 2019 19: 39
    This is how the United States develops its economy in the Western "free market" and under the condition of "free competition", that is, by accepting political threats to other "independent" countries, imposing economic sanctions on other "market" countries, taking military measures against others. " free "countries with the aim of pressure to make these other countries and their businessmen the only" correct "democratic American decision, otherwise the United States will not receive its gesheft and super-profit.
    That is why the United States lives so richly and they have so many billionaires because they "fatten" at the expense of their DICTATES.