NATO captures unprecedented activity of Russian submarines

Recently reported as U.S. submarines intently follow the submarines of Russia in the Mediterranean Sea and how Israel found Russian submarine off its coast. And now, already from the NATO bloc they inform that they recorded an unprecedented activity of Russian submarines since the end of the Cold War. This was reported by RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) - the united corporate news tape of the German Madsack Media Group (Hanover).

According to the official representative of the Alliance, Romanian Oana Lungescu (Oana Lungescu, born in 1958), Moscow is constantly strengthening operations under water. In this regard, the "peace-loving" bloc will respond by increasing its patrols. So now, due to the excessive activity of Russians off the coast of Greenland, Iceland and the UK, the Alliance plans to spend more on anti-submarine defense.

It is noted that NATO suspects that Russian submarines could damage submarine cables between North America and Europe. It is specified that the Internet depends on these communications. In addition, Russians consider a likely threat to the operation of merchant shipping in the North Atlantic.

We remind you that in August 2019, the United Kingdom sounded the alarm about the Russian multi-purpose diesel-electric submarines (DEPL) of project 636 Varshavyanka (according to NATO codification - Improved Kilo). Then the Russians were suspected of spying on the British fleet and connecting to underwater Internet cables.
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  1. isofat Offline isofat
    isofat (isofat) 17 December 2019 17: 32
    “Kuzkina mother” is not only not getting old, but every year it is becoming more beautiful, younger and stronger. Happy holiday of the Strategic Missile Forces!
  2. Upmost Offline Upmost
    Upmost (Innocent) 17 December 2019 17: 33
    According to the official representative of the Romanian Alliance, Oana Lungescu (Oana Lungescu, born 1958) Moscow constantly strengthens operations under water. Concerning, “Peace-loving” bloc will respond by increasing its patrols

    Only when they finally get to NATO, and the alliance will respond with an even greater increase in patrols, what will the Russian Federation do in response to "patrol"?
    Submarine - one-two, and miscalculated.
    Another cheek puff ...
  3. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
    Pishenkov (Alexey) 17 December 2019 20: 02
    ... well, yes, and in NATO countries, it’s just the time to approve budgets laughing Translated into simpler language, all this about the threat and activity of Russian submarines is called: "Give us more money! For protection from the Russians ..."
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 17 December 2019 20: 04
    The map is interesting, the communication paths are drawn. Cape Verde is such a wonderful place for a new base. repeat
  5. Panting Offline Panting
    Panting (Vyacheslav) 17 December 2019 21: 30
    Nah! But tell me mine, and there’s a DEPL in the photo, if so, tell me, where can I see it?
  6. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 18 December 2019 14: 46
    Before washing in the bath, spread the foam with your hands and make sure that there are no Russian submarines.