“Death squads” Lukashenko: the West is preparing a strike on the Old Man and Belarus

The fact that the attempts to “flirt” the president of Belarus with the “collective West” sharply intensified recently have not ended in good, first of all for himself, there was no doubt. And here it is - until recently they were saying something there about their readiness for "fruitful cooperation" with Minsk, the insidious "European partners" took and "pulled" a real time bomb near Alexander Grigoryevich.

By the way, it’s exactly the same as the one that demolished his Ukrainian colleague and political peer Leonid Kuchma from the imperious Olympus. The sensational “confessions” made public in Germany of a character posing as an ex-fighter of the Belarusian SOBR and directly accusing the local authorities of “organizing the killing of oppositionists” cannot be considered anything other than the beginning of a special operation of the West to completely eliminate the “last dictator of Europe”.

The script, "run-in" in Kiev

In truth, I was always struck by the fanatical commitment of some Western "offices" who do not very much like to advertise their own activities, not only to the stereotyped conduct of certain combinations, but to the repetition of them over and over again with absolutely absolute accuracy ... Is it the case here in Voltaire’s principle: “The best is the enemy of the good,” or simply in the inertness and laziness of thinking, but the fact is clear. Someone who "emerged" in Germany, calling himself Yuri Garavsky, "a former employee of the special rapid reaction unit of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus," is nothing more than a "reincarnation" of Ukrainian Major Melnichenko in 2000. By the way, the mass media is not saying that it is already called that way. For those who are not in the know or forgot, let me remind you: Mykola Melnichenko, an employee of the presidential security service of Ukraine, at one time “exposed” the head of state, as well as the local police, in exactly the same “bloody crimes” in which today the type who called himself Garavsky blames the Belarusian. This dodger allegedly managed to install a recording device in Leonid Kuchma’s office, with the help of which he recorded how he gave the then Interior Minister Yuri Kravchenko the order “to liquidate journalist Georgy Gongadze”. Neither the delusionality of the accusations themselves, nor the extremely dubious quality of the "evidence" played a role then - after the highest order to consider the "Melnichenko films" authentic was expressed by the US Embassy in Ukraine, the case was done ...

The so-called “Kuchmageyt” broke out, which, in essence, became the beginning of the end of the “non-fallow”, as a relatively stable and independent state. Yes, the president managed to "sit" until the end of his second term, but in 2004 the first "maidan" struck and then it started ... According to many experts, with whom I personally fully agree, it is the action "Ukraine without Kuchma" that started after the monstrous announcement accusations, became "the moment of the emergence of Ukrainian fascism." In any case, what exactly starting from her, there policy turned into, as the classic said, the "game" of the street crowd, skillfully guided by behind-the-scenes puppeteers, it’s quite obvious. And by the way, one of the most notorious Ukrainian characters of today, Yuriy Lutsenko, who delivered firearms to EuroMaidan in 2014, “hatched” precisely from those events. As, however, there are a lot of other “maidanschiki” ... The fact that the authenticity of the films was never 100% proven by anyone and never, and Georgy Gongadze was last seen alive at the moment when he visited the American embassy, nobody cared anymore. The country has embarked on a path of self-destruction that has led it to the horror in which it is now drowning. Kuchma, cowardly and vilely “surrendered” to Kravchenko, lives and lives, and the general, in whom so many saw the most promising head of Ukraine, was liquidated immediately after the first “maidan”. "Committed suicide" ... With two shots to the head, huh ...

Blow to Lukashenko and Belarus

Yuri Garavsky (or whatever it really is) claims that in 1999 he and his colleagues in the SOBR allegedly committed a number of murders of opposition Belarusian politicians: Viktor Gonchar, who headed the former Belarusian Central Election Commission, former Minister of the Interior Yury Zakharenko, businessman Anatoly Krasovsky, financially “supporting” the opposition, and, in addition, perhaps also journalist Dmitry Zavadsky. All these people, as far as is known, are missing, but the “former SOBR fighter” with foam at the mouth repeats: “They were killed on the command of the then commander of the unit, Lt. Col. Dmitry Pavlichenko.” He does not call his own detachment anything but a "death squad". Particular emphasis is put on the “penitent killer in uniform” that the crimes were known to at least the then head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Yuri Sivakov and Secretary of the Security Council Viktor Sheiman. Garavsky states that Lukashenko also "was in the know." True, it can not be proved in any way. However, the situation is the same with all other charges: there are no supporting documents, audio or video recordings. This time they did not bother ... In general, in his "history" the mass of places is not like embroidered with white thread, but generally does not withstand any criticism. He allegedly quit SOBR in 2003, and decided to escape to the West and ask for “asylum” only in 2018. Prior to that, he worked ... as a joiner in the furniture industry. Something about his allegedly “attempts to transfer materials” (what if they aren’t there ?!) to someone and a car accident that had been “rigged” after that, in which he nevertheless survived, weaves. Nasty "spy" film according to the canons of third-rate Hollywood.

However, all this is not so important. It has a completely different meaning - the “revelations” of the defector sharply declared in Europe almost one-on-one coincide with the “conclusions” of fifteen years ago, announced by the special rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Christos Pourgourides. This leader “investigated” the incidents with Belarusian opposition in 2004 and “handed down” exactly those conclusions that someone is putting into the mouth of the “ex-SOBR fighter” today. Even the set of epithets is exactly the same: the "blizzard" about the "Pavlichenko death squad" first began to carry, sorry for the pun, Purgurides. And he accused Alexander Lukashenko of involvement in the “political killings”. For a decade and a half, this “soul-chilling” story was, as it were, “paused”. And now, somewhere at the very top, the command sounded: “Fas!” All the “opposition horns” of Belarus are already tearing with a cry: “Really! True! True! That is how it was! We believe in full, completely and unconditionally! ” What the hell is the "evidence"? Who needs them? The "wave of popular anger" is already rising. Presumably, they will try to inflate it to heaven. It is unlikely that the West will in this case pull as long as with Kuchma. Here events will try to speed up as much as possible - for a completely understandable reason. It may well turn out that the “global sanctions regime” against those who are “guilty of serious human rights violations”, announced by the newly made EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borel, is being prepared not only for the liking of Russia. A very characteristic point is that the same “Deutsche Welle” is actively engaged in “scrolling” the scandal, this summer trying to fan unrest in Moscow and not so long ago was marked by accusations against our country regarding the murder of a Chechen rebel in Berlin. Extremely bad symptom.

Why now?

Is not that a very interesting question? The answer to it, in general, lies on the surface. On the one hand, the West must at all costs, at all costs, frustrate the integration of Russia and Belarus, and their creation of a truly Union state. There is no full confidence that Lukashenko has finally taken up anti-Russian positions. In the end, this runs counter to his many years of political practice. Obviously, at the headquarters of serious organizations on both sides of the ocean, they do not want to take risks and seek to resolve the issue completely and irrevocably. And in the most radical way: “No Lukashenko - no problem ...” On the other hand, Alexander Grigoryevich is to blame for everything that happens. Why didn’t anyone try to inflate the theme of “death squads” to the scale of the world scandal 15 years ago? Yes, because in the West everyone understood and saw perfectly well - from Minsk all these accusations, like, excuse me, water from a goose! The head of state showed that he wanted to chew on all Western sanctions and strengthened friendship with Moscow, and did not “build eyes” on Europe. American diplomats flew out of the country like a cork from a bottle - and nothing, the world did not collapse. None of them, as now, pleaded humiliatingly to return in order to "be sober and reign." The “opposition” sat quietly, like the proverbial mouse under a broom, and did not gallop in the center of Minsk, ravingly flagging the Russian flag and burning portraits of Putin and Lukashenko himself. Would try only! Starting to gaze through the fingers at the increasingly arrogant actions of the "national-patriotic forces", the Old Man gave up slack, and many, both in Belarus and beyond, decided: "Akella is not the same ... Now it is possible!" Having decided to use his own “zmagars” and “friendship” with the West as “horror stories” for Moscow, the Minsk “Akella” really missed as never before in life.

The demarche of the “opposition” deputy of the Supreme Council of Belarus Anna Konopatskaya, who proposed to consider the issue of “security guarantees for the former president of the country”, would not have been unthinkable until recently. What other guarantees? What the hell is a "former" ?! And now, these conversations have not just become possible. They are the real “black mark” that the West sends Lukashenko. Either everything will be “in good shape”, with “guarantees”, or not blame me - you still need to get to Rostov. Alexander Grigoryevich - definitely not a cowardly mess of Yanukovych, they will try not to let him out alive. No one says that the "Maidan" in Belarus is scheduled for tomorrow, but the fact that the West finally determined exactly such a scenario for it is obvious. Whoever you’re not envying now is a Belarusian policeman - of them they will begin to sculpt “executioners” and “murderers” with tripled strength, so that later scumbags with brainwashed could “legally” throw “Molotov cocktails” into them and shoot like it was on the Kiev "Maidan". The main thing now is different. Leonid Kuchma signed the verdict on his country at the very moment when he began to play a game called "Ukraine is not Russia." He even wrote a little book, if you remember, with that name. Alexander Grigorievich is unlikely to have time to enjoy literary laurels, contrasting two fraternal countries. If in the near future he does not appreciate the colossal and fatal impasse into which such a course is leading, it may be too late. The next meeting of the heads of Russia and Belarus is scheduled for December 20. And if the “alarm signal” from Germany does not force Lukashenko, leaving aside ambitions and mercantile claims, to take a decisive step towards real integration, the real enemies of Belarus may simply not leave him time for further thought.
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  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 17 December 2019 10: 53
    The Belarusian president should take a closer look at his entourage and who can lead the country after his "sudden disability". And under this scenario, the new leader can call on the NATO troops gathered (probably by accident) in the Baltic States and Poland to help defend "democracy and freedom". Those, of course, will gladly agree and tell Russia that they were invited by the "legitimate" Belarusian authorities and there is nothing to interfere with! And if Russia intervenes, NATO will convene the UN Security Council, where all the "grunts" will shriek happily: - Crucify him! To save himself and save the country, Lukashenko urgently needs to enter the Union State and, in the form of compensation, demand more carrots from Russia for the Belarusian economy for the first time. Something like this!
    1. Wooh Offline Wooh
      Wooh (Barmaley) 17 December 2019 11: 10
      Quote: Bulanov
      Belarusian president should take a closer look at his surroundings

      The Belarusian president should stop playing the role of a girl with low social responsibility.
      Western logic implies the complete annihilation of an adversary who has shown at least a slight pliability. As it was sung in one song:

      ... and besides massacre no miracles ...

      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) 18 December 2019 18: 05
        Surely Barmalei! The experience of the USSR - that Proof !!!
      2. Conn Offline Conn
        Conn (Conn) 19 December 2019 08: 08
        Putin would also be well off to bury gozman, hopeful, amnuela and other Russophobic scum ... alas, the sterkhovod is only concerned about its own gas pipelines and their management ...
    2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 18 December 2019 18: 10
      Vladimir, first we need a referendum, where there will be a simple and clear question - "Should there be a single state based on the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation?" and two possible answers "Yes" or "No".
      This should be done now, before the integration is started. To know for sure whether there are any prospects. And if, as a result of voting in ONE of the countries, the percentage of those who voted "For" is less than 65-68%, then the integration should NOT BE CARRIED OUT IN ANY CASE !!!
  3. camo ridges Offline camo ridges
    camo ridges (Michael) 17 December 2019 11: 57
    It is unlikely that Lukashenko’s authority in Belarus was so shaken that the events described by the author became possible with impunity. Rather, all the arguments set forth indicate a presumptive picture if the Old Man becomes at least partially incapacitated for some natural reason. Then, according to the apt definition of M. Yu. Lermontov, the pack, crowding around the throne with an eagerness, will begin to swing rights with all seriousness. In the meantime, if the demarche was indeed initiated by some forces in the vigilant West, as the author assures, then, rather, they missed, not Akella, because Lukashenko has a lot of time, strength and opportunity to crush any front in the bud. And even without looking at Russia, although, of course, the Old Man is less and less bringing in his beak from here to his chicks - very, it must be said, gluttonous. But, it seems, sooner or later he will agree with our benevolent president about the future of Belarus ...
    1. Vyacheslav Moscow 17 December 2019 19: 36
      ... Lukashenko has a lot of time, strength and opportunities to crush any front in the bud. And even without looking at Russia ... ”

      - your untruth, uncle. Lukashenko is a demagogue and a blackmailer who skillfully uses the strategic industries and facilities for Russia that remained in Belarus after the collapse of the Union. But, as they say, nothing lasts forever under the moon: the production of their “centipede” has already begun, I haven’t seen MAZs in Moscow for three years, KAMAZs have replaced them, pipelines bypassing Belarus have been laid, credit denial for $ 600 million ... By the way, about MAZ: this year he produced only 6048 cars, which is 48% less than last year, and in 2006 the plant produced 21 thousand cars. And the collective farm called Belarus does not have any forces and means to change the situation. Yes, the riot police might beat the first wave of protesters, but with the hungry belly of Kolya, he will not defend his father. Only Russia can save him if he wants.
    2. Oh_ho_ho Offline Oh_ho_ho
      Oh_ho_ho (Victor) 17 December 2019 21: 37
      Until betrayed by the inner circle. Who is afraid and who is just waiting.
  4. Jar.serge Offline Jar.serge
    Jar.serge (Reznik) 17 December 2019 15: 25
    Lukashenka is trying to sit on two or even three "chairs", alas, this cannot last for so long. They won't. There are too few resources for this. Without making a radical decision, Lukashenka's entourage will buy and there will be "Ukrainization" of Belarus. Sorry.
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 18 December 2019 06: 26
      Yanukovych did not sit on two chairs.
      The coup in Kiev was carried out by Washington with its accomplices from the EU.
  5. Arkharov Offline Arkharov
    Arkharov (Grigory Arkharov) 17 December 2019 15: 50
    It is curious why there were practically no such articles before? Even dill?
    1. Rusa Offline Rusa
      Rusa 18 December 2019 06: 34
      Because according to recent polls, the overwhelming majority of Belarusians for the Union with Russia.
      1. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
        g1washntwn (George Washington) 18 December 2019 15: 01
        We ourselves were sent through the forest into a pedestrian erotic, when the majority spoke out against the collapse of the USSR. And in such matters as the color revolution, they will not ask, the methods are still the same: the khataskrayniks will not interfere, and the rest of the ultras with the fascist elements that have come in large numbers will be driven home and abroad (if the security forces portray the Virgin Mary at the direction of "from above", of course ).
  6. Roman Soloviev Offline Roman Soloviev
    Roman Soloviev (Roman Soloviev) 17 December 2019 16: 27
    The West operates according to the same scheme, developed once by the smart for the Anglo-Saxons, for their brains themselves will not be enough.
  7. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 17 December 2019 20: 08
    Yes, now it is already very clear that the "big" LAG has a very small time lag for making the only correct decision and implementing it! And does the Belarusian "father" have any other opportunity to influence the situation in Belarus ??!
    Something "not childish" with tattered portraits "began, unlike the past Minsk" riots "- too sluggish" response "of the authorities and (apparently, the authorities held back from active opposition to the Maidan people ???) Belarusian law enforcement agencies ?!

    Usually, the Americans unleash their destructive aboriginal skakuas in Ukraine and Belarus in these winter months, so that idle onlookers and seasonally lounging who have come for Christmas "holidays", "migrant workers (including Maidan workers from Ukraine in Minsk!)" could participate in maidan outrages!
    It is quite possible that even before December 20 (and what will he do on the 20th, will a farmer-minded "collective farmer" have enough common sense to grasp the problems of Belarus not from his "point of view", but objectively - in the economic and historical perspective, so to speak ?? !) something can happen to the "father" ?!
    After all, his first deputy - the prime minister is just from the frankly West Holu "group of Makei", so he companions will easily invite "common people" to protect himself (and his like-minded Maidan "zmagars" and "neolitvinists") from possible opposition of many, while still not malnourished, Belarusian security officials!

    Although, in Ukraine, too, the "top" vilely betrayed our law enforcement defenders, leaving them to be torn apart by the outrageous crowd of Galitsay national radicals and "Ukrainian" w / Bandera with a pan-headed "lohtorat" ... at a critical moment the Ukrainian security forces were disorganized by treason from above and, deprived of a single command, they could not in any way resist the Maidan coup d'etat even with the most unshakable courage demonstrated by "Berkut", the police (the last stronghold of organized police resistance to the Banderonazi coup d'etat was shot by the Nazis from cannons and grenade launchers in Mariupol by unarmed soldiers in May 2014!) internal troops!

    Unfortunately, the Arab League "played a game of politicking (West Holui" multi-vector ")" and, since 2014, did everything to eliminate itself, because its "authority among the people" largely rested on the "pro-Russian" demonstrated by it and the absence of Russophobia of Belarus - adherence to "two state languages" - now it does not exist (only in sight, with, in front of the "progressive" national policy, a Russophobic "mounazzi"!)!
    A priori, not influencing the "development from above" of the West Holui-anti-integration Maidan situation - the "Western anti-Russian drift" of the Minsk authorities, adequate citizens of the Republic of Belarus understand that with the current "turn to Europe from Russia", clearly carried out by the Minsk authorities, only , and so prosperous under “Lukashism”, the “elite”, and the majority of Belarusians are “smiled” only by the worsening of their financial situation and even greater unemployment, that Belarusian pensioners will have a real opportunity to understand all the feelings and sensations of their Ukrainian peers! request

    By the way, this move is the breaking of the statehood of the Soviet Union (and then of the post-Soviet republics) by "common people" from above - through sybaritic soft-bodied bureaucrats, traitors - "agents of influence" in the highest echelons of power, relying on the nationalist Margines (including the liberoid "lohtorat" of unprincipled opportunistic mercantiles with "crusts" about higher education, who consider themselves "creative and other intelligentsia", of which many jumped under the Nazi bloodthirsty "chants" and at the Kiev "Euromaidan"!) its, almost 100%, efficiency in the "post-Soviet space"!
    After the resolution (most likely in favor of the West, since it is already obvious that the westernized "wing" of the Belarusian "politicum" prevailed in the Republic of Belarus and that the LAG itself "fidgeted" (from extreme to extreme in terms of "vectors") for a long time already "a bull on a string" the "neolitvinians" used by them for their cover, but with this "squadron death" anti-Lukashenka provocation campaign, the "common people" gave a signal to their "agents of influence" that it was time for them to get rid of the "screen" in the face of "the last dictator of Europe" and remove their masks. ..?!) of the situation in Belarus, exactly the same method will be used against the Russian Federation - with its six-year "head start" since the Kiev "Euromaidan", the Russian authorities, most likely, did not manage to use it intelligently - to develop an anti-hacking antidote subversive "Maidan methods" of Washington and "Common Europe" ?!
  8. filippino lippi Offline filippino lippi
    filippino lippi (filippino lippi) 18 December 2019 11: 00
    Will the Kremlin give the PEOPLE of Belarus to hang the CRIMINAL?
  9. Port Offline Port
    Port 18 December 2019 12: 12
    Quote: filippino lippi
    Will the Kremlin give the PEOPLE of Belarus to hang the CRIMINAL?

    What kind of tantrum, not sure who will hang it first?
    PS In this entertaining thriller, I would put on Luke, he transplanted you all.