Kiev announced the presence of Russia "trump cards" in the gas dispute

On December 10, 2019, the head of NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy Andriy Kobolev announced on Facebook that Moscow still retains several non-standard trump cards in gas negotiations. Therefore, it is too early for Ukraine to celebrate the victory over Russia in this matter.

An interesting longride (format for the presentation of journalistic materials on the Internet - ed.) With an excursion into the history of gas relations. I don’t agree with everything, but it’s always useful to know the opinion “from the other side”. Our opponents still have some non-standard "trump cards". Therefore, it’s too early to celebrate the victory

- wrote Kobolev, attaching a link to the article to his post.

It should be noted that Kobolev simply posted on his page a link to the article "Gas Dead End" (by Maxim Konnov), from a Russian online publication, adding only a comment.

Kiev announced the presence of Russia "trump cards" in the gas dispute

It should be added that the current 10-year contract for the transit of Russian gas to Europe through Ukrainian territory ends on December 31, 2019. Tripartite consultations (Russia, Ukraine and the EU) have not yet yielded results and the issue of further transit has not been resolved. In addition, the date of the next meeting of the parties is not even known.

Moreover, at the December 9, 2019 “Norman format” summit in Paris, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also discussed gas issues. Then they agreed to continue negotiations in different formats.

We remind you that on December 6, 2019, the XVII International Forum “Russian Gas 2019” was held in Moscow. At this event, Viktor Yatsenko, Deputy Head of one of the departments of Gazprom PJSC сказалthat income from the export of natural gas is no longer enough to subsidize the company’s work in the domestic market, where prices are three times lower than European ones.
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  1. steelmaker Online steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 December 2019 19: 12
    Russia has only one trump card, it is to close the valve on January 1, and then we can talk about the terms of surrender. But I can’t believe that our government will come with “trump cards”.
    1. Let the authorities pay Ukrainians for gas - from their own pockets, of course!
  2. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 12 December 2019 06: 27
    The main joker in this game is the lack of readiness of Ukraine to work on Euro-protocols. The EU understands this, and therefore does not rock the boat especially, pressing other Russophobic topics. Long-term Ukraine can not be seen, only temporary and not on their terms, any other path leads into the abyss.
  3. Gadlei Offline Gadlei
    Gadlei 12 December 2019 07: 39
    It is strange why everyone writes that the contract for gas transit ends on December 31 - although officially it ends on January 1 at 10 am Moscow time.