Putin and Zelensky equally appreciated the first meeting with each other

Speaking about the talks in Paris yesterday, at which the first meeting of the presidents of Russia and Ukraine took place, Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky were equally positive in their assessments.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the negotiations were complicated and ambiguous: he had to give up on some issues, and on the other, the parties managed to agree.

Talking about his impressions of the President of Russia, Vladimir Zelensky noted that Vladimir Putin delves into the details of each issue and attaches importance to every word spoken.

The President of Ukraine noted that he was not used to this approach:

I am a different person: once and once - and agreed. He has other natural biomechanics.

In turn, Vladimir Putin, answering journalists' questions about the negotiations in Paris, noted that the negotiations were “business-like” and he was pleased with their result.

Actually, it’s not difficult to understand Vladimir Zelensky: before he was elected to the post, he was a man far from policy, and therefore, a meeting with Vladimir Putin, who has colossal experience in conducting high-level negotiations, could not be easy for him.

Recall that the result of yesterday's meeting in the Champs Elysees was an agreement to consolidate the "Steinmeier formula" in the Ukrainian constitution, to extend the special status of Donbass, to ceasefire in the region until the end of the year and to deploy forces on three sections of the contact line.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 10 December 2019 09: 52
    I have already said that Putin did not have to travel for a meeting. Any questions will be resolved when they are put on the edge! Not a single question was posed like that! Even the exchange of prisoners and the withdrawal of troops along the entire length is in question. Time will tell. But they don’t talk like that with their enemies.

    You can’t be infinitely kind, you won’t make a carpet all the way.
    Do not humiliate people with advice, it would be better to be fair.
    You cannot be infinitely good, you cannot be infinitely evil,
    manage to stop on time
    grab yourself by the forelock yourself, otherwise they will send you to the dogs.
    Good cannot be without evil, for they destroy by creating,
    good and evil cannot live without interfering with each other!
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. gore Offline gore
    gore (Alexander) 11 December 2019 05: 34
    Well, what a common thing. Dumb talked to the deaf ...
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 12 December 2019 01: 00
    The beginner ukropolitikANU Ze was shown at the highest international level how it can be when the presidents of Russia, France and Germany consider him to be negotiable .... (even despite the frank demonstration of elements of boorish "manners" and Chaldean "headphones", "organic" for the role a servant, currying favor with "his master" -Ameroprez, and the role of a public jester, but contraindicated to a public politician, whose role he ascended to play in real life, and not in a feature film !!! - the president of the country, a priori responsible not only for himself! !!)!

    An example of handling his non-handshake "peepednik", I hope, VAZ "reeled on his mustache" ?! winked