Punishment from WADA: Russia loses the “battle of laboratories”

So, WADA’s punishing “anti-doping hand” once again hovered over the Russian sport of top achievements. Our country is suspended from the Olympics and major international competitions for the next four years. This is happening for the second time, which gives reason to ask unpleasant questions.

First of all, you need to understand the essence of the problem. “Doping” is, in a broad sense, drugs that improve athletic performance. The name comes from the word doоp, a drink that allowed South Africans to increase their stamina. For obvious reasons, doping developed in parallel with sports. The first cases of its use have been known since ancient Greece, where athletes took special drugs based on mushrooms.

Doping was very actively used in modern sports, but was banned after a number of deaths of athletes. France was the first country to start a fight with stimulant results. A list of prohibited drugs was compiled, a methodology for their identification was developed. Then followed a series of doping scandals. In 1999, WADA was created, over 10000 different drugs were banned. However, for some reason, the problem is still relevant.

In the United States, a survey was conducted among athletes:

Do you agree to take a drug that will make you an Olympic champion in three years, and disabled in ten years?

80% of respondents answered positively. This is due to the fact that professional sports, sports of the highest achievements are a big money industry. The most successful athletes receive multi-million dollar contracts, earn on advertising. The sports age is short-lived, the competition is huge, they strive to squeeze the maximum out of their body. Sports differ in the degree of their “purity”: if doping is useless in rhythmic gymnastics, then, for example, in weightlifting or cycling, the athlete’s body experiences tremendous overloads. We are not talking about any health at all.

Nevertheless, very few are caught in doping, moreover, very selectively. How does this happen?

Let's do without hypocrisy, athletes from all countries are “chemically” in varying degrees. The secret of the open door is that the sport of the highest achievements is also a “laboratory fight”. Western professional sport is a "plot" of corporations where billions of dollars rotate. TNCs are quite capable of sponsoring the most advanced pharmaceutical developments, which are several years ahead of existing methods for detecting doping.

Is Russia able to effectively participate in this undeclared “laboratory race”? Apparently not. Policy politics but lag on technology it’s already hard to deny the result is obvious. You must either comply with the global rules of the game, or create your own "pure sport league" and comply with it already.

Russian athletes who are recognized by WADA as “clean” will have the right to compete under the Olympic flag. Close attention will be drawn to their performances, their doping tests will be examined in the most careful manner. Those who receive medals will be denied the right to hear their country's national anthem. Moreover, there is an initiative to even ban them from calling "an athlete from Russia."

It is necessary to support our “pure” athletes and draw conclusions. We still have four years ahead to think about it.
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  1. steelmaker Offline
    steelmaker 10 December 2019 13: 59
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    There used to be such a Kozyrev. He said "YES" that he did not offer. Now there are effective managers supported by the Government. Such as Primakov to the authorities do not even close close. First, you must send your children and family to live in Europe or America, open accounts in foreign banks. I think, until 2024, some will still reach?

    If YOU shoot a steel bullet,
    do not tolerate, but fight back with a military grenade !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
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  3. Port Offline
    Port 11 December 2019 07: 18
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    I get out of wide leg
    Passport foreign collection.
    Look, envy, I'm a deputy,
    And not some Russian there.

    While the "multi-station workers" are sitting in the State Duma and not only, there is nothing for WADs and other Russophobic shusher to be afraid of.
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 11 December 2019 09: 38
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    Bullshit question. According to the descriptions - in other people's teams there are doctors who monitor the compliance of the drugs, knock out permits for use, replacements, etc.
    It turns out that our officials:
    1) optimize this money;
    2) they are really cheating with doping, since the last time they quietly agreed with everything, and even thanked humiliatingly for the "advice" ....;
    3) did not try to sue, prove that they were right, attract witnesses ... (unlike the athletes themselves).

    Alas, that means a little stigma in the fluff, and Mutko and K quickly moved out of sight ..... without punishing it is clear why ....
  5. gorenina91 Offline
    gorenina91 (Irina) 11 December 2019 15: 17
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    - Yes, it seems to me that the casket just opens ...- and it’s not worth it so ... to break the spears, discussing all this ...
    - What, in fact, is happening ... - we need an elementary problem that would simply unite the entire Russian multilevel electorate in one direction ... -And this direction is ... -The whole Russian people suddenly suddenly deprives some WADA spectacle ...
    - If this “VADA” weren’t there, then it would be worth it to come up with ... - to come up with for the sake of distracting the whole people from real and pressing problems ...
    - Somehow everything is strange ...- Russia was already very seriously “rolled” at the Olympic Games, when many of our athletes had to perform “incognito” ...
    - Enough time has passed since then, but the problem is the same ... -And the situation of sports Russia has remained at the same level ... -Well, how do you understand this ??? -Russia, that ...- forever identified in the group "O" ??? -Almost -Hahah ...
    - And Russia will now have to change the name of the state in order to get into the "legal sports participants" ???
    - Or is Russia so weak and unhappy that it can not oppose anything to arbitrariness and defend its position ??? -Or Russia intentionally wants to look so unhappy ... -That's why WADA came together ...- Now everyone will unite under the auspices of the fight against the “all-powerful WADA”, but you can’t even think about pressing problems ...
    - Yes, how much you can already "use" this "VADU" ...
    1. 321 Offline
      321 (321) 11 December 2019 16: 19
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      How difficult it is to understand that for a large part of the population all THESE and similar “spectacles” are deeply purple, especially after well-accidentally leaked information and especially the photo - about a “miniature and extremely feminine” gymnast from the USA, or about eternally sick skiers, who are interested to watch SUCH such ? bully
  6. g1washntwn Offline
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 12 December 2019 06: 38
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    I would say differently: the special services slammed their ears. Because I strongly doubt that in such matters I do without intelligence and counterintelligence. The sports movement (in the international and monetized parts of it) has long passed into a state of war. Where is the dirt on foreign "athletes"? The fact that there the whole "sports" pharmacology was transferred to private companies does not mean anything. You can find the threads to state support, unless you are distracted by clogging your own apartments with cash.
  7. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 13 December 2019 06: 33
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    The author looked right into my thoughts. I would add that in professional sports, each athlete has a price tag for advertising. And if we have achievements in sports, then this puts the competitor in a difficult position. A game without rules.