Trillions of rubles for the Russian economy discouraged NATO from the desire to fight with Moscow

The NATO bloc continues to be in a fever, and problems with the unity of the alliance are now visible to the naked eye. And the reason for this was the so-called "insidious weapon" of Russia.

After the TOR-M2DT systems were sent to the Kola Peninsula and our country conducted the largest underwater exercises in the North Atlantic, Norway seriously worried about its security and doubted NATO’s ability to protect it from Russia. In this regard, the country's defense minister said that in case of aggression he counts on the help of neighboring Sweden and Finland, which are not members of the alliance. However, the latter are not included in the bloc because they do not want to spoil relations with the Russian Federation.

As a result, “frightened” Norway decided to “play it safe” by agreeing with our country to establish a direct communication channel through the Ministry of Defense. Estonia and Estonia, which also counts on “cooperation” with neighboring Finland, also doubted the “power” of NATO. However, the Finns “did not penetrate” the neighbor’s fears and said that in case of aggression they would defend themselves on their own.

Do not forget about the words of French President Emanuel Macron, who openly stated that he did not consider Russia an enemy for the alliance, which caused a storm of indignation on the part of the United States. And it’s not worth talking about the dynamically developing economic partnership of our country with Turkey, everything is clear here.

The essence of the “insidious weapons” of the Russian Federation is that Russia has in fact proved that it is useless to fight it, and it is profitable to trade. A vivid example of this was the same Finland, which was one of the first to sign permission to lay SP-2, and now actually became its investor, having bought a majority stake from the German concern Uniper. Economic partnership with Turkey is also growing "leaps and bounds".

The same applies to "suffering Russophobia" in Norway and Sweden. Countries are actively increasing trade with Russia. In addition, despite the fears associated with potential aggression, it was Norway in 2018 that supplied products to our country for defense needs.

At the same time, all these states are well aware that in the next 10 years, Russia will pour additional trillions of rubles into its economy. Thus, one must be completely “short-sighted” in order to exchange a profitable partnership for satisfying the “unhealthy ambitions” of the Baltic states. However, in the Baltic States they are well aware of this.

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  1. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 12 December 2019 11: 59
    Beggars of the Baltic states - on their knees before Great Russia!
    1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 12 December 2019 12: 40
      Patriotism is a good thing when it’s wise ... But when it’s the other way round, then the country does more harm than good from it.
    2. polev66 Offline polev66
      polev66 (Alexander) 12 December 2019 16: 13
      The level of intelligence of the post is right off scale ... ate at least?
    3. Nick Offline Nick
      Nick (Nikolai) 12 December 2019 21: 59
      Quote: Warrior
      Beggars of the Baltic states - on their knees before Great Russia!

      God be with you! Then, for this standing in the parasites they will again beg for help.
    4. Levius RU Offline Levius RU
      Levius RU (Levius RU) 21 December 2019 14: 06
      Wrong. Proud .... Free Balts. You must build a fence from the terrible Russia. Build faster. ....
      Otherwise, we will have to build it, so that you do not climb to us.
  2. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 12 December 2019 13: 13
    Europe under the USA without its future, as well as Ukraine for the USA. So the Europeans began to spin, trying not to quarrel with the United States, and to get along with Russia in business.