On the way to integration: Russia and Belarus managed to bring oil and gas positions closer

The talks between the leaders of Russia and Belarus in Sochi made it possible to bring the positions of the two states closer on a number of issues on the path of deepening mutual integration.

According to the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, during the negotiations the parties worked fruitfully and made progress in a number of areas: agriculture, communications, customs, and regulation of the oil market.

The official noted that he also managed to very seriously bring the positions in oil and gas together.

According to him, by the beginning of the negotiations, the number of controversial issues regarding the relations between the two countries remained insignificant:

Now there are even fewer of them, we understand how, for the most part, to move forward, instructions are given, now we will work on and move on.

As for the further development of the agreements reached, the Minister said that from Monday December 9, experts will begin to work out all the instructions received today, after which a report will be made to the country's leadership.

Previously we wrote that on the eve of the negotiations, the Prime Minister of Belarus Sergey Rumas announced the presence of a number of uncoordinated issues in relations between the two countries.

According to him, one of these issues was the issue of prices at which Minsk could receive energy from Russia.
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  1. Victor N Offline Victor N
    Victor N (Victor n) 8 December 2019 12: 41
    Nothing is clear yet. It’s good (?) That without scandal. Putin resolves issues without emotion, calmly and confidently. I hope he succeeds in pacifying the free head of Lukashenko.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 8 December 2019 13: 38
    - No matter how Lukashenko is (good or bad) .. but he holds his oligarchs in a fist and controls them ... -they don’t dare to speak against Lukashenko ...
    - But in Russia it is the other way around ...- oligarchs rule Putin ...
    - Here .., for example ... - steal trillions of rubles in any of the oligarchs in Belarus (with large state fraud ... - a scam with nano technologies, etc.) .., or plunder such a state facility as Vostochny Cosmodrome ... - These criminals would have been in prison for a long time (or maybe they were shot) ...
    - And in Russia you can commit monstrous state crimes; cause tremendous damage to the state and ... and ... and ... and after that continue to occupy responsible government posts, as if nothing had happened ...- Our oligarchs are stronger than our guarantor (the guarantor himself is an oligarch) ... -they dictate their criminal will to him and feel completely safe ...
    - And Lukashenka ... is the "last of the Mohicans" who can punish oligarchs himself and keep them in a tight rein ...

    - And what will happen if Russia and Belarus unite ???
    - Well, for Russia, in fact ... - not much will change ...
    - But for Belarus everything will be different ..:
    1. Immediately in Belarus, all enterprises, factories and factories are closed down ...- and all workers are driven out into the street ..;
    2. All agriculture in Belarus will suffer the same fate ...- collective farms, large joint agricultural enterprises (meat, dairy and vegetable production) will simply go broke ..;
    3. The rather mobile and professional army of Belarus will simply be disbanded and the entire officers will be out of work ..;
    4. The entire education system (schools, institutes, military schools, etc.) will undergo tremendous changes ...- most teachers will simply lose their jobs ...;
    5. The health care system will slide to the lowest level ... -Most children. gardens just shut up and lose their functions ..;
    6. Across the country (Belarus), a general redistribution of property will begin ...- All enterprises for pennies will be sold in private hands; and many citizens will lose their jobs and their homes and replenish the army of Russian homeless people and the unemployed ...
    - You can still list a lot ... -And you can just say in a nutshell ... -In Belarus, the same thing will happen that today has a place to be in Russia ....
    - Today, Belarus, though, is begging and constantly begging from Russia for benefits and loans .. but ... but ... but ... but there are enterprises, schools, kindergartens; its agriculture, defense industry, design bureau, etc.
    - But what will remain there and will be .. if ..............
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 9 December 2019 01: 19
    In my opinion, the people simply do not understand what is happening now. As for me, these meetings are the most significant event after the Belovezhskaya betrayal and the bacchanalia of the "Chicago boys" in the "lawmaking" of the 90s. This is an attempt to put Russia on a normal course of development.
    Attempts to hang on Putin all the problems of our country are simply ridiculous. He came to the current model of the country's economic structure, which is covered by a number of articles of the Constitution and the basic laws of the Russian Federation. He has almost no leverage on domestic politics.
    To change the situation, you need to change the Constitution and some basic laws. For example, in the area related to the Central Bank and natural resources.
    To change these points in the legislation, a referendum is needed. If it is carried out within the Russian Federation, this will be our liberal leadership stratum, 3-4 million liberals in power. And the changes will be such that we will be left without the last pants.
    This means that the exit in the organization of the referendum is beyond the competence of liberals. International relations are Putin’s competencies. And the referendum must be held simultaneously in the Russian Federation and Belarus. And the peoples of both countries must agree. The legislative framework for integration was adopted a long time ago, it was necessary to choose the moment to start it. Lukashenko will not allow those articles of the Constitution and laws that have strangled the Russian Federation for almost 30 years to apply to Belarus. And the Russian Federation all this time for this purpose and kept an island of socialism of the Republic of Belarus so that at the right time it can be used as an instrument that makes it possible to painlessly change all these treacherous laws.
    This thought occurred to me at the beginning of this year. I even wrote a post on this topic.


    looking at Putin’s and Lukashenko’s obviously contingent revitalization talks at the turn of 2018/19.
    And now what is happening is that Western genetics leaped up at Lukashenko and he was trying to squeeze out of the situation more than common sense dictates. At the same time, he runs the risk of overwhelming an event that had to be carried out quickly, with one call. His redneck, even in the case of an agreement, lays an embedded conflict in the future relations of peoples.
    The near future will show whether I am right or not. The wait is not long.