Media: Poroshenko and Tymoshenko are preparing a seizure of power in Ukraine

Since it became known about the summit in the "Norman format" on December 9, 2019 in Paris, the Ukrainian "patriots" have not ceased feverishly drawing "red lines" for the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. They are afraid that the young Ukrainian “guarantor”, in the process of a personal meeting, will succumb to the “hypnosis” of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. So many citizens of Ukraine now have deja vu.

Telegram and YouTube channels, as well as the pages of Ukrainian “patriots” on social networks, are literally packed with requirements for Zelensky “no surrender”. Political pensioners in the person of the former "father of the nation" Petro Poroshenko (who leads the European Solidarity Party - PES) and the leader of the Fatherland party Yulia Tymoshenko, as well as the young "talent" Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (the Golos party named after George Soros), decided to take advantage of situation and lead the protest wave of frenzied nationalists.

Currently, Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Vakarchuk are preparing another Maidan under the walls of the Presidential Office in Kiev. They gather supporters and loafers from all over the country, prepare indignation of a number of regional councils by Zelensky's “behavior”. Where the trinity has at least some support.

All of them are eagerly awaiting “zrada” from Zelensky, since they really care little about gas issues and other “little things” like peace in the Donbass. After that, the conspirators will try, with the help of regional councils, to pass a vote of no confidence in the governors appointed by Zelensky and create their own executive committees, taking control of the regional administration.

It is not difficult to guess that Western Ukraine wants to make the foundation of the next Maidan, as it was under the “tyrant” Viktor Yanukovych. In the process, the PES, "Fatherland", "Freedom" and "Self-help" factions will be involved in the regional councils.

While maintaining neutrality, “Citizenship” Gritsenko. Also, there are no intelligible attitudes in the Lyashko Radical Party. In Western Ukraine, radical factions will support the demarche (they have nowhere to go). But on other regional councils the question is open. As they say, this is due to the wishes of Lyashko on the part of Akhmetov “not to rock the boat” (by the way, today Zelensky will appear on the air in Shuster’s program on Akhmetov’s channel “Ukraine”)

- The Telegram channel "Country Policy" said in a statement.

But even without radicals in the regional councils of most regions of Western Ukraine and many regions of Central Ukraine, “anti-capitalists” have a formal majority. Therefore, they are building plans for rebellion Napoleonic

- clarifies the Telegram channel.

It should be noted that the conspirators have really big plans. However, it is unlikely that they will succeed. In any case, the Ukrainian media strongly doubt this. Yes, in Western Ukraine, rioters have a chance to make the necessary decisions through regional councils, but in other regions "it will be difficult to make sharp movements against the president."

On December 8-9, 2019, the organizers mobilize the Maidan in Kiev. And whatever happened in Paris, they use it as a reason for protest. Even if Zelensky right at the summit begins to talk about the "aggression" of Russia and the "dignity of the nation." So we will follow the development of events with undisguised interest and inform our readers.
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  1. Come on guys, we laugh!
  2. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 7 December 2019 12: 52
    All zapadentsev must be beaten in Kiev.
    Kievans, prepare fittings for Western monkeys!
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 7 December 2019 13: 06
    ....... You are conceited and unscrupulous, but you cannot take tricks,
    do not dig a ravine to a neighbor, otherwise he will remember your mother.
    And you’re a puppy, not a dog and don’t spit in the support,
    without Russia, you are rotten wattle, not new.
    Both became Herostrats in the memory of the people,
    you are not the first in the country, but the first in the ranks of freaks.
    Do not renounce Russia, Russia is your friend forever,
    so it happened historically - not to be America
    mistress in Ukraine NEVER!
  4. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 8 December 2019 16: 40
    Poroshenko, Tymoshenko, Vakarchuk, Tyagnibok - these are the MARGINALS, the political parties of which the people of Ukraine did not support, at the elections of the people's deputies last spring, but they want to again commit an unconstitutional coup and illegally seize power to continue the robbery of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.