The floating spaceport will arrive in Russia next year

The floating launch site Sea Launch will be relocated to Russia next year. This was stated by representatives of the company S7 Group, which last year completed a transaction to purchase the platform.

The report said that at the moment all the necessary permits (including from the US State Department) for the relocation of the Odyssey launch platform and the Sea Launch Commander assembly and command ship have been received. The relocation of the floating spaceport from the base port to Long Beach (California, USA) to the Far East is planned for 2020.

In turn, readiness to accept the Sea Launch complex was announced at PJSC Slavic Ship Repair Plant (Primorsky Territory). The company emphasized that they are extremely interested in this project. Two huge vessels that need repairs after a long transition will occupy a third of the plant’s capacities and provide the enterprise with work.

According to representatives of the S7 Group, the floating spaceport will stay at the Slavyansk Shipyard for at least a year. Then the site will be relocated to a permanent location, the search for which is already being undertaken by the company.

Recall that earlier launches from the Sea Launch platform were mainly carried out by Russia. As a carrier, Zenit-3SL middle-class missiles were used. In the future, it is planned to adapt the floating spaceport to the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle or its modifications.
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  1. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 6 December 2019 16: 55
    If Rogozin is entrusted with this program, then Sea Launch will be destroyed when the Soyuz-5 LV is launched ...
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 7 December 2019 00: 01
    Why is he needed here? Rogozin, as a journalist and philosopher, unable to understand the meaning of the Sea Launch project?
    But at least he taught physics at school? Or did he smoke it?
    Sea launch is needed as close to the equator as possible. There it allows, ceteris paribus, to drop noticeably more weight into orbit (for example, Soyuz 5 will be able to throw 17-22 tons instead of 23 tons). For the sake of this, everything was started. And why is it where we already have the Vostochny spaceport?
    Let him at least read Vicki, Doctor of Technical Sciences ....
    1. johnson-73 Offline johnson-73
      johnson-73 (Johnson) 7 December 2019 16: 34
      Quote: boriz
      And why is it where we already have the Vostochny spaceport?

      And then - it will only be based on the Far East. And launches just from the equator.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 7 December 2019 07: 48
    - Personally, I have already mentioned this floating cosmodrome in the topic "Why did the Americans take the Russian cosmonautics only half a year?"
    - Russia needs it just as it needed three Ukrainian troughs that Russia recently returned to Ukraine ... - Why did Russia acquire this "Noah's Ark" ... - it is absolutely incomprehensible ...
    - Maybe the Americans now settle with Russia in this way ... - That is, if Russia wanted to throw back to the Americans some part of their "securities" .., then the Americans will reimburse the cost of this part in this "equivalent" thrown off their own securities ... -Take, they say, the Russians ... what they give you ... -and you won't see this either ... -Hahah ...
    - So they will soon also give us some of their antediluvian aircraft carrier (WWII) ...

    - But, there is another version ... -Russia is simply fulfilling China's task ... -This floating cosmodrome may come in handy for China ... -Russia, after all, now fulfills absolutely all the wishes of China ... -Today the main task for Russia is. ..- it is first to do everything as it is beneficial for China ... and then something for itself ...- on the residual principle ... -this is the "national idea" of Russia today ...
    -Here and this "floating ark" Russia will bring to itself; then he will shine (he will install toilets there ... - Hahah) ..; and then solemnly hand it over to China for a song (or maybe for nothing) ...
    - And China will be very pleased ...- Hooray ...
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 7 December 2019 16: 32
    Until Rogozin and the government answer the main question: "Why do we need him?" All versions are plausible.