Scandal at the NATO summit: colleagues ridiculed Trump on the sidelines

Returning from London to Washington, from the anniversary (70 years of NATO) summit of the Alliance, US President Donald Trump cheerfully stated that his trip was extremely successful. However, Fox News, an American television channel, informed the public that colleagues, leaders of several NATO member states, ridiculed the American leader by ridiculing Trump in his circle.

A video of what happened has already appeared on the Web, in which Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes fun of Trump, surrounded by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron. The reason for such sharp and caustic behavior of colleagues was Trump's late 40 minutes to meet with Prince of Wales Charles, the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, and to meet with the above Trudeau (Canada is a British colony). As a result, Macron also happened to change his schedule because of Trump. So it is not surprising that they gathered in a circle to discuss this.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said Trump was 40 minutes late for delaying his press conference. At the same time, British Prime Minister Johnson asked his colleague whether this was really so.

Have you seen his jaws fall in his aides?

- stressed Trudeau.

Macron also contributed to the discussion of Trump's behavior, but he spoke a little more quietly. But everyone gathered was having fun. They even remembered how Trump several times announced to the whole world about the US victory, under his strict guidance, over ISIS terrorists (an organization banned in Russia).

It should be noted that Trudeau at the reception in Buckingham Palace openly gossiped about Trump also with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, British Princess Anne and other guests.

It should be added that not only the heads of NATO member states dared to joke with the United States and the American leader. For example, the Alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg joked that he had breakfast at the summit at the expense of the United States.

After that, Trump will relate to other colleagues down, as before (as vassals), we do not know. However, Trump has not yet been humiliated. So it is not surprising that he was offended and publicly called Trudeau “two-faced”. Therefore, it is likely that this NATO summit in London will be a turning point in the entire Euro-Atlantic structure.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 5 December 2019 20: 00
    - Ha ... -one laughs well, who laughs after ... - at all kinds of giggles on the sidelines ...
  2. beeper Online beeper
    beeper 5 December 2019 20: 29
    Trump, who has seen the scenes - knows the real price for himself and others, a hard-working businessman and a rather pragmatic politician, accustomed to purposefully act in his own interests (and now in the interests of the United States, as he imagines them).
    Not some kind of notorious "nerd" or provincial "leader" to get rid of someone's hypocrisy (after all, he himself is a hypocrite "still one" and will give odds to anyone!) And ridicule!
    Moreover, according to this Justin Trudeau, even according to his emphasized sugary, "adjusting" facial expressions and demonstratively "leaning" position in the photo, you can roughly imagine what he is and what you can expect from him ...
    I think that Mr. Donald, even if he does not preliminarily study the files on his counterparts (which I doubt very much - it would not be businesslike on his part! smile ), then he "considered" this "Canadian boy" at once, with one glance, as, incidentally, the rest of the "two-faced", then faint-heartedly mocked behind his back, amerovassals.
    The fact that Donald Trump remembers and does not let down major (principled) grievances, we have seen with our own eyes on the example of the "two-faced" ameroholuyu Giblets and other Ukrainian "maidan activists" who presumptuously tried to "influence" the American presidential elections.
    Perhaps there will be some kind of Trump's "response" to the "NATO-Summit merry fellows", but this is only if they, together with their countries, will not "blow the trick" of Washington and try to "be arbitrary" ?!
    And so - "laugh, clown" ... before such "JOKERS" were specially kept in the presence of the king so that they, with their public mockery of the sovereign, "let off steam" and "heal" the shabby self-esteem of the vassals ... who again (and hard!) "bent" overseas "hegemons" in the person of Mr. Trump! request
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 December 2019 10: 36
    Ah, the tramp news again ...